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My journey


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I think it will be a good idea for me to keep a wee blog/journal to help me along with my weight loss this time, so here goes!

A little bit about me first. I'm 23, living with my parents, little brother and my dog Rocky. I have slowly been piling on the weight since I split with my fiance a few years back, and I am now tipping the scales at 183lbs! I have tried losing weight before, but I seem to get impatient when I don't see results, so I usually give in very quickly! But this time is different. I am more determined than ever to get this weight off and finally feel happy about myself.

I started on Monday. I have completely cut out crisps and biscuits from my diet, along with soft drinks. I am allowing myself one small piece of chocolate a day after dinner as a treat. I have kept a bottle of water with a touch of dilutin juice with me all the time. I am also cutting down on my portion sizes for lunches and dinners.

All this week I have stuck to my plan of having 3 meals and 2 snacks. I now notice myself feeling a bit more energetic, and less lethargic!

So far today I have had my cereal for breakfast, a cereal bar for mid-morning snack, and right now I am digging into haddock with coleslaw and salad from our canteen at work. The fish was pretty big though, so I made sure to cut it in half and through one half away so I wasn't tempted to eat it all! I've never really liked salad much, but I am forcing myself to eat it at every opportunity and hope my tastebuds will soon like it! :)

Exercise-wise, I have the kettleWorx DVDs, which you are supposed to do 3 times a week (each workout lasts 20 minutes). I have done 2 out of the 3 workouts for this week and I really enjoy them!! I feel so knackered by the end of them, but I can really feel it working. You also get a few extra DVD's thrown in with the package for toning certain areas of the body, but I think I'll wait until I'm about 2/3 weeks in before I add in one of those!

I am always in need of support, so any extra advice etc is very much welcomed!
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Today has been a really good day so far! :)

After my breakfast had settled this morning, I did my 3rd workout DVD this week (so that's 3 out of 3 done for week 1!) - which was the cardio DVD. I was knackered at the end of it!!

Then was out shopping for a couple of hours, so getting my legs moving again.

With regards to my food intake, I have had a bolw of cereal so far, a ham roll for my lunch, a cereal bar as my mid afternoon snack, and have drank lots of water, and one cup of tea. For dinner I am having chicken goujons with some salad and a few chips (I haven't brought myself off chips right away, but reducing my portion sizes!)

I'm off to my friends house after dinner to have a little catch up. Something which I am a bit worried about. She's one of my friends who is really bad at persuading me to make bad food choices! Every time I am at her house we drink fizzy juice and have take aways and just eat junk! So tonight I am going to put my food down and just say no when it comes to any junk food. I will stick to drinking water if I have to! I just hope she listens to me for once :confused:


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Hi Stacy, looks as though you have had a good week so far. Good luck with your weigh in. x

Thanks Emma :)

I have to say I am very proud of myself tonight! I ended up having my dinner first tonight - mum and dad ended up having a chippy for dinner, and mum had asked me to go with her. The smells were going around my head in there, but I wasn't tempted to get anything at all! I'm so happy that I've gone almost a whole week without cheating! :) I'm just so happy right now! lol


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Another good day today! Starting with my first weigh-in this morning. I lost 4lbs this week :) I'm so, so happy with that number after all the hard work I have put in this week.

Food-wise, I had my cereal this morning, missed out on my mid-morning snack, as I had to have an early lunch before I went to get my tattoo finished (it looks fab now!). Lunch was a slice of toast since I wasn't very hungry. I had a cereal bar for my mid afternoon snack, and had 1 enchilada with lots of salad for dinner. Once again, I have drank lots of water and just one cup of tea, and will be having my piece of dark chocolate later for my treat :)

I'm not normally like this, but I am so proud of myself right now for sticking to the plan for a week! My auntie even commented today saying I look like I've lost weight already - that's probably just the water retention that's gone though, but still gave me a boost :)

Today is my rest day from my workout DVD's - the trainer recommends having a day off in between to allow your muscles to repair, so I'm sticking to his advice for now! lol

Looking forward to another good week next week! :D


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You are doing really well Stacy! Well done on avoiding the temptations of the chippy, that must have been hard.

Great news on the weight loss too!


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You are doing really well Stacy! Well done on avoiding the temptations of the chippy, that must have been hard.

Great news on the weight loss too!

Thank you Lynn! Being in the chippy and smelling the food in there was probably the toughest thing so far, and the fact that I wasn't tempted was great!


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Woo hoo well done on your 4lb loss this week. What tattoo did you get? Hope this week is another good one for you. x
Thank you! My tattoo is a koi fish on my right shoulder. It's taken 4 sittings to do! lol But worth it :)
Well done on the weight loss hun, that's great, keep it up
Well done on the weight loss hun, that's great, keep it up
Thank you! I'm hoping I can keep it up too! lol

Had an ok day today. I haven't drank as much water as I have been, but still managed about 6 glasses. I've still been good with my food though, and have stuck to my plan, apart from missing my mid-morning snack today, as I had the doctors. I made sure that I walked to the doctors today - was only a 10minute walk, but it's still exercise! Doing my KettleWorx DVD tomorrow and kinda looking forward to it now! :) That's bound to be a good sign!

I have to find some new foods though, as I'm starting to get stuck with my lunches and dinners! I don't want to end up getting sick of what I'm eating!

I am still feeling very positive though, which is quite impressive for me!
Another pretty good day today. Although I've started to notice my motivation for exercising starting to dwindle now that it's pitch black when I get home from work! :(

Food wise today - had my cereal for breakfast, forgot to take my cereal bars to work, so had to settle for a handful of grapes as my mid morning snack, then had chicken teriyaki with rice and carrots for lunch (felt so guilty for eating this afterwards, even though I only ate about half of it. How bad is chicken teriyaki really???), another handful of grapes for my mid afternoon snack, and had some chicken goujons for my dinner tonight. I've had no cups of tea today, just stuck to my water - approx 1litre.

Exericse - It was my core DVD night tonight. Week 2 was a little bit tougher than week 1. Not by too much, just a few new exercises they added into the week 1 workout. It still worked me really hard though and my abs are really feeling the burn tonight!

I was proudly telling everyone at work today about my 4lb loss from last week, and loved how everyone was really happy for me :) It makes me feel so much better about myself to actually have people there that want to know how I'm doing, and even others who ask me for some advice and ask about my workouts etc.

I'm really hoping this keeps up. I can see how it would be so easy to go back to my old way of eating, but I'm hoping that won't happen. I figure if I stick with this plan for at least a month, then my mindset should change and I won't even consider my previous eating habits.

How is everyone's week going so far then?

I found a picture of me that was taken on our Florida holiday this July. This is going to be my before picture, as I hate the way I look in this one! So I'm sure it will spur me on more!

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Another decent day today. Although I feel like I don't have quite as much energy as I did last week. Could that just be because I'm now starting to get settled into a routine? I wish I had the energy that I had last week, as I am feeling so tired this week!

So food-wise today, I had my cereal for breakfast, cereal bar for mid morning break, baked potato with tuna, salad and coleslaw for lunch, cereal bar for mid morning snack, and fish with a few chips and salad for dinner. I drank about 1.5L of water today, and had a half cup of tea (no sugar). Oh, and my one square of dark chocolate as my daily treat :)

Exercise-wise: well it was my day off my DVD's today, but I made sure when I had to go to the toilet at work, I went to the one upstairs and I would run up the stairs! lol I think I may pick up the exercise next week, by adding in a BodyCombat class at my leisure centre one night a week alongside my 3 DVD's.

It's strange, but I can almost feel myself changing - my mindset that is. I haven't really craved anything since starting my programme. Crisps are must worst weakness, but I haven't wanted a packet, and even though the canteen at work has had some of my favourite meals, I haven't really thought about them, as I've gone into the canteen knowing what I want to have.

I will post a full account of my day later on tonight, but just wanted to share that I managed to beat temptation again this lunchtime! I went to our work canteen and got a roll with tomato and lentil soup - though on today's menu was beef burgers! And they smelt soooo good! But I stuck to my guns and got my healthier option :) Very pleased with myself! lol :)


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Burgers are one of my biggest downfalls. You can keep the chocolate, the biscuits, the cakes, not my thing at all. But a burger? now thats in a different league altogether lol. Mmmmmmmm burger................ i feel like Homer Simpson lol
Burgers are one of my biggest downfalls. You can keep the chocolate, the biscuits, the cakes, not my thing at all. But a burger? now thats in a different league altogether lol. Mmmmmmmm burger................ i feel like Homer Simpson lol
You know how I felt then! lol One of my friends in the office who is on WW, actually sat with her back to the girl opposite her to eat her lunch, because she didn't want to see the burger! lol I am loving my soup though! :)
Another decent day today :) I have felt pretty tired most of the day, and the day at work has really dragged in today!

Anyhoo, food today: Cereal for breakfast, cereal bar for mid morning snack, cheese roll and tomato & lentil soup for lunch along with some grapes, another cereal bar for mid afternoon snack, and dinner was bolognese with a few roast potatoes (i don't like pasta - shocking i know! lol). I have drank almost 2 litres of water, and nothing else today!

Exercise: Today was my Resistance DVD. It was bloody hard!!! I was absolutely knackered and my legs were all wobbly! lol I did have to force myself to do it tonight though - the dark nights are starting to take their toll on me! I find I just want to curl up when I get home now. And with me being really tired I was trying to put the DVD off, but I am very glad that I forced myself to do it! I feel much better for it.

I am hoping my energy will pick up again soon. It makes all the difference, and I always find I make an extra effort when I don't feel tired. I haven't noticed a difference in my clothes really, but I'm hoping that will come in the next couple of weeks.

I'm hoping for good things this weekend, as it's the first weekend in a loooong time that I haven't had a take-away. We usually have a take-away every Friday or Saturday night. I want to change this to one every 2 weeks, and then eventually one every month :)
What a crazy day today!! Work was so quiet this morning and then went crazy in the last 2 hours!

Anyhoo! Food for today: cereal for breakfast, cereal bar for mid morning snack, 1 1/2 fishcakes for lunch with salad and coleslaw, followed by some grapes, cereal bar for mid afternoon snack, and I've just had a small run of spaghetti bolognese for dinner. I don't know if that will fill me up. Mum and dad haven't had their Chinese yet, but it's on the way so I might have to disappear when it comes to stop me from having any.

Exercise: day off today from my DVDs. Did my week 2 Resistance DVD lastnite-oh my god, it was soooo hard! I still enjoyed it though. I've started going upstairs to the loo at work and try and run up the stairs.

I have to admit that I'm really enjoying talking to people about my new programme! My cousin and her husband were asking me about it today. I usually think that my cousins husband thinks I'm so fat and that I'm disgusting, so it was nice to see them interested in what I'm doing :)
I've almost hit my 2 week mark! I've spent most of today out shopping. It was like a test today! We went into Costa coffee for a break, and I was trying to decide what to have. I had a look at their mozzarella, tomato & basil panini-luckily it had the nutritional information on it!! It was 430 cals for the panini! But me and mum decided to split it, and I got a bottle of water while mum had a latte :)

When we left the shopping centre, mum was having a ciggy outside and she was telling me how I've done really well sticking to my plan, and she pointed out that I would normally have packed in by now. She said that she can notice something different about me this time. It was really nice for her to say that, it makes me a bit more motivated too because I know people see the difference in me this time!

So food today; cereal for breakfast, 1/2 panini for lunch, small portion of stovies for mid-afternoon snack, chicken with few chips and salad for dinner. I haven't drank as much water as I normally do, and had a cup of tea this morning (no sugar). I had a glass of fresh orange juice with dinner tonight as a treat!

Exercise: with us going shopping for most of today, I haven't had a chance to do my Cardio DVD, and to be honest, I really do want to relax tonight, so will do it in the morning!

It's my second weigh-in tomorrow and I'm really anxious to see the outcome! I really hope it's good!
So, this has been my first weekend without having a take-away and it has gone pretty well! On Friday night, I had my small portion of spaghetti bolognese, lastnight I had chicken, salad and a few chips, and tonight I had a small portion of good old tatties & mince! yum! I'm so very happy with myself not giving in to my temptation - and I really was tempted to just get a take away on Friday after the day I'd had!

This morning got off to a great start, when I weighed in 1 1/2lbs lighter! I also took my body measurements and it turns out I have lost a total of 5 1/2 inches! I'm soooooooo happy!!! And everyone is commenting on how well I'm doing and trying to help me keep this up :)

ok, so food for today: cereak for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, tatties & mince for dinner. I didn't have any mid-morning or mid-afternoon snacks today as I honestly wasn't hungry, and just didn't have time! But I did treat myself this morning to a custard cream with my cup of tea! It was lovely :) I think I have drank just over 2L of water today.

Exercise: Was out shopping again for most of this morning, and did my Core DVD tonight. I still find the DVD's are tough - they're not getting any easier, which I'm assuming is a good thing. I do think I may up the exercise next week or the week after, by going to a BodyCombat class once a week.

One bad point of today - I have noticed that on my stomach (just about knicker level) I have these horrendous marks! They look like stretch marks, but I think they are marks that are down to my trousers constantly digging in, as this is the area where the most digging in happens! They are really horrible and I'm now realising that even if I do get that flat stomach that I want, that I'll have to face these marks every day :( Maybe it won't matter so much when I am slimmer, but right now, they really do make me feel bad about myself, and letting myself get this way :(

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