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My food diary!

I thought I would start one so keep track of what I am eating...I am on Day 14 of the Inch Loss Diet BUT I only start the exercise programme today as I have been ill.

B: 60g fruit n fibre, milk
L: 2 low fat sausages, 1 slice bread, grilled tomato and mushrooms, dry fried egg
D: 150g tuna steak, rice, steamed greens
S: raspberries and a yoghurt
E: 30 min RC DVD
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is getting better at it
looks good
which low fat sausages do you have, i have tried the morrisons and the tescos ones and they are both quite nice
They are the Sainsburies ones, 70cal per sausage I think. Less grainy than the weightwatchers ones :)
Day 15: 1200 plus 100 plus 100 h/fat

B: 65g fruit n fibre
L: bg good to yourself chicken in a tom sauce with basil and potatoes 320cals
D: Going out so something in a restaurant?!
E: RC DVD plus abs plus day 2 toning exercise.
Thanks, I think my OH enjoyed it more than me as he is dying today haha

B: fruit n fibre, milk, yoghurt
L: chicken stirfry
S: cereal bar
D: salmon, new potatoes, greens
E: Day 3 toning, Abs and 30 min RC DVD
Day 17

B: fruit n fibre milk
S: 150g strawberries, yoghurt
L: tinned soup, 1 slice bread
D: pork steak, potatoes, steamed veg, gravy
S: grapes
E: 30 mins X_Trainer, Abs, day 4 toning.
Day 18

B: fruit n fibre, milk
S: 150g strawberries, yoghurt
L: soup, 1 slice bread
D: chicken and mushroom pasta in a chilli tomato sauce
E: 30min DVD, abs, toning.
Day 19

B: f'n'f
S: 150g strawberries
l: soup, 1 bread, yoghurt
D: BGTY cottage pie and veg
S: ?
E: non as going out tonight!
My snacks last night were 3 gin and slims oops! :)

Day 20
B: fruit n fibre, yoghurt
S: 150g strawberries, yoghurt
L: soup, 1 bread
E: 30 min X trainer, abs and toning
D: spag bol
S: ?
Day 21

B: fruit n fibre
L: sainsburys roast chicken dinner approx 283 calories, yoghurt
D: sainsburies gammon with pineapple 205 calories and potatoes and veg
E: RC dvd, plus the 10 minute body toner, plus abs.
S: ?
S: ?
My snacks yesterday were 150g strawberries and 4 gin and tonics.

I obviously need to track my snacks more carefully this week as I STS. I have exercised every day apart from Thursday so I thought I would have at least lost half a pound.

Anyways my measurements are more positive.

Waist - 36 - 34
Hips - 42 - 41
Legs - 24 - 24
Arms - 21 - 11
Chest - 39 - 38


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Brilliant, just goes to show that even when we sts we are still shrinking!!!! Well done on inch loss - 2 inch loss from your waist!!
Thanks :)

B: 1 slice toast, small tin beans
L: 2 slices bread, 2 l/f sausages
D: harvester (700 calories)
S: used in lunch
S: used at harvester
100 cal snack: used at harvester
100 cal h/f snack: 1 bottle of wine 500 calories (sun-thurs treats gone)

B: 60g fruit n fibre, yoghurt
L: soup, 1 slice bread
D: tuna steak, rice, steamed greens
S: none
S: 150g strawbs
100s: non (harvester)
100h/f: non (wine)

B: 60g fruit n fibre
L: soup, bread
S: 150g strawberries
S + 100cal S: 1 can coke ( needed sugar as was getting tattooed)
S h/f: wine from sunday
D: cottage pie and veg
E: non til thursday
B: 60 g fnf
L: roast chicken dinner (280 cals), yoghurt
D: shepherds pie n veg
S: 150g strawberries
S: 2 satsumas
100 h/f s: wine from sunday
E: only just got home from work now :(
B: fnf
L: soup bread jog
S: strawberries
S: grapes
D: salmon, rice, veg
100h/fs: wine
E: 30 min aerobics, 30 min arm weights courtesy of davina fit.
b: fnf
L: soup, bread,
S: fruit salad, yog
100s: 100h/fs:
D: spag bol
E: 30 min davina aerobics

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