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my ponts allowance?

my point allowance is 23, because my job is so active- but it occored to me that i only work 3 days at the mo? so am i right in thinking i should reduce my points to 18/19 on my days off? cos for example im spending all day in my pj's on the sofa, so taking in 23 points when im doing nothing seems wrong? whereas tomorrow il be at work so will use up to 23?

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Mmm as you dont work fulltime I don't think you can class yourself as the top range of the points, I have 3 children don't drive go to 4 exercise classes a week and don't stop but don't put myself as active I have 0 points for that part. The only way to see is try one week as 23 points and another at 19 points and see what happens, someone else will prib have a better idea than me xx
When I started WW and my leader went through the points allowance she said to ignore that part and just count it as 0pts and said she tells everyone that.. not sure why though?


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It seems like ww are moving away from this part of the pointing quiz. I know my class leader tells everyone to ignore this part because if it is normal for us we need to exercise over and above our normal life to gain any activity points - hope this makes sense. I know what I am trying to say :D
ya i'd ignore those points also,,my first week i had them and lost half a pound,,so i cut them out altogther
thanks guys - this is very confusing for me.
My job involves setting up,lifting and moving heavy equipment for two hours, then running 5 consecutive play sessions, jumping and down, running around, singing and dancing, lifting kids etc and then packing it all away again- which i would concider to be fairly active!?

im fing this a tricky one?

p.s is this dizzyness a side affect of ww in the early stages?
i've never had any dizziness,,maybe your low in sugar??
hmm odd, never expieranced it with sw? maybe the air pressure.

will aim for no more than 20 then, cant say having 18 points particularly served me last week so have nothing to loose!


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Dizziness certainly shouldnt be something experienced just because of ww, as said by yummy it may have been your blood sugar had dipped too low, depending on when you last ate

On the points question if you feel 18 is too low then no harm in upping it and seeing what happens. I try to eat as many points as I can get away with :D You can always change them if you dont get the results you want.

good luck anyway
Activity points...

I was told to take 0 pts even though I work full time nursing, i would be inclined to take the 0 pts unless you really need them. Get a pedometer and earn activity points instead.
Oooh - im glad this has been brought up, what are activity points and how do you earn them? How do you know how many points you're allowed depending on the amt of activity you do? No-one has explained this to me yet...



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I totally agree with Vanda. The activity points system is exactly what it says. If you have an active job, you are doing that amount of activity anyway in your normal day to day life, but if you were to step your activity up and start including exercise class for example, that is classed as over and above your normal activity.
If you are a nurse running about a ward all day, that is your job and you would do that on a daily basis. If you take up exercise classes, that would be over and above your "normal" activity.
Hope that explains it, that's why the class leader tells you not to add these points on x

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