My latest two clients lol


Norwich CDC
Are my hubby and brother in law, they both weigh around the same, same height ect and they both started today. The competition between them is huge lol hopefully this will help them both stick to it. My hubby has decided that he is going to drink 3 litres of water this morning before dinner time which he did and is now constantly on loo lol (i did warn him) and will drink a small amount whilst at work as he is a cabbie and cant drink and wee that much during work. SO is my brother in law who has downed 2 litres aswell .

Will have to see how they both go during week lol But this water amount is causing a problem with some of the cabbies i already see as they cant do the same toilet breaks as if they were in an office so most are drinking bulk amounts either in the morning or the evening.

Where theres a will lol

I will be looking forward to following this weight loss competition. Men are so competitive. My husband is praying that I don't end up weighing less than him (he is 13 stone) and he knows that my goal weight is 11.5 stone but he has never known me slim - so can't imagin it will ever happen. But it will!!!

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Just a thought - lol!
The competitiveness can be a real positive motivator but we have also found that it can be negative too as if one cheats the other may think well if he's had that I'm going to aswell. Hubby and me have had to be very conscious of the impulse to do this.