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ProPoints My food diary...

Thought I would start a diary to see if maybe anyone would comment and tell me where I'm going wrong or how I could improve...

I'm allowed 42pp a day and my weekly points I save for wine... I know I shouldn't but it's the only way I can cope! Haha!

I'm halfway through my second week, I lost 8lbs on my first weigh in!

Here goes...

Creamy Philadelphia mushrooms on toast (8pp)

Warbys thins with ham and rocket (8pp)

Chicken with soy sauce and stir fry veg (9pp)
WW pudding with low fat custard (8pp)

Milky way (6pp)
French fries (2pp)
Babybel light (1pp)
Fruit and fruit smoothie (0pp)

= 42pp

Gemma. Xx
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Hi Gembee :)

Well done on your first week that's fab! I think your menu sound just fine and as for using your weeklies for wine.. Snap!! Me too!

Speaking if which I best get that bottle open to breathe! Good luck this week :)

Sallywally xx
Hi hun! Here to follow ur diary! Well done for a fabulous loss in week 1 :) xx
Well after having 4 wisdom teeth out and struggling with what to eat that doesn't hurt and then having a bit of a binge over weekend because i felt a bit better... I. Am. Back. Haha!

Didn't have breakfast because I've had to sleep a lot today because of a night shift tonight...

Warbys square pizza with ham and babybel (7pp)

Shepherds Pie (7pp)

Bread (3pp)
Wotsits (3pp)
Fruit Smoothie (2pp)

In the night
Chicken with salad and pitta (12pp)
Daim bar (4pp)
French fries (2pp)
2 x Babybel (2pp)


Hope this looks okay, let me know if you'd do different.

Gemma. Xx
Welcome back ;) looks good xx
Yesterdays menu...

2 toast and marg (7pp)

Thins with ham and rocket (9pp)


Tea... Well here goes... I had 26pp left and I got to work and it was an unexpected take away night. I had :-
Chicken chow mein (under half a portion)
1 chicken wing
1 small spring roll

So I didn't eat anything else and counted that as 26pp.

Do you think that's okay!?

Gemma. Xx
Today's menu....

Omelette with mushrooms and ham and a grated babybel (7pp)

Warbys pizza with peppers mushrooms onions and ham and passata (7pp)
WW homemade chips (6pp)
Fruit smoothie

Chicken stirfry (6pp)
Crunchy (5pp)

3x crumpets and Marg (11pp)

= 42pp

That is all...
Supposed to be weigh day but I'm working so will have to wait till next week.

That all looks good! One more week means two weeks worth of loss :) xx
That's what I'm thinking!! Can't wait!!

Will post today's menu later when I've stopped surfing my face! Ha!



Silver Member
welcome Gem and well done on your fantastic weight loss in week 1,keep up the good work.we are all here to help x
Thanks Jem!

Here's the menu for today... Not very healthy but within my points! :) Lunch with a friend in nando's!

Strawberries and grapes

Nandos, chicken and chips with pepper dip and pitta... Yummy!! (29pp)

Warbys pizza, again! (7pp)
Fruit smoothie

Crunchie (5pp)
Babybel (1pp)

= 42pp

Just notices I have a warbys pizza every day!!! But lovely and cheap and easy and quick... Bit like myself! Haha!

G x
I love the warbys pizzas too! And nandos - awesome menu! :) x
Let's hope it continues!!

Today's menu...

Philly mushrooms on toast (7pp)

Chicken salad wrap with Mayo and babybel (12pp)
Strawberries and grapes

Chicken with WW homemade chips and curry sauce (11pp)
Crunchy (5pp)

Pork Pie... Naughty but only (4pp)
Wotsits (3pp)

= 42pp

Saving my weeklies for tomorrow night! Vodka and Chinese with the girls!!

Happy Friday! Have a nice weekend!!

Food sounds lush! Enjoy vodka and Chinese :) xx
:) go girly! Xx


Pittas with chicken tikka and rocket and Mayo (14pp)

So... That leaves me with (28pp) out of my dailies and (49pp) out of my weeklies for Chinese and vodka...

77pp altogether... Think that should just about cover it!!!

Happy Saturday!!!

Defo!!! Enjoy :) x

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