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My SF Diary


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I thought i'd start my own diary :) Please feel free to comment or give me pointers, please!

B - 2 OSS sachets with skimmed milk and a banana

L - 3 crumpets using 1 Laughing Cow Light & tsp Marmite

D - thinking shepherds pie made with lean mince (fat drained off!), onion, peas and carrot. Mashed potatoe on top with made with skimmed milk and a little butter 1pp and some gravy 1pp.

S - mandarin segments, apple, banana, KitKat 2pp

4pp used, 31 remaining
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Ive just started WW today, and am trying to figure out whether to do the Pro Points or the Simply filling! Both look good!
Can I ask, should the Laughing cow not need to be pointed? Just wondering if I've got an up to date simply filling list!!
Good luck with it!


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Hiya :)

I've had the laughing cow extra light which is 0pp for 1 and 1pp for 2


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Nomes said:
That's a good day mets- I'd try to have one OSS just to see how full you are after 20 mins.

Did you enjoy your day? X
The thing is, I know that it doesn't leave me full when I have just 1 OSS! But I'll take your advice and see how I get on tomorrow :)

Yeah I have enjoyed it. I honestly can say I haven't felt as nearly as hungry as I normally would at this time of day! Just about to make the shepherds pie :D xx


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Morning :)

B - ONE OSS sachet ;-) with skimmed milk and a banana

L - left over shepherds pie 2pp

D - jacket potato with beans and salad with Corn on the cob

S - WW yoghurt 1pp

3pp used, 28 left
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You know Nomes, it was alright! :D didn't feel hungry until lunchtime at all! I wonder if it's because I didn't wake up ravenous like I normally do? I usually go to bed feeling hungry and so wake up hungry. But today, I didn't at all. So impressed! :D

I'm mega worried about my WI though :-/ had a sneaky look at the scales this morning and I've put on 1.5lbs. I know that ut isn't official until WI day and our weight fluctuates but I'm scared!!! lol think its cos it's a new plan and so I have all those apprehensive feelings like I did when I first started....
I weigh in the mornings, straight after getting up and going for a wee! :D
My food for tomorrow (I love to plan ahead :) )

B - OSS with skimmed milk and banana

L - 2 crumpets with baked beans (left over from tonight. A bit weird but I'll give it a go!)

D - homemade chilli, wholewheat pasta and salad leaves and pitta 5pp

S - banana

5pp used, 23 remaining
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I sneaked a pitta bread in to go with my chilli tonight - 5 bloody points! Won't be eating those again x

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