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My rats

Awww, they're really cute!

While typing, I am keeping one eye on a humane mouse-trap I have in the kitchen (I am so jealous of the rodents: it's filled with peanut butter, yum!). I've already caught 3 mice today, and they are soooo cute that I wish I could keep them. But I take them down to the forest and release them...it would be cruel to put wild animals in a cage I think.

Your rats look even lovelier though - I never knew how fluffy-looking they could be! Are they soft (their fur I mean)?

xxx SL


Surgically happy.

They are very soft - their fur/hair is quite fine and not coarse at all ( as many think they are). They are incredibly full of fun, inquisitive and intelligent. They are on a part with some small dogs in terms of intelligence.
(I am so jealous of the rodents: it's filled with peanut butter, yum!).

:rotflmao:that is so funny. :D

Reminds me when my cat was sick and on a special diet - not long after I started, and I was jealous of her special venisen and pea food :rotflmao:


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They look lovely! We've got 2 at the moment (Saki and Harley - after Kawasaki and Harley Davidson) but they don't like to come out and play :(
We used to have 7 but they gradually got old unfortunately (Prisca, Mei, Belle, Kiki, Freya, Milky and Oreo)


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Aww, they actually look really cute! Love your pain face at the end there, hehe!
:rotflmao: Your expression at the end really is priceless Andy- even without sound I could hear you!!!! :)

I had forgotten how fun it is to have little mice and rats crawl up around your neck, their little whiskers tickling!!!! Reminded me of the few I had many many moons ago! Cute lil *******!!!

Hehe I just checked these little beauties out on Fancy Rats too..... they are really stunning little ladies congrats on your new family members.
After seeing your cuties and showing my OH we decided to head to Pets At Home yesterday and ended up bringing 3 more rats home :p There were only 3 in the cage and we didn't want to get 2 and leave one behind :(

So thanks to you our rats have really cheered up :D We now have 5 (Saki, Harley, Houdini, Harriette & Honda!)
Aw, they are so adorable! Such lovely photos.
So good to see other ratty owners on here :)
I currently have 6 ratties being the bosses of the flat.
The boys are.. Winchester (nearly 4 years old!), Gibbs, Thor, Booth, and the girls.. Ahsoka and Sookie.
I would absolutely love more of them, and I cant wait to get a bigger place to increase numbers.
We recently succumbed to my daughters wishes and purchased her two rats... I was quite nervous of them to be honest but we've had them for 6 months now and I think they are brilliant. They know when it's breakfast time and they love to come out and sit on my shoulder and have cuddles! They've recently been introduced to water and fetch their snacks from in the bath much to my daughters delight!! Fab sociable pets !

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