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My Diary ...size 10-12 here i come xx


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Hi all bit of an intro Im Lyns , im now 30 (september) and im married to Dan have 5 kids, (14,6,5,3,and 1yr old)
i have a hypothyroid (underactive) and although now on the correct dosage(175mcg daily) im struggling and have for long time losing the weight gained during the whole process,
along with gaining weight during each pregnancy increasingly hard
to lose each time,
i m now at a big turning point in my life the time i decide to turn things around once and for all, whole heartedly not half measures , along with just wanting to lose weight,
i wanna get fit and healthy to be able to enjoy things with my kids, i have been searching to get a Breast Reduction Surgery done and have all the measures in place just the dr informing me that i must lose at least 2 st to be able to push through the request for funding,
so here i am on a mission to lose about 4 st in total .
Currently: 14 st 3.5lb
Goal : 10 st 7lbs

starting Slimming World on Tuesday 23rd March is my first meeting and first official Weigh in so will be posting along with that ,
Look forward to getting to know plenty of you along the way
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daily log

nothing nauthy i know (was nervous bout DR's ) had my implant put in today

117 bread wholemeal
117 bread wholemeal
30 ham
50 mayo

187 chocolate
59 muller light (free?)

total, 560

my arm is aching like its been punched got a pressure bandage on it and feels like lead, hoping to pop on the Wii Fit Plus later on off to take a paracetamol for my aches
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Weigh In Day 1................................... :fear:
will update post later
feeling optimistic
I CAN do this
I WILL do this
I AM doing this xxxx

(not a brekkie person so just having)
muller light

and the results are in.....
my Official start weight is
14st 3 1/2 lbs :wave_cry:

only one way form here ;)
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I think its working!!! :D feeling full of energy and wide awake not sluggish by 2pm daily anymore , just hoping the scales are as kind as the goodness im feeling on tuesday!! xxx


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:bliss: Im so happy i know i shouldnt have
(but as i do Wii Fit everyday)
ive weighed and have looked at my chart and have lost!!! (2lb i think)
here's hoping its all good and will add to what i can make for Tuesdays weigh in xxx
I cant explain how elated i am its the first thing thats worked for ages, ive given it 100% and gladly looking forward to reaping the benefits


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hello all
well carrying on from yesterday not only do i think ive lost ive also lost half and inch from my waist!! :woohoo: quite looking forward to tomorrow my first weigh in and i cant wait either way im glad something is working im not at all hungry if anything i find ive got to remind myself to eat!!
also found new ltd edt lemon cheesecake flavour mullerlight so hoping as other mullerlight (except cherry underlay choccy ones ) that its Syn free !! i do hope so its just supreme
killing my choccy cravings with Cadbury Light chocolate mousse -3Syns so worthy of the synnage to curb the craving:)
back tomorrow with an update and that all important



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:sigh: not such a good week i dont think, didnt go mad but not been brilliant , not giving in to easter eggs maybe indulge in a curly wurly (6 syns) and also made some syn free:p ' chocolate cake'
not done my exercise everyday but trying hard still.
see what tuesday holds for me


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been out alot so got plenty of walking done and had a lovely salad on friday with grilled chicken
saturday went out for a toby carvery so although have to allow for gravy(3-4syns) did pretty well and treated myself to a glass of wine with it (6syns)
sunday although i adversed to the easter egg craze that was going on in the house with hubby and 6 children going egg mad i had a treat size flake (4syns) and some of my syn free choccy cake took the edge off kept myself busy making lunch then clearing it up followed by a good calorie busting house clean top to bottom moving furniture around hanging pictures etc xxx


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woo hoo im so chuffed i lost 2lb this week...
and also got my 1/2 stone award

omg im so happy this is the first anything that has worked for me in over 5 years
im so over the moon no one could imagine
i hope it continues even 2 lbs a week will keep me on track


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having a bad day today first time since starting ive been hungry and wanted to binge on carbs and bad stuff, although limited damage to 3 bread rolls and a cadburys creme egg i feel very bad and guilty and like a right failure, nevermind new start tomorrow draw a line an all that, it could have been worse i guess hope it'll not damage tuesdays weigh in too much :(


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made up a lovely soup/stew type of thing, in a pan went brocoli cauliflower, carrots, onion, a veg stock cube a 2 tbsp bovril tucked into for lunch and dinner tonight adding a slice or two of lamb and being a pretty good girl today, delicious and filling although not quite enough fo rlunch so had seconds but didnt feel bad as is all FREE!! anways plan on having a walk later (already walked 20mins this morning) and again this evening plan to along with a session on the Wii later
have a good one all xxx


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well the results are in just back from WI and ive lost 0.5lb yeah ok still aloss and boy am i glad it wasnt a gain, it all started going wrong on saturday, we had a bbq with the kids and mummy stuffed 2 hot dogs, and then sunday i went beserk craving heavy loaded carb junk but by sunday night i was kicking myself into touch, trying hard to regain control and pushing myself on the wii and walking here there and everywhere, and think i have done ok for damage control! so heres to a better week and turning over a page!
my mum (started with me) got her 1/2 st award tonight im so happy for her she has been struggling with syns and wine! but went t total this week and its paid off but ive tried to tell her not to give up totally just limit herself and she can have ' a little of what she fancies'


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stay away from the cuboards!!,

im feeling really low had a bad run in of the mouth with hubby (and he works away so hard to row when just on the phone )

he was so supportive of me doing this when i started and jut coz i had a bad week (which i was prepared for) he seems to think im not trying hard enough?

i should be out running miles after miles a day otherwise -get this- ill always be 'FAT' and im just lazy going on the Wii for my exercise.........

excuse me when i have a hubby that works away 5 days out of 7 and 5 kids at home especially this fortnight being off school,

i think going on the wii for 45/60/90 mins is ok for someone that never did more than a 3 min walk from car to school playground twice a day!!!

god he makes me feel useless and im a big comfort eater so have come her for a rant to avoid rumaging inthe fridge and cuboards,

well i had to remind him no effort wouldnt have lost me over 1/2 a stone in 3 weeks would it? no! but he seems to think i if get to lose some weight i will never keep it off long cos i am -in his words- 'from a family of fatties! '
is this my hubby or someone who doesnt like me very much i dont know its hard to tell hopefully he still wont be on a one man mission to make me fail when he gets home on friday.
thanks to those who've read and got to the bottom im off to make a cuppa and kids snack , small salmon salad for me i thinks

Thanks again
Lyns xx

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