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My Ever So Slow Journey ..

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by daydreamer25, 10 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. daydreamer25

    daydreamer25 Full Member

    So... I thought I would give this a bash, not really caring if anyone reads but I just need a place to vent every now and again.

    I joined slimming world In June 2013 with a target of 5 Stone to lose, I was kind of at the end of my wit with my size and how my body was making me feel, I wanted my partner to find me more attractive (he was adamant that he did but I just wanted that reassurance for myself).
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  3. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Hey hun.

    Just a thought, as your OH's Mum was doing SW as well couldn't you come to some arrangement where you each take it in turns to cook for everyone in the house. Lets face it SW meals are suitable for the whole family and this would save you having to rush in and out of the kitchen trying to get your food sorted before everyone else comes home and needs the kitchen.

    Fingers crossed the house comes along soon. It must be so frustrating to have to keep waiting and waiting. Hopefully though it will be all worth it in the end when you are in your lovely new home.
  4. daydreamer25

    daydreamer25 Full Member

    Thanks Wegle!
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  5. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    Yeah it's hard if you are wanting different meals. I definitely couldn't cope with just soup or a small jacket for my tea! That's one of the reasons I love SW, so I can have a huge bowl of pasta with home made garlic bread!!

    Maybe you could make some extra large portions of freezable SW meals, then you could portion them up and stick them in the freezer meaning a few days a week you can still have a nice big slimming world dinner but it won't take up too much time in the kitchen. I'm thinking stuff like, spag bol, chilli con carne, SW chips etc. Might save you a bit of time, and some sanity!!
  6. daydreamer25

    daydreamer25 Full Member

    Yea I know the great thing is that we can have so much of the good stuff like pasta and rice and enjoy it :) I might take that on board and freeze some, if it makes it that far and I don't scoff the lot :) !
  7. Wegle

    Wegle Full Member

    I quite regularly make a large pan of cheesy pasta with the intention of keeping some for lunch the next day but then somehow manage to scoff the lot for dinner!! Oops! Oh well, it's still on plan!
  8. daydreamer25

    daydreamer25 Full Member

    Valentines chocolates have got in the way this weekend :) bad but super yummy!

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