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My pound a week challenge

Hi Everyone !

What do you think about this..... if I manage to nail my pound a week challenge for April, do you think I should up it to 1.5lb per week for september ???

I go away in the middle of September for a week, but still want to be quite focussed and not end up going backwards !

Anyone any ideas ? I'm still pretty new to setting challenges for myself as previously I've found I tend to rebel against the challenge rather than really aim for it. I think I'm getting out of this though and I'm feeling much more positive :D

Thanks in advance x
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I'm not really one for setting challenges. I aim to lose a pound a week but to be honest, if you've stuck to the plan your body will lose whatever it wants and there's not a lot more you can do about it!!

Some people respond well to challenges but for me, what will be will be.

It's up to you hun!
I aim to lose- ANYTHING- challenges don't work for me, my body likes to stuff me over and doesn't listen when I tell it I've been good and deserve to lose 2lbs... If you think a challenge will help, do it, but my body won't play ball so I don't bother!

Also, i think it's harder to lose a larger amount after you've been doing this for a while as losses will slow down...
Thanks for your ideas both, I know only too well how the challenges backfire (as previously they have done with me and end up demotivating), but so far I feel ok with the 1lb a week, so perhaps I'll stick with that. To be totally honest I'm happy to stay the same some weeks since in the bigger picture that feels so much better than a gain.

Thanks again :)


Just doing it this time
I find that once I commit to a challenge my good intentions then go down the pan, so Ihope that I can lose 2lbs this week to make my stone award and then after that I aim to lose - hopefully - about a pound a week.

Good luck with your challenge though

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