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My Diet Chef journey


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Day 2 was great!!! Had the chilli for dinner with enough cals after exercise for the caramelised onion oat cakes with some lowlow cheese on, fab..... woke up today and have the pleasure of the treacle & pecan granola to try, can't wait, this is soooo great. Hubby is also calorie counting but didn't want to do DC he was trailling around the supermarket checking calories and I wasn't remotely interested as all mine is sorted for me except fruit & veggies.... Weighed myself and after 2 days I've already lost 1.5 lbs too :0)
Fantastic! Keep going! It's a easy diet to do, my problem is all my friends enjoy eating out very often & it's been hard to politely decline their invites! I've had a couple of meals out but have tried to be good! Failed miserably though!
There isn't one meal that I haven't enjoyed so far!


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Day 4 of DC

Well I made it to day 5 of calorie counting! only been over 1200 once this week so all good. I'm loving the DC meals and loving the freedom of only having to decide what to have for around 400 cals a day!

Had Pea & Ham soup for lunch and it was gorgeous, I'm sampling the thai curry tonight I think with a stir fry.

I'm also squeezing in a snack of the oat bites with 40g of lowlow cheese at 9pm each night! fab, this doesn't feel like a diet.

Not sure how the weekend will go, but here goes!!! ;)


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Had a major slip up on Thursday night, row with my mother (happens from time to time!) made me turn to the alcohol ... eeeek... and then of course yesterday I was starving all day! So last night had a 'skinny' chinese takeaway and 2 more glasses of wine but TODAY I'M ON IT!!!

I will stick to it today, whatever it takes, I'm really hoping I can still get a loss even if it's a tiny one in for Monday. Good luck everyone.


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Hello everyone - been off, on, off on.. etc weekend away in London wasn't too bad, but did eat what I wanted, I really noticed that I just can't manage the size of portions I would have had before, funny after only a few weeks!

I'm back to it 100% for now, today has been a good day, sampled the chicken chasseur and I'm not fussed about that one! first one I've tried and not liked, a bit wishy washy for me. Anyway, I've bought some new even smaller bowls for evenings where I can put my green veg on the bottom due to the amount of sauce. I will brave the scales again in a few days... but for the moment want to focus on sticking to this!


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Struggling this week, my Dad is quite ill and my Mum doesn't cope very well with it so by the minute phone calls and she goes into drama queen mode I've been very worried... so have been a bit hit and miss but have decided no alcohol!! I'm starting a spreadsheet to fund our extension and going to record all the things we spend money on and how much we can save that'll encourage me not too stray!!!


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I weighed myself and I'm now 7lbs down which is amazing really, we're off to Loch Fyne for lunch for my hubby's birthday, have been trying to figure out what's good on the menu, sure I'll manage it. Then planned a DC dinner with veggies later.


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Didn't do too well sticking to the food but I did notice how little I was eating compared to before, I shared a squid starter with my hubby and then had fish cakes with green beans, portions weren't huge and before I'd have been requesting sides... cheeseboard etc this time I was stuffed with my 2 fish cakes! mad eh!!!! I'm trying for a 100% week this week, today's menu is :-

b: choc chip muesli bar.
l: smoked bacon soup & slice of bread.
s: oat bites.
d: chicken curry with potatoes and stir fry.
s: more cheese bites with 30g of lowlow cheese on top! yumm...


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Morning - still doing well; so far my favourite breakfasts are the choc chip muesli as I can have them later at work. My least fave dinner is the chicken chasseur didn't have a lot of flavour, and my favourite is the chicken fricasee with rice, yummmmm....

I'm trying to try as many as possible before the second hamper order cut off date so I can change the contents as I wish.


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Does anyone else find the Hotel Chocolat advert on this page distracting! lol!!! Hope everyone manages a good Easter and gets some downtime to chill out and enjoy the lovely sunshine we're having.

Menu for me today :-
b: caramelised onion bites.
l: soup
s: muesli bar.
d: Chicken curry & potatoes with steamed veggies
You are doing really well! Keep it up! I've finally hit my half stone. So that's now a total of 1 1/2 stones gone. Over the past few weeks I haven't been doing diet chef but watching what I'm eating ready for when I stop completely. My weight loss has been slow but I've had meals out. For the first time in years I'm now in the 12's I intend to keep the weight off for good!

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