My slim dream, 7stone in and 3 to go in time for christmas????

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  1. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Well i dont think ive ever made a diary before, always just posted on other threads and put the odd thread here and there but decided i thought i'd try and write down how my days are going so perhaps it will keep me motivated in the dark moments.

    Well my history, im 29yrs young and striving to be slim by 30. Ive been married to my amazing hubby for 4yrs and we've got a beautiful lil girl Ella who's 21 months old. I've ALWAYS been overweight from being about 6yrs old and can remember going to weight class with my mum aged 7. Everyone on my mums side of the family is morbidly obese and i really dont want to end up physically disabled because of my weight. I think i've been slim once in my life aged 16-18 when i actually lost 4.5 stone but then a blood clot aged 18 meant i couldnt exercise and became stagnant so on crept the weight and accompanying bad habits and ive struggled ever since. I did have a second blood clot aged 20 and so have been on anti-coagulant therapy ever since.

    I met my wonderful husband in 2005 and well you know how it is you get comfortable and the weight piles on. When we got engaged i started cambridge diet and did lose 3 stone in about 4 months then a car accident knocked me back and i didnt lose any more after that but did get down to a size 16 for my wedding day. Then we started trying for a baby but that didn't happen and the weight crept on as the months went by to the point we got sent for fertility testing and were told we would be unlikely to conceive naturally as i had no progesterone. The fertility team then strated me on Xenical as i needed a BMI under 35 to be eligible for any treatment and did lose another 3 stone and miraculously got pregnant so had to stop the diet. Had a difficult pregnancy due to the warfarin side of things and had to inject myself twice daily with blood thinner...ouch then got SPD and ended up going into spontaneous premature labour at 35wks. Lil Ella was born on 18th June 2010 weighing 3lbs 4oz, didn't get the inital cuddle as she got whisked straight off to neonatal and then to make it worse I had a retained placenta so had to go down to theatre to have that removed. When I came round we were met by the neonatal consultant who told us our lile girl needed to be transferred to a specialist hospital in Manchester to have life saving surgery :( It turned out she had what's called a Tracheoeosphageal Fistula and Oesophageal atresia, basically her food pipe and wind pipe were joined together and there was no connection to her stomach so she was literally drowning on her saliva. So we all got whisked to Manchester and spent a harrowing 9wks in hospital where Ella had a further 3 surgeries. Our life became just a cycle of getting up going to hospital, sitting by her incubator then going home by midnight and the weight just piled on as we just lived off fast food and takeaways. Things didn't get much easier when Ella came home due to her condition, she regulalry aspirated milk onto her lungs and at 4 months became dependant on a nasogastric tube then at 5 months she had bronchiolitis and was in hospital for a further 3 weeks then we had another blow when we were told the reason she couldnt swallow the milk safely was because the join between food pipe and wind pipe had grown back, cue surgery number 7 to insert a feeding tube directly into her stomach so she could grow enough to enable her to have the life saving surgery again. Prior to having that operation she had 7 aspirational pneuomonias and spent approx 3 more months in hospital then in April last yr finally was fit enough to have the surgery. Since then things regarding Ellas health have gone from strength to strength, shes now completely orally fed and has not required surgery for almost 5 months now which is the longest EVER. She's a lil dot weighing just 21lbs haha unfortunately i am now heavier than ever and it'd got to the point where i was gettingout of breath just walking up the stairs so i have no chance running round outside etc so that was the kick up the bum to restart my weight loss as things have settled down and i now feel able to deal with the psychological issues aswell.

    I decided to restart Cambridge diet as i was very successful on it last time however was horrified when i weighed in at 22st 9lbs, that meant i'd gained 4 stone since Ella was born omg.

    So that's me, im now also back at work full time and determined to be a yummy mummy and want to be able to enjoy my lil girl growing up :)
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  3. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Well today I went out shopping to Trafford centre with a very good friend and her beautiful 7 wk old bubba and id thought on to buy a hand shaker the evening before and i actually avoided temptation all day and even opted for a chicken salad for lunch (on the 1200 plan remember) and drank plenty of water. Think my friend was a bit annoyed about the hrly toilet trips but other than that we had a lovely day. Bought some beautiful summer clothes for Ella and treated myself to some make up and new comfy flat shoes. It's weigh in tomorrow, and im secretly hoping for more than 2lbs but we'll wait and see :)
  4. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    Sounds like you are at the right place/time of your life to do CD. Best of luck with your weigh-in tomorrow!!!
  5. Yolande

    Yolande Silver Member

    What a journey you have been on so far... hoping that little Ella keeps going from strength to strength. You seem to be in a good mind frame now to do this i wish you every bit of luck on your journey. Best of luck for your weigh in tomoz.
  6. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Thanks for the well wishes.

    Well I was sorely disappointed with WI yesterday as i stayed the same but on the plus side i lost another 1.5 off waist so thats 5 inch in 3 weeks. Today it also appears its my TOTM (havent had one of those for 20 months haha due to mini pill) at least I know why Im retaining water and why i feel so bloated and ugghh and oh had i forgotten how painful it is grrr.

    Well we go away on Monday which im very excited about as it'll be Ellas first holiday and also a yr to the day of her last major op so a bit of a celebration all round. Only going to Haven in Wales but it should be good but also means i now wont be weighed until after easter and itll be my first easter without an egg. Fingers crossed my resolve will last and i'll stick with it, im pretty sure I will.

    Im working all day tomorrow and Sunday but will hopefully pop in before we go away
  7. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    Great loss in inches!! :) TOTM really does slow things down considerably, but happily afterwards you can experience quite a drop! Have a great time in Wales and over Easter!
  8. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Thanks again for the words of encouragement. Well im in work til 9pm booo and just in the middle of having my dinner or rather cambridge soup haha. Not been too busy so far in work so that's good and think i may have gotten into the swing of the diet now, not having any urges for unhealthy foods and actually starting to look forward and realise the good things to come as the weight drops off. Here's to a lovely weekend and no temptations
  9. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    Hear! Hear! Have a wonderful weekend!
  10. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Well its alsmot the end of the weekend and I must admit it's been one of the most pleasant weekends i've worked in A and E for a looooong time, just finished my 13hr shift and i'm really really really looking forward to going to Wales tomorrow even if it has forecast snow. Not sure what's up with my tummy tonight though, think it's playing tricks on me has been grumbling for the past 3hrs grr Ive had all my shakes spaced out evenly and had a lovely chicken salad for tea so no different to any other night and have drank lots and lots of water as usual but my tummy's still urgly gurgling think if it persists i'll end up retiring to bed earlier than usual.

    I've also had words with hubby about our hol this next week and asked him to help me stay focused and strong and if i do feel the urge to be tempted he's going to remind me why i'm doing the weight loss and ive told him if necessary to be quite strict which will be interesting as i'm deffo the trouser wearer in the relationship haha. Also it appears that Ella has acquired her 6th chest infection of this winter just in time for going away so that'll make things fun...NOT. So far i've been home 90mins and already had to go up to her 3 times coz she's been so distressed with her cough so i'm hoping that the new prophylactic antibiotics we've switched to will kick in pretty soon and prevent it from really affecting her as that really will spoil the holiday.

    Got lots of things to do in the morning, mainly packing and some food shopping and ive got all my CD stuff on the table ready to be put in the car so this will probably be my last post til after easter so

    HAPPY EASTER everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful time and the easter bunny treats you with no temptations and perhaps a dross in dress size hehe
  11. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    Have a wonderful vacation and I hope Ella's chest infection clears up so you all can enjoy your holidays! We'll be looking for your posts on your return to hear all about it. :)
  12. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Well we're back now from a wonderful break. Ella's chest infection stayed most of the holiday but it didn't stop her from joining in with all the fun and she didn't need her antibiotics increasing for the first time EVER!!!!!

    We landed in Wales on Monday pm then went out for dinner, i had a beautiful mixed grill with lettuce instead of chips go me and OMG it was absolutely FREEEZINg which didn't help that i've been cold since being on this diet anyway but it was so cold you could see your breath inside the van. So glad we'd taken a spare duvet for both me and hubby and for Ella else i think we'd have turned into ice blocks. We did lots of fun activities, took Ella to the seaquarium on Tuesday then Bowling on the Wednesday then Ella went swimming with her Daddy which exacerbated her eczema grrr then we went to Bodelwyddan Castle on the thursday which was the only sunny day of the week and Friday left pretty early and i stuck to the diet 100% YAYYYY. Went up to Lakes on Friday pm to stay with inlaws and only got back last night. Inlwas were fab and made me lots of veggies to go with my meat instead of the carby food although i did accidentily slip up stupid me didn't realise that Apples had carbs and I'd had a small bowl of stewed apples, was gutted after thinking i'd been all good to realise Apples are mainly made up of carbs boooo but at least it wasnt an actual purposeful attempt at diverting from plan and ive been fine since then too so i'm really looking forward to weigh in on Friday but I'm noticing a lot of difference in my clothes, my trousers feel huge and all my tops aren't showing my spare tyre, just hanging from boobs which im very pleased about :) so all in all was a wonderful time and its the first Easter EVER that ive not had any chocolate, even gave my easter egg to my Mother in law :-D
  13. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    Good to have you back and glad that you had, despite the cold, such a great week!!! :)
  14. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Thanks Tizzy for the support. Well ive been a bit absent since we got back, havent been on the internet until now but all's still well on the diet front and its weigh in tomorrow YAY although im a bit perplexed as ive not had a period since being on the mini pill however 2 weeks ago started spotting, fluid retention and horrid cramps and yesterday started spotting again, horrid cramps and looks like (TMI) is going to turn into a proper period, really hope it doesnt affect weigh in tomorrow else i wont be impressed haha will pop in tomorrow with weigh in update :)
  15. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    Ouch! Doesn't sound like much fun at all! Hang in there and good luck on your weigh in!
  16. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Well i was heartily disappointed with weigh in yesterday lost 3lbs in 2 weeks grrr and i'd stayed so good on holiday and through easter and really couldnt have done any better grumble grumble grumble and to add insult to injury no inches off waist either grumble grumble grumble. But i had just had my shake 30 mins before weigh in and about 750mls of water and was on TOTM and well i cant argue with my clothes being looser so the scales and tape will have to catch up eventually. Was cute though, my CDC said im the only one of her clients this week that needed a full week of products as im the only one who stuck with it lol, bit of kudos for me there.

    In work on nights til tuesday morning now at A and E so hoping theyre not too busy for me
  17. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    3lbs is still a loss so you're headed in the right direction!! Woo hoo! And good on you for sticking to the diet - I'm glad your CDC commented. There are many people who start something like this, but far fewer who keep it going - you're doing really well!

    What time is your weigh-in? I moved mine to 9am because I didn't drink or eat before going and when it was later in the day I would arrive feeling somewhat ill. The things we do for a good weigh in! :)
  18. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Thanks again for wonderful support. Coz i work shifts my weigh in is different each week, this weeks' will only be a 5 day weigh in as im on long days thurs and fri when i would normally get weighed. I'm on nights til tuesday, last night was lovely but tonight has been horrendous. I've only just sat down since starting at 20:30 and only been to toilet once in 8hrs so i'm sat at my desk ready to shrivel up and tucking into a lovely chicken salad and praying no one else comes through for assessment, don't think i could manage a 6th.

    It'll be interesting to see how working nights affects my weigh in too because ive had to flip myself upside down by sleeping all day and having my products and calories throughout the night, so we'll see what happens.

    My CDC really is lovely, much better relationship than when i did it 5yrs ago and she's very flexible with my shift work too which is fab.

    Well heres to a good week ahead and hopefully a few hrs of peace
  19. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Well tonight is my last night shift for a while, woohoo!!! I really cant wait for this shift to be over, really messes with my body when i just do a random few nights. Last night was horrendously busy but so far so good tonight, only had to do 2 assessments. Think i'm in the swing of the diet now, its almost become like a habit. I wake I have a shake then a drink water and get on with my day until its time for the next shake etc etc. I have developed a particularly strong sense of smell at tyhe minute though and woke early on Sunday as hubby was making our lil girl toast it was ridiculous and i was almost salivating over the smell. Weirdly though I havent craved chocolate or crisps much and prior to starting CD i was a HUGE chocolate and crisp fan, infact it had gotten so bad that hubby and i were each polishing off a large bag of malteasers (i mean the share bag) followed by a 200g bag of crisps, how disgusting is that and now a measly chicken salad fills me to the brim. Hubby made me a lovely tea or rather breakfast before i left for work tonight, had scrambled eggs with lean mean fat grilling machine'd bacon it was lush and ive just sat down and had my chicken salad and come onto minis to see what's new in the world.

    Well here's to a good night and will continue to stay strong and get rid of this bulk once and for all :)
  20. tizzy51

    tizzy51 Gold Member

    Gosh! I'm salivating just reading your post! :p It is funny because I really love bread and my favourite breakfast is toast with jam and possibly cheese. And like you I also love crisps and chocolate. But on CD I haven't really been craving those items - when I do want food I dream about salmon or steak or pak choy (ok, it's weird, but hey!).
    That said, I was absolutely wanting something salty for several days so made some popcorn with olive oil and salt and gobbled it down. Didn't feel ill afterwards, tho' my stomach spent a few hours gurgling away as if possessed, and it seemed to get rid of the need for salt as I haven't had the craving in a couple of weeks or so. Which is good, because altho healthier and less caloric than crisps, it still slowed my loss down for that week.

    How's your hubby doing while you're on CD? Hopefully not eating the entire bag of Maltesers by himself! :)
  21. ninajw83

    ninajw83 Silver Member

    Sorry for the post about food, its funny when youre not hungry you dont seem to want things the same. Hubby is always great when i do a diet and always looses any weight he put on when we werent eating healthily. He's a take it or leave it kind of guy but i guess thats why he's never really had a weight problem. You see i used to (and probably will in the futureP) crave foods as opposed to actually being physically hungry I wanted the taste and textures of foods, mainly rubbish stuff but hubby just doesnt bother. I really struggle for days when we do stop eating junk but DH doesn't, its very interesting.

    Well my shift last night turned out to be lovely but for some reason I was exhausted today, couldnt rouse myself to take Ella to dietician so she stayed at Grandmas and i've had to rearrange appointment and i didnt get out of bed til 7pm so i'll probably be awake all night now.

    Got an early weigh in tomorrow so it'll only have been 5 days since my last one so i'm not expecting much. Was pleased again today as I put on a pair of PJs this morning that a few weeks ago were really tight over boobs and it's all lose now :) Feeling really positive aswell at the min almost like its impossible to think i won't succeed coz i'm 99.9% convinced i will, lets hope this euphoria lasts haha

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