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my food diary(extra easy)


loves a curlywurly
thought i might aswell join in with everyone else and post my food diary..please let me know if i have made any mistakes..
Thanks xxx :)

Breakfast: 2 small apples, pineapple
1 mullerlight youghurt(free)

HEA: 4 dark ryevita crackers
HEB: 2 light cheese triangles

Dinner: chip,red pepper and egg bake with mushrooms,tomato and salad

Snacks: 2 free mullerlight yoghurts

Syns: 2 tbsp light mayonnaise 4 syns
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loves a curlywurly
28th Feb:

Breakfast: HEA: 4 light cheese triangles HEB: 4 ryvita dark

Lunch: lean turkey meat with salad

Dinner: turkey and mushroom goulash with sw chips

Snacks: pineapple
1 free mullerlight yoghurt (vanilla with chocolate sprinkles)

Syns: curly wurly-6 syns
2 ryvita 3 syns
Total: 9 syns


loves a curlywurly
aww thanks emmaline :thankyou: im really happy with that!!


loves a curlywurly


loves a curlywurly
1st March:

Breakfast: HEA: 4 ryvita HEB: 3 light cheese triangles

lunch: pineapple, apple, kiwi
1 mullerlight

dinner: chilli potato skewers with salad

Syns: small piece of chocolate fudge cake have no idea of the syn value..oh well!! (which i couldnt finish) im blaming the husband its his 30th birthday today!!!)


loves a curlywurly
2nd March:

breakfast:blueberries,apple,1 mullerlight yoghurt

Lunch: tomato and herb mugshot

Dinner: brocolli and smoked cheese macaroni with salad

HEA: - HEB: hi fi bar (lemon)

Syns: dinner 4.5 syns


loves a curlywurly
3rd March:

Breakfast: HEB: 28g porridge with tbsp canderel

lunch: blueberries,pineapple, apple

Dinner: sw chips with beans and 2 eggs

Snacks: 1 mullerlight

syns: 1 hi fi bar 6 syns
330ml can club orange 3 syns
Total: 9 syns


loves a curlywurly
4th march: Im really trying to be so good this wk.i really want 3 lbs for my club10 :)

Breakfast: HEA: 3 light cheese triangles HEB: 4 ryvita dark

Lunch: lentil soup, 1 apple

Dinner: roast potatoes,chicken,carrot and parsnip and mushy peas

Snacks: 2 mullerlight yoghurts

Syns: couple tablespoons gravy 2 syns
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loves a curlywurly
just ate 3 foxs biscuits 4 syns each :7834:could kill my husband for bringing them into the house...oh well!!!


loves a curlywurly
Typical men!! Never mind - expect you enjoyed them - heyho and on we go!!?!..:D
Have a good day.
well i suppose i shouldnt really blame him i did go looking!! :p i did enjoy them but 4 syns for a small biscuit is way too much..wont be doing that again!!! :D


loves a curlywurly
5th march:

think theres a chance i might have ate too much today..hasnt been a great day.not foodwise but ive been in terrible pain( i have discs out) anyway this is my diary for today!

Breakfast: HEB: 28G porridge with 1 tbsp canderel

lunch: HEB: 28g cheddar cheese,chicken,peppers,tomato and coleslaw(4 syns)

Dinner: pasta with mince,fromage frais,peppers and mushrooms

Snacks: 2 bananas
1 mullerlight

Syns: curly wurly: 6 syns
coleslaw 4 syns

Total: 10 syns


loves a curlywurly
6th March:

Had a very lazy day but good excuse my shoulder is killing me didnt get much sleep last night...managed to drag myself out of the house and go for a walk(about 2 miles)
on the upside i went home yesterday and seen some family, they noticed my weight loss and were very nice with the compliments too :D makes u feel better!! anyway my diary for today........

Breakfast: lentil soup

Lunch: 1 bananas and 1 mullerlight yoghurt

Dinner: cottage pie with mushy peas

snacks: 1 mullerlight yoghurt

syns: 0

didnt feel like eating much today as i was sick with pain!!! oh well


loves a curlywurly
Always difficult sticking to plan when you have pain - don't I know!! Have you had any treatment for your back and/or shoulder?

As regards lazy day - Snap!!..:D

Well done anyway for your efforts.

thanks emmaline :) another lazy day today but managed to stay on track food wise..ive had treatment for my back before but its my shoulder thats worse its been very bad today.i have discs out and i might have to have an operation on my spine..ive been waiting 4 months just for another appointment for nerve conduction therapy..this country is a joke :( if i cant get it sorted in ireland soon ill go to turkey for my operation thats where they diagnosed the problem..im feeling so sorry for myself today!! xxx


loves a curlywurly
thank you :) im just trying to rest now.weigh in tomorrow but dont know if ill be well enough to stay at group i havent missed image therapy yet!!


loves a curlywurly
7th March:

Feeling rough today even worse than yesterday..painkillers arent helping :sigh2:
oh well today's diary!!

breakfast: HEA: 3 light cheese triangles
HEB: 4 ryvita dark

Lunch:lentil soup and 1 apple

Dinner: sw chip, egg, and red pepper bake with tomato mushrooms and salad

Snacks: 1 mullerlight

Syns: diet orange 3 syns
2 slices cheese 2 syns
2 tbsp mayonnaise
1 ryvita with 2 tbsp nutella 9 1/2

Total: 16 1/2 syns
:cry: weigh in tomorrow!!!!!!!:eek:

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