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my mini binge!!

I have been so good since i started this plan, even under stress. I am now not under so much stress and last night had 3 ,yes 3, chunky kit kats that is 39 syns!!!. they were lovely even if i felt sick afterwards. I am back on track today but just wanted to admit what i had done !!!
Cant really understand why i did it as i chose to i was not forced???
thanks for listening xx
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That sounds like something i would do. I would also try and pull back the syns over the week to make up for it but i read a post earlier this week where a SW consultant said that the best thing to do is to draw a line under it and start again with normal syns. So i think you should just forget it now that you have confessed!!!!! Good luck with today!! xx


Wishing and hoping!
i go through this self-sabbtage moments, you have to work out your and learn to control it thorugh positive thought etc I would jus draw a line in it and concetrate on a 100% day today :)
we all do it!! so i wouldnt beat urself up about it! count ur syns for the week and i am sure you will be fine!! i'm not sure what it is that triggers these little binges but once you start its hard to stop!!

i often find myself sticking gum in my mouth to avoid it or run a bath, do a dvd once the moment passes u realises it wasnt needed!

but given how good you have been i would say it was much needed! xx
Don't beat yourself up about it. I count my syns weekly because every Saturday night MiL comes round with wine & chocs, I find this hard to believe myself but the other week I had 70 syns in one night:eek:

So for this week just count your syns weekly, & incorporate 39 syns with the rest of them.

j70joj I remember reading that post & thought it was a dangerous comment. I think the best thing to do is count however many syns you've had & incorporate it into your allowed syns. Can you imagine having say 70 syns on one night & then having 10-15 each day until WI :rolleyes:
yeah dont worry hun,ive just come home from having mc donalds for breakfast and im having an indian for tea.
the weeknds i do find really really hard but im always 100%again on mondays.ive been so naughty the last couple of weeks and keep saying next weekend il do it,but i dont,depends if im home or out somewhere with the kids

dont worry,were only human xxx

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