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my old diary... have started a new one ,,,new start new diary

Hi everyone
I just saw the diary page and i thought it might be a good way to keep track of my own weight loss journey.
I was banded 5 years ago and weighed 21st 7lb..i was desperate and it was a useful tool for a while.
Jump forward 5 years and i am unbanded due to complications and after finding Exante i thought i would give it a try.
No point doing any other diet than VCLD as my love affair with f**d would not allow me any success.
I am 4 days in and have stuck to the rules rigidly ...I have an awful taste in my mouth and no hunger so i am hoping that i have found the elusive Ketosis.. Not sure what that is exactly but have read similar side effects such as bad breath can be a symptom...
I had a very near meltdown last night which is why i am here writing this.
I went surfing the net to distract myself and to try and find other Exante users.
And Woo Hoo i found Minimins!!!
What an inspirational site for all types of dieters...
Anyway less waffle..i weighed in at 15st 5lb on tuesday 12th and am going to try my hardest to resist weighing in again till the 19th..
Good luck and warm wishes to everyone !!:):):)
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welcome welcome welcome, I only started last weekend but the results have been pretty awesome... erm, I obviously couldnt resist the lure of the scales or I wouldnt know I had lost 7lb already!


Going for it.
Hi Valentine

I started on Tuesday 12th too. Or I should say re-started. I did Exante almost a year ago and it converted me totally to VLCD's. I lost the weight - or most of it - that I wanted to lose but nearly a year has gone by blah, blah, blah and here I am again.

But that's just me. I know I'm just one of those people that will have to do this occasionally before things get totally out of hand. I am not a natural maintainer cos I love my food too much but if I can reduce quickly with a blast of Exante then that seems to suit me. But I so need to be in the right head space. It's taken me 5 months to get into the headspace I need to do this!

So sorry the gastric band didn't work out for you. Will look forward to hearing your progress. I am at the stage of wanting to eat the furniture... But I know it'll pass. :sigh:
Hiya sorus and jo jo
thanks for ya comments..I love this site its so helpful.
TBH the band did work for me as it got me out of the wilderness of morbid obesity and sorted my dangerous blood pressure..But in the long term i just had an unlucky complication but it got me over the first hurdle..
Now is time for Exante..may the journey be not too bumpy lol xxxx
Welcome guys and good luck on exante get passed the first few days and you will be feeling great. This site is brilliant I could not do exante without it, even if I don't post a lot I'm always reading it :)
Hi! I'm also on day 4, well done for getting this far! Don't think I'm in ketosis yet as am still starving and, so far as I can tell, my breath it ok! Bring on the halitosis though.....

Jojo-p, I sneaked a peek today too and have lost 6lb :clap:, hurray for VLCDs!
hiya Young
the scales are now in the boot of my car as i nearly stood on them this afternoon...they were calling me from the bathroom!!! so i havent cracked yet lo.. suspense will be killing me by Monday though...but i am really gonna try and be strong..
great you have done so well though...both of you sneeky peepers!! lol xx


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Welcome and good luck

thanks toots
i just noticed i had put the wrong start date on my details ...lol..i put march instead of april...just edited it..i must have been havin a real manic moment when i joined the site lmao xx
Well the weekend is here.. A real danger spot for me as i am a sociable creature who is normally out every friday and or saturday...
I took precautions and told all my friends that i will be off the party scene for the forseeable future as i was going on a diet..
Day 5 has arrived and i am definately in Ketosis as my mouth felt like a sewer when i woke up..Dont think i have every had a mouth like it even after a heavy night on the alcohol..
But Yippee!!!! still no hunger and not a sign of a headache...
I was wondering what the Boullion (dont even know if i spelt it right lol) thing is as i have all shakes so something savoury soon might be nice..Also if someone could tell me where i would find it ? supermarket etc? would be really helpful.

Still havent cracked and jumped on the scales which is amazing cos i really am an addict to the scales even on normal days.. Think that was due to my fear of putting on weight after my band was removed..as i had done quite well with it and didnt want to go backwards.

Anyway i am still feeling very positive that i might have just cracked the first week of TS ...

I dont know if it is a change in diet etc but i do feel very emotional today and its defo not TOTM for me...Coincidence or has anyone else had this in their first week? please let me know xx
day 5 nearly over and so far so good..

Except i have been dragged over to our caravan for the weekend.
Now all i can smell is BBQ meat cooking from the caravan next door and i have to be honest it is gonna be a long evening i think...

I have spent most of this afternoon having a good look round this forum and i cant believe what a lovely group of helpful people i stumbled across..especially when i was on day 3 and was close to cracking lol..

So thank you to all of you that have wished me luck etc ..it really is very much appreciated...

I grabbed a bottle of zero on the way here so i am sipping it now till i have my last shake of the day....mmmmm think it might have to be choccy made with hot water.... Have only used cold so far..

I still havent told anyone that i am on Exante not friends or family..Only my fella knows and he is fully supportive as he hates seeing me miserable due to my weight..

I was wondering how many others on Exante are as secretive about it as i am at the moment..

I am not ashamed (I am the girl that had the band remember) but i really dont think i could deal with any snide or negative comments until i am a few weeks in and can tell people that the results are good etc etc.

God.. why is it we go through life feeling S**t about being overweight and then when we do something about it we still stress ourselves out about other peoples attitude towards using a VLCD..

if i was to say i was at WW or SW nobody would bat an eyelid... Your eating food etc etc but mention the dreaded VLCD it seems that your a loony...generally by the skinnies i might add..lol..

I just see it as a tool to get to where i want to be and dont want to hear peoples judgemental and uneducated comments..

Please tell me i am not the only one that feels this way..mind you saying that only a handful of my closest and dearest know i had a band...but that was cos i was sick of explaining it to people as it was a new concept when i had mine done..

Anyway i think i am going to have a nice black coffee now and have another read of peoples diaries etc to keep my mind off the bbq smell lol...

Thank you again everyone for making the last few days much more bearable :):):):)
xxxx sorry if im venting xxxx


Doing it exante style :)
Vent away hun, that's what ur diarys for ;) hope you manage to get over the BBQ smells :) it's torture eh?
How much weight are u wanting to lose with exante?

I was sooooo close to getting the band fitted this time last year. I went for 2 consultations and sorted the loan to pay for it then my dad asked me not too. I'm glad he did tho coz I've read loads of bad things after having it.

Anyway I'm rambling now :) have a super weekend xx
thankyou clair i made it through the BBQ smell lol!!!!
its Day 6 and i an starting to feel quite normal...
Am still at the van till tomorrow morning so i am glad i bought enough packs with me
I only bought enough in the begining to last 2 weeks...
Did not want to waste money if i felt i could not stick with it. but i feel great and totally focused...

so have just ordered a months bumper pack woo hoo!!
i ordered the mixed one so i hope i like the soups and bars as much as the shakes...

I have been reading other peoples advice on here about spices etc for the soups so i think i should be ok..
where do i get the boullion stock stuff??? keep seeing it in peoples posts but have never heard of it before.
Anyway so far so good i just hope i feel like this in another weeks time.
Cant wait to weigh myself on tuesday..the suspense is absolutely killing me as i "feel" thinner if that makes sense lol xxxx


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You can get it in supermarkets - tends to be the bigger shops. In among the stock cubes and gravy. The one I use is in a purple tin with an orange lid - Marigold Bouillion.

Well done on getting to day 6 and good luck for first WI
well done on making it as far as you have, i also was at the caravan this weekend and had bbqs all around, was so hard, especially as yesterday was day one for me lol

I got Bouillion in Asda think it was about £1.40, it doesnt taste too bad, it makes a nice change :)

Many thanks toots and nutnurse..
I'm glad i'm not the only one having the BBQ smells thing Ross.
Where is your van? mines in essex....Seawick st Osyth ..only 5 miles from where i live but my fella has a business on the main site so its easier to be here than at home travelling back and forth..
Hopefully by the summer i will be much lighter and much happier with myself...
Plus side of the AAMW when it arrives i can have a nice bit of lean BBQ meat nom nom nom lol ...

When are we supposed to add that in? seems to be done at different stages by people..

Anybody got any advice on that one please???

Half way through day 6 and i cant believe how positve i'm feeling aboout success with TS....

And i am on tenderhooks waiting for my WI on tuesday.

Think i am gonna draw the curtains when i get up and do it nekkid ..if i get a good result...which is my first mini goal to get out of the 15's then i can do a victory streak around the house lol...

I have lurked between 15st 5lb and 15st 8lb for the last 2 months since i had the band removed so to get inot the 14's is going to be a major thing for me ...fingers crossed xxxxxx
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Good luck valentine and well done on staying away from the bbqs :) x
Thank you chazz you too!!!!:):):):)

BBQ has just been lit again and its too hot to close the windows lol..

I did prepare the van when i got here though.. got rid of all temptation and only bought enough food for my fella..he is 6ft 4 and can eat anything without putting in a pound the lucky git xxx:jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous:


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Well done Valentine on your fabulous weight loss and for keeping it off:happy096:

Wishing you all the best with Exante and good luck for weigh in on Tuesday, hope it is a good one:fingerscrossed:
Well done Valentine on your fabulous weight loss and for keeping it off:happy096:

Wishing you all the best with Exante and good luck for weigh in on Tuesday, hope it is a good one:fingerscrossed:
Thank you Mini it does feel good to be doing it for myself..

I lost 6 st plus with the band and managed to keep it off till i started the Exante..

It was soooo daunting when i first started to tackle my weight at 21st 7lb...:sigh::sigh::sigh:

jump forward 5 years and i am starting my next part of the journey..

i feel like i just reached a junction on the rail tracks (having band removed) and changed trains to get me to my final destination....Goal weight xx:):):)

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