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My re-start Diary.....

Tuesday - extra easy

Breakfast - 2xeggs scrambled, mushrooms fried in fry light, beans, 2xNimble brown bread
Lunch - Batchelors cheese and brocolli pasta in sauce
Dinner - chicken and sweetcorn soup, beef and brocolli and boiled rice

FREE- eggs, mushrooms, beans, boiled rice
HEA - none :mad:
HEB - Nimble
Syns - pasta in sauce (half a syn), chicken and sweetcorn soup (7.5 syns), beef and broccolli (5 syns)
Total syns = 13

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Wednesday - Extra Easy

Breakfast - tinned potatoes fried in Fry Light, mushrooms and 1 egg fried in Fry Light, 1x regular brown bread
Lunch - Gammon steak fried in Fry Light, boiled baby potatoes, broccolli and peas
Dinner - Chicken Omlette, peas and beansprouts.
Extras - 250ml semi skimmed milk, Options sachet, Frys Turkish Delight

Free foods - tinned potatoes, mushrooms, eggs, gammon, broccoli, peas, beansprouts
HEa- milk, HEb- bread
Syns - Options (2 syns), Turkish Delight (9.5 syns)
Total syns = 11.5
Looking good Hun...welcome back and good luck with your journey!

Good Morning everyone....

Thursday - Extra Easy

Breakfast - 1 egg poached, 1 regular slice brown bread (heb)((couldnt get Nimble or WW so took just one slice of a normal size loaf), mushrooms cooked in Fry Light and 1 chicken slice.

Lunch- gammon steak fried in Fry Light, left over baby potatoes fried in Fry Light, peas

Dinner - Chicken Supreme, (1/3rd of a Colman's Chicken Supreme sauce mix - 2.5syns + hea(as its mixed with milk)) mushrooms, onions, boiled rice
Extras - Chomp (5.5 syns)
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Friday - Green Day

Breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled, Quorn sausages, beans, 1 x reg slice brown bread toasted (heb)

Lunch - 4 x Ryvita (4 syns), 28g Philedelphia lite with garlic and herbs (2 syns), tomatoes, peppers etc

Dinner - Indian takeaway- chicken dansak (6.5 syns), boiled rice

total syns = 12.5
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Saturday - red day...
breakfast - 2 eggs scrambled, mushrooms poached in water, 1x regular brown bread(heb)

Lunch - 2x Quorn burgers (1 syn), 1x 57g brown roll (heb), laughing cow lite (hea), salad, 1/2 tbsp hellmans lite (1 syn)

dinner - lamb casserole (lean lamb, onions, carrots, turnip, 1 tbsp garlic puree(2 syns), 1 tbsp tomato puree (1/2 syn), 160g (about 5 small ones) baby potatoes (6 syns):eek:

total syns today = 10.5 syns
Thanks Donnie
My first proper Red day really... hoped I had planned it right...
when I got to the end of the day I had hardly any syns, so added in the potatoes... and then I was thinking.... now its not like a red day at all, its like an EE now. lol....
Sunday - Extra Easy

breakfast - 2xeggs scrambled, beans, 1 slice reg brown bread toasted (heb), 2.5x tesco light choices cumberland sausages (2.5 syns)

lunch - 4x ryvita (4 syns), 28g philly Lite (2 syns)

dinner - lean roast beef, SW roast potatoes, 4 tbsp gravy-no fat (1 syn)

Extras - bananas, carrots, celery, onions, tomatoes, cucumber, brocolli, peas, mullerlights
Monday - extra easy
breakfast - lean bacon and mushroom omelette, 1 slice regular brown bread toasted (heb)

lunch - baked potato with 28g cheddar (hea), beans

dinner - can of Co-op chilli beans, SW potato wedges, 28g cheddar (5.5 syns)

extras - banana, fudge (6 syns), mullerlights
Total syns today = 11.5
Tuesday - Red Day
Breakfast - 42g weetabix crunchy bran(heb) with milk (hea), banana, mullerlight

Lunch - tuna and onion sandwich (heb), with 1 tablespoon hellmans light mayo (2 syns), grapes

Dinner - homemade chicken and vegetable soup (chicken, carrots, leeks, turnips and onions, stock made from Bovril).... 1 chicken fillet stuffed with 28g Philadelphia Light (2 syns), wrapped in bacon, served with brocolli and cauliflower

Extras - Fudge (6 syns)
total today = 10
Excellent meal choises Hun...keep this up!
Hi Lianne
well, this is how I do it, this is my own way, and Im sure theres a better way out there....
make a cut into the side of the chicken fillet (usually the fattest part otherwise some sauce would leak out)
put your Philly in there... wrap your lean bacon around it, as tight as you can get it... spray baking tray and parcel with Fry Light and I bake it at 180 for about 20, but I always check it to make sure its cooked right at the end (Im a bit obsessed that way with chicken lol)

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