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ProPoints My Photo food diary

Ok - So I have called it a photo diary but not even sure if I can add pics yet! (runs off to check........... ah yes it appears so)

I want to do my diary through photos as I like things more visual (I'm the one in book shops who flicks through all the books in autobiographies before deciding whether the pics look exciting enough to warrent me buyin the book :D)

So anyway, here is day one - although official day one is tomorrow as thats when I get weighed on a thursday - so youcould say today is my practice post.

Hope this works ... 42 pp per day

+ milk for day 2 = 9/42

total = 17/42

And will post my tea later - was gonna wait til after tea to start this but I just couldnt wait lol.

Kelley x
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Thanks :)

Here is my Tea - and Bl00dy lovely it was too!!

Tortilla Pizza with potatoes roasted and seasoned with curry powder, garlic n salt in a little oil - with salad and a drizzle of sweey chilli sauce :)

17 pp

I am sooo full now - just a milky drink for bed to have then I've usd my full quota for the day :) Easy does it.

Please feel free to add your own pictures of any yummy meals you have made, as I would love ideas for myself.
That tortilla pizza looks yummy, must try that sometime :) I eat alot of bread too :( Today i had bran flakes for breakfast, bread with my lunch and pasta for dinner..carboholic ha xx
Had rice krispies multigrain (4) and milk (4 for the day) for breaky. Didnt take a photo as we all know what cereals look like :)

Mid morning I'm having this 1pp
So 9/42 used so far
No add on the honey so that's 10/42

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I love fruit and veg. ;)
Mmm your meals look gorgeous, I really like the tortilla pizza idea, may try that!
It was yummy. Can do it with tomato purée but it is waaay better with proper pizza topping. A good tblsp full is about a point. Makes it taste like a real pizza so more satisfying in my opinion. X

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Lost 3.5 :) so that's 8.5 in 4 weeks. Happy with that.

My tea was Gorgeous.
Chicken balti, basmati and wild rice, and a mini naan. Total of 23
33/42 used

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Add to that a tortilla roll with salad earlier. (3) and a kit kat (3) and some wotsits (3)

Total used for the day 39

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