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ProPoints My Pro Points Diary (JoJoBear)

I just started WW last week and to be honest failed miserably as I was to self conscious to stay for the class and go over the new point system ... I know , pathetic!

So I then got totally confused and wasnt sure what way the points worked , I tried it but felt that 29pts was to hard to reach a day , I eat quite alot of fruit in general and felt that i cant NOT point it.. So i decided I would take it easy until I go back on Tuesday and bite the bullet and stay back so the class leader can run through it with me. But I am gonna write down here what I have from tomorrow morning onward anyway. I dont expect to lose any weight by then but its best to keep note anyways.

Hope this place is friendly :)
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Saturday March 26th

Breakfast (8)
2 x Slices of Wholegrain Bread
2 x Medium soft bold Eggs

Lunch (4)

3 x Rye Ryvita
2 x Laughing Cow light
Shredded Carrot & Courgette
Black Pepper

Dinner: (6)
1 x Chicken Fillet (skinless) grilled in sea salt and pepper
Rocket and Babyleaf lettuce
2 x Tbsp of Goddess Dressing

PP Used :18
PP Not Used: 11

I am not good at this at all! I cant use the 29 points. I might have to do the Old WW instead , Ill wait until the Leader explains this to me more on Tuesday.

Sunday March 27th

None - Woke late

Lunch: (3)
2 x Rye Ryvita (2)
2 x Laughing cow Light (1)
1 x Banana (0)
Black coffee

Snack: (2)
Peaches and Pear pieces (0)
Mixed Berries (0)
1 x Activia Light Yogurt (2)

Dinner: (8)
1 x Skinless Chicken Fillet Grilled (4)
Chargrilled Asparagus in Garlic (0)
1 x Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive oil (2)
Carrots (0)
1 x Tbs of Tomato Ketchup

Snacks: none

Exercise: 30 minute walk with Puppy
Water intake - 5 Litres

PP Used: 13
PP Not Used: 16
Activity Points - 1


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Hiya...please don't put yourself down hon. You're doing great and as far as I know, it's not a crime if you don't eat all your points. Losing weight is all about eating healthily and cutting down on fat and sugar intake. As well as incorporating some exercise. You're doing great and Pro Points are fab. Although the fruit is free, they are still calorific.....so recommended that you don't go nuts.

Keep your chin up and your head held high.....you can do this. Minimins is fab for encouragement and tips. Join in other peoples posts too....you'll meet some lovely people. xx
Aww Thank you for the words of encouragement , I dunno I just feel if I eat crisps and chocolate and all that stuff that I am cheating in someway and I just dont feel comfortable eating it for the sake of it. I want to eat healthier so all that stuff is getting cut out , its a lifestyle change.

I dont think I will lose weight this week but thats okay, I need it explained to me by the leader so i am just watching what I eat until then.

I have been through most of the diaries looking for idea's on what to it and its all very helpful :) I will join in others soon xx

Thanks again


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If you don't eat enough then your body will think you're starving yourself so you have to eat plenty or you will stop losing weight (or at least that's what I've been told). But by the look of your diary, I think it's likely you will lose this week. I personally don't eat any kind of crisps or sweets during the week as i find those kinds of foods so moreish...and then I can't stop. So I have treats at the weekend. I had a funsize Mars Bar yesterday and some chilli crisps with Salsa today! Haha. Hardly pushing the boat out but still.....it keeps me content...and I failed to mention I had a take away Indian last night too! Lol. So you see, you're being too hard on yourself. Eat and enjoy and keep tracking! Pro Points rocks!!! :D xx
The only struggle I will have is my beloved Bulmers at the weekends.. I like my Booze.

Ill keep my chocolate points for TOTM and have a dairy milk or something haha 2 pts per 2 squares I saw!

id say i will stay the same weight wise this week , Ill know what im doing from next week on and I will do better


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I like 3 or 4 Smirnoff at the weekend....they're not so bad but beer and cider can be bad. Good luck though. I'm sure you'll do great.



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hi ya my names mandy hope you dont mind me reading your diary ive just done cambridge and am thinkin of doin ww but im so confused with the new system , im a old skool points girls so think i may find it hard to get my head around the new system but i will keen to watch how well your doin keep up the hard work xxx
Oh hi Mandy , I am a little confused with the new system too but I'm hoping afte speaking with the leader on Tuesday I will get a better idea of it all.

I did the lipotrim total food replacement in 2004/2005 and I lost 4.5st and it changed my life , I was a size 10 from then up to the beginning of 2009 when my hot water bottle burst and I got 1st & 2nd degree burns on My inner thighs and I couldn't walk for 2 months , I had lost my job the month before and became very depressed and overwhelmed by it all and drank alot and ate alot for a long time and gained 3.5st back on. I am now 12st 6 and struggle with how I look everyday , I feel like someone put a fat suit on me when I wasn't looking , I've lost jobs and relationships since because My weight determines how I feel everyday

I know to some 12st 6 isn't very big but it is to me, so I decided to try WW and see if I can get started shifting this weight. It's gonna be hard and it's gonna take at least 6 months before I start to feel normal again but I really wanna try

Hope you do well in whatever you decide to do xx
Just popping over to say hi, diary looking good :) Im doing the discover plan (old WW), cant say ive tried the new propoints but just can seem to get my head around the fact you have 49 weeklies aswell as 29pts per day? I definatly couldnt eat 29 a day! Im allowed 25 on my plan and i average 18/19 and save the rest for weekend!!

Sounds like ur giving it ur best shot though so good luck for the rest of your journey xxx
Aww thank you Nicola , I'll see after Tuesday what plan I will stick to as I feel the same way about the 29pts and 49 .. I don't eat alot of high fat foods in general I just eat to much of the other stuff and drink alcohol , I don't have a sweet tooth and I don't eat crisps either ... I should be thin!! I just lost my way a bit. Let me know how u get on with your plan x
Hang in there!!Are you eating at regular intervals during the day?
Yeah I'm trying, finding it hard as I am out of work at the moment and I don't have the regular routine , not sleeping well and not always up early in the morning but I am doing my best , I could do more exercise I guess but it just feels like i do a walk and I get home and it's like 11am... I'm like.... What will I do now haha
Monday March 28th

Breakfast: (8)
2 x Slices Wholegrain bread
2 x Medium Soft boiled Eggs

Lunch: (4)
3 x Rye Ryvita
2 x Laughing Cow light cheese
Shredded Carrot & Courgette

Dinner: (11)
1 x Grilled Skinless Chicken Breast
5 x Baby Potatoes
(5) approx
Babyleaf & Rocket Lettuce
Shredded Carrot & Courgette
2 x Tbls of Homemade Goddess Dressing

Used PP: 23
Unused PP: 6

Activity Allowance : (1)
40 minute walk with Puppy


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o sweet heart u can do it im 12 3 now was almost 15 stone and on a 5 foot nothing frame i looked like a easter egg im so excited to see how u do i want to lose another stone and a half so im goin back to ww i think and ive joined a gym ,the milkshake diets are hard but its such a quiet loss u worry about puttin it back on good luck xx


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Just popping over to say hi, diary looking good :) Im doing the discover plan (old WW), cant say ive tried the new propoints but just can seem to get my head around the fact you have 49 weeklies aswell as 29pts per day? I definatly couldnt eat 29 a day! Im allowed 25 on my plan and i average 18/19 and save the rest for weekend!!

Sounds like ur giving it ur best shot though so good luck for the rest of your journey xxx
Hi Nicola. The new system is different from the old and things are pointed higher. So although you get 29 points in a day (31 for me) it doesn't mean tonnes of food. I can't think of anything off the top off my head to compare except smirnoff (how sad! :D) but Discover, a Smirnoff shot is 1 point. Pro Points, a Smirnoff shot is 2 points. So they're completely different. The 49 weekly's for me are saved for a Saturday night and used on an Indian Take Away and some Smirnoff! Haha. No I'm not an alky - I swear! :D
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Hi all
I weighed in this morning and I have a better understanding of the points now and I guess taking it easy paid off as I lost 2.5 pounds :) here's to a better week next week now that I am fully informed :)

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