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My Skinny vs Fit rant...

I am 5 feet 8.5 inches tall and weigh 145 pounds, I have an athletic build. When people comment on my weightloss, they always say, "you're so skinny!" I do not like the word skinny, nor do I think I am skinny. I look at myself and see someone who is fit and athletic. Why can't people ever say that I look fit, instead of saying how skinny I look? Geesh...:argh:
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Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
you know whats worse? being called skinny when you arent :( My mum keeps calling me skinny, then says to her I am - it's comments like that that make me think well why am I bothering? She also said something that kind of upset me, she said I lost my bonniness when i was 12 stone and looked gaunt! But she likes that 17 stone picture I showed you!!!

anyway flower sorry for calling you skinny in my email the other day :cry:youre not, your gorgeous :hide:

do i get to pm you at 50 posts?
Yup you do get to e-mail me then. Your the only one that can get away with calling me skinny, isn't that strange that I don't mind hearing it from you? But everyone else I have a problem with it still? Your mum is just not used to change, she'll do and say anything, your her baby yanno, let it roll off you.

As for calling me gorgeous? Are you haullucinating?
or having a :brainfart:


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
lmao at your ever changing signature:happy036:
look if i can get away with calling you skinny then i can call you gorgeous too, no :brainfart: here, but boo hoo you got to use that one first, i was waiting for a chance!
calling someone 'fit' over here doesnt mean the same as calling someone 'fit' over there. Men would call you fit but not neccessarily women:beam:
i think skinny is a term of endearement when you are slim, unless it's they call you skinny and say you need to gain, which i dont think you do -part could be jealousy, as you look like you've lost more than you have due to your exercise.
Yeah try it and then you can go eat and I can go to sleepie.
rowan hun, if you click on the person's user name, it will give you a dropdown box and you can pm or email from there. hope this helps xxx

I get a bit embarassed when people call me 'skinny' because

a) I'm not, I'm now normal weight for my height and

b) it reminds me that they are all so shocked to see that I've actually managed to lose my excess weight!

However, after years of them saying absolutely nothing, but secretly watching me get bigger and bigger, then I'll take the skinny comments!

I would absolutely love it if someone were to notice that I am getting fitter and more toned, but I think it may be a while! :)
Thanks eclipse for the heads up on pm'ing, we were clueless!

Thanks for relating monkey, I am sure you are fit!

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