my restart mission to get to goal in 4 weeks! Bring it on baby!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by goose, 31 December 2012 Social URL.

  1. goose

    goose Silver Member

    I started lipotrim weighing 12 stone 3.5 lbs, ended at 8st 7lb and fitting into size 8's.

    stupidly did not do refeed! long story, yes I feel cr*p about it and regret it like mad. feel rubbish and yucky and sick inside with all the junk that has gone into me. Eating was so nto worth it but in the long run I feel it has taught me some very valuable lessons I will need for maintaining my weight and some very valuable lessons about myself. Read the Fred post (it's a link in my signature), I found it very enlightning and have addapted it for my liking and needs, I will post my adapted version soon and link it in my signature.

    I have been invited out for a meal tomorrow new years day but have made the decision to decline as I am so desparate to start again! rather than stay in denial and let all the weight creep on again I am taking control!! I have weighed today and scales were not a pretty sight - 9st 6lb. Ouch. big ouch. I will post official restart weight tomorrow. I so deserve it though :( Feel so bloated and fat again. Want to feel slim and fresh and clean on the inside.

    Plan is 3 weeks TFR and one week refeed - I'm hoping to get to goal of 8st 4lbs by then. LT usually say a stone a month so hoping first week decent loss, and hopefully the last couple of pesky pounds on refeed. However I'm just going to have to take it as it come, and to be honest I don't think my pharmacist will let me continue on it as I get towards the lower end of my BMI so may just have to accept whatever weight the 4 weeks takes me to, and at 8st 7lbs I was pretty happy so even if I get back to that I will smile and be grateful :)

    Ok so I'm going to use this thread to post my updates and keep me on the straight and narrow. Funny - but I am sooo excited to start again!! teeheee! how weird is that!

    ok then my lovelies, enjoy your last day of 2012 and catch up soon on the dreaded restart weigh in tomo!!

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  3. misspiggy123

    misspiggy123 Full Member

    Hi Goose,

    I hope you success with your LT journey .
    I think it's so strong of you to decline the New Years meal.
    Kind regards
    Miss Piggy

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  4. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Good luck Goose! x x x
  5. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Best wishes for the restart Goose.
  6. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Hello miss piggy... I was so strong in the end i didnt end up declining. So much for willpower! It is hard getting back onto it but i know i have to. I wore thr same dress tonight i wore wen i was 8st 7 and its really tight on me today :( so i know ive put a fair bit on, i did weigh this morning and it was not good, looking At at least 10lbs if not more. Well i am 100% back on it 2mo if it kills me, just got back in from meal ouf n hubby had takeout with all his mates and house a tip :( however he did help all morning with household chores so i didnt have a grunp with him. Just finished cleaning up, exhausted, back to work 2mo. Will report on weigh in tomo and will be a wednesday weigh in girl now.
  7. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Thankyou busymum and teapot for best wishes. Feel like im gonna need it and i know first week will be tough :/
  8. goose

    goose Silver Member

    The damage, a total of 1stone 2 lbs (16lbs), this last week saw to 13 of those pounds. How bad is that?? Shockingly disgusting and bad. I feel sooooo ashamed and literally putting on a stone in a week... I deserve it, i deserve it totally. Why have i let myself do this?

    It took me exactly 6 weeks to get rid of 16lbs n ive ruined it in 2 weeks. All that hard work in 6 weeks not to mention cost and it took me 2 weeks to pile it on.

    Well i have woken up with a banging headace, need to leave for work. Back onto this 100% just need to get through today as i know it's going to be a rough one.

    Wish me luck. Will report on how i survive by end of today if i can. I dont evdn want to think about goals n how much i want to lose in jan as feel so let down by myself. But will probs aim for 14 lbs over 4 weigh ins to start of with although ideally i would like to be at target for 8st 4 by end of jan but with the amount ive put on its gonna be a miracle if i do

    must plod on xx
  9. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Hey Goose. The damage has been done and you are facing up to it which is positive. You can sort this out and maybe in the long run it will help with you finding what works for you to stay at goal. A good first week's lost will take care of a lot of the weight gain and I'm sure you could even be back in the 8's by the end of your first week. You know you're in for a tough couple of days but I know you can do it. Keep logging in and we'll support you all we can. Best wishes lovely lady xxx
  10. goose

    goose Silver Member

    hello all
    It is midday and I am still alive and functioning - I think that's a pretty big acheivemnet

    just rang Lipotrim to talk to them about whats happened and advice, lovely lady and said not to worry as it's all water weight and it won't be 1stone and 2lbs of fat on and then she went into all this sciency talk. But she was great and didnt belittle me or make me feel like crap. She suggested I do it for a minimum of 2 weeks to get rid of all the water weight and said I MUST DO REFEED RELIGIOUSLY!!!! So I feel better and not like a complete failure, she said you just need to take back control and not let it get out of hand.

    so that's that. 5 more hours at work to survive, go home, attempt to do some laundry and than it's gonna have to be an early night for me I think. Trying to drink loads of water. Will try have my first shake at 2 or 3ish but feel really bloated and yucky inside so not hungry as of yet.

    Will get through day one again!!
  11. goose

    goose Silver Member

    thanks BM

    I think you are right - in the long run it will help me figure out what I need to help me maintain my weight and I was toying with the idea of not doing SW and just healthy eating but I now know I do need the strucure so it will defoo be SW and need a weekly weigh in with someone to report to keep me on track so SW it is! There's a new group starting in my area, I hate the group I go - so un motivational she is! urghh, gonna try that one andf with it being a new group we will all be new faces so should be much better I am hoping!!
  12. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Well done Goose, half way through day 1! I've phoned Lipotrim before and spoken to Bernadette always found her to be lovely and understanding. Have your shake if you can. Good idea to change SW group, if it's a bit dour you should get it going with one of your motivational speeches ;)
  13. goose

    goose Silver Member

    awww thanks BM!!! I'd love to have my own weight loss group, u never know! Lets see howthis new group goes, where I live there are hardly any groups and my consulant runs most of them, honestly she is soooo unmotivational it is unbeleivanle. She is still trying to lose weight on SW and she had put on weight over Xmas and she was telling us as if she was proud of it!!! Urghhhh! no! she also had a massive box of biscuits (not diet biscuits - proper fixes biccy) for us at the xmas weight in - why would you have biscuits at a slimming world group, urghhh!!

    anyways, I think I have survived the day, watching Corrie, than off to bed for an early night as still have a lil headache. wooohoooo! Day one nerly over

    hope everyon else has had a good day xx
  14. LadyKate25

    LadyKate25 Silver Member

    Hi goose

    Well done Hun. I am back to it also this is day one again for me too!! ;)
    I have put on a stone over the Xmas break. Hopefully yeah it is all water.
    My other half was on lipotrim too and has put on loads bless him. He is hopefully due to start back tomorrow now. He's eating tonight arghh !!
    Onwards and inwards Hun xxx good luck xxx
    We can do it !! Xx
  15. misspiggy123

    misspiggy123 Full Member

    Hi Goose,

    Well done for having the strength to jump back onto the LT journey.
    I think it takes a lot to admit your gains in regards to weight .
    I would not beat yourself up about it , that was yesterday and today is a new day.
    Miss Piggy 123

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  16. goose

    goose Silver Member

    Day 2 – so far I have survived 4 hours of it – that must be a good thing, of to make a back coffee with a couple of tablet sweeteners to perk up a little. Never ever thought I would be a black coffee drinker but discovered about 6 weeks ago I could!

    I weigh every day but only ever report on here weekly, however I have to tell you…in one day I’ve gone from 9st9 to 9st 4 losing 5 lbs!! OMG! It’s all water weight I know but such a boost and motivation to keep going. I do feel the bloating in my belly has gone down a lot and my face doesn’t feel as puffy as it did yesterday. We have been invited by the sister in law tonight for takeway, arghhh! This diet is so hard when you have friends and family (a life basically) and I have conjured up so many excuses throughout my 16 weeks of LT not to eat so it all starts again! Have a plan conjured up that will get me out of eating tonight! Will still have to pop down and see her so the smell of takeout will be testing times. I will not succumb!

    I think I’m going to find today harder as yesterday I was still full from all the overeating and the hunger pangs have kicked in today. Also had an early night yesterday and don’t think I will be able to tonight. But I will get through this!! Really hoping for a good loss this week, im 9st 4lb currently, would love to realistically in the next 6 days lose another 2.5 and be 9st 1.5bls but will try be grateful even if it less as whatever it is, it will still be a decent loss.

    Good luck everyone else for today. Lets just try an get through today and not worry about tomorrow! One day at a time xx
  17. Busy Mum

    Busy Mum Silver Member

    Well done Goose, on to day 2! One day at a time. Best wishes for you for tonight, stay stong!
  18. Teapot

    Teapot Gold Member

    Stay strong luv, you can do it x x x
  19. goose

    goose Silver Member

    hello all

    just had my second shak - can't believe I actually used to enjoy these!! they seem to taste to salty. hmmm. I remember having my first ever LT shake, oh how I gagged!! But I got t down me, I guess we just have to treat it as 'medicine'. Just finished cooking (not for tonight, some other cooking i had agreed to do for someone), was hard, so tempted to nibble as hunger pangs were ever present today but have not succumbed and reesisted. you know me, once my mind is made up, it usually is pretty much made up!! today was harder in the sense I felt more hungry today (oh ketosis how I look forward to meeting you again!) but motivated as found anothe before picture where I saw how huge (mind the pun) the difference in my weight loss was, couldnt quite believe I was that big in the picture and I know I have not put all that weght on so I was also super motivated. Swings and roundabouts

    going to pop into the sister inlaws tonight, they are all having takeout n invited us to, the plan is tol politley decline and say Ive eaten already as I didnt have time to get lunch so was strving when i got in from work and had a banging headache so had to eat, its not just us shes invited so im hoping itll work, im just hoping so much they don keep pestering me to eat. must stay strong and decline otherwise find an excuse to make a swift exit!!!!

    Apart from that not much else to report, want to get an early night tonight, if im sleeping than its all good!!

    hope the rest of my fellow lipotrimmers have all had a good day!

    much love xxx

    thanks teapot and BM xx
  20. goose

    goose Silver Member

    so day two - managed to stay 100% even with all the temptation! I was going to post last night but I got in late and I was upset by something my sister in law said to me, I knew typing it out then would make me even more upset. It was a catty comment along the lines of me losing weight - nothing nice believe you me and I dont even want to write it out as she's not worth it, and im not gonna let it get to me, this is the skinny sister in law who always thinks she's gods gift to the universe, she can be really friendly and nice. she is a skinnie minnie, and i would call her a size 8, however we had to have some measurements taken and low and behold I am actually smaller measurement wise than her!! hahahhaha!! she did not liek that one bit! her face was thunder but she obviously didnt say anything. I think when i did get to my target I would say i was a size 8 but with that bit of gain ive had id say im a 10 now. by size 12 skinnies i have on now are loose on me and i have a size 8 top on!! wooohooo babay!! I can feel in the last couple of days all the bloating and puffiness has gone down so i do feel much better, dont know if im drinking wnough water, such a hassle to constantly go to the loo!! blrghh

    but another day and plan to be 100%
  21. Mburke

    Mburke Silver Member

    Well done goose for being the better person it's hard not to vent how we feel as like you I get more and more mad as I think about thinks good luck for today I did find it hard yesterday and was picking but try to stay with protein so haven't gain to day but please let today be better for me

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