My wedding day countdown


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Hello everyone,

I have already posted some replies to people and think that this is a fantastic website, so I decided to keep my own wedding countdown diary to keep me on track and motivated.

Let me introduce myself....I am 32, getting married May 26 this year (2nd marriage) 5ft 4in and my starting weight was 13st 5lbs:eek: which gives me a BMI of 32. My target weight is 9st 7lbs :p

I spent all 2006 on either WW or the online tesco diet - I would lose a few lbs and then put more back on, so I decided enough is enough. Myself, my twin and our older sister have all gone along to our local CDC and we started CD and SS 4th Jan.

I am actually liking the shakes and soups, except butterscotch. I have had a few headaches and my first exercise class back after Christmas let me feeling pathetically weedy. I am glad to say that I haven't really been too hungry and I am drinking so much water (good job the ladies is opposite my office) Nasty taste in mouth is not too nice though.

My H2B is being very supportive but the rest of the family is being a bit negative at the moment...we will have to prove them wrong.

I haven't even bought a wedding dress yet as I was so depressed about my size - so I am hoping to go dress hunting next month.

Sorry for waffling on :eek:

First weigh in is Tomorrow - I will let you know how I get on.

Oh lenny that sounds fab... well done on taking the bull by the horns, you will be a fab bride!!!! you could easily be at target for the big day!!!!

Dying to hear how you get on at your first weigh in


Gen xx
Yey another wedding! Can't wait to see pics!
Good Luck, sounds like you have a great support team with your sis's and your H2B

Good luck for tomorrrow!!
The nasty taste in the mouth *does* get better! And the people who aren't being supportive now will probably change their tune when they start to see your results. It can be a bit hard for some people to grasp the concept of a VLCD!

Keep us posted - I look forward to hearing about your WI!
Hi Lenny!
I know what you mean about the dress situation :(
I put mine off for ages too.
Our wedding is at the end of July and Im on day 4 of LL after losing a stone before xmas but being naughty and now Im half a stone lighter than when I started so its not so bad.
Feeling really hungry today despite being in ketosis ??Weird eh?
Anyway hope you get on ok tmo night my weigh in is Sat.
1st week weigh in!

OMG - 10lbs :D :D :D

I am so chuffed, I am walking around with such a stupid grin on my face.

I am changing my weigh in day from Thurs to Tues (so will only be 5 days next week) but I won't even mind if I don't lose next week cos I am so pleased with this result.

My twin and I are going wedding dress shopping Feb 3rd now.

Just to fill you in - my wedding will be a small ceremony at a manor house in Stow with 7 people (including bride & groom), wedding breakfast held there and then we go home and the rest of family/friends are coming to our house for a big bbq. So I'm not looking for anything too dramatic - just nice & simple. (I did the whole meringue and church thing last time)

Hope everyone else is well :)

I have been having a tough couple of days on CD (2nd week). I'm really struggling to drink the water at the work it is easy I just continuously have a mug of water on my desk. Any suggestions??

Also, I have been on my scales and they don't seem to have moved since last week...I know I said that I wouldn't mind but it does bother me a bit:( Seeing the scales go down is huge motivation.

I think that I just have to get into the whole picture thing instead of weekly weight but that might take some time:eek:

Anyway official weigh in is tonight followed by an aerobics class.

By the way, H2B has also started on CD (packs from EBAY...I know thats not good but he won't go to a CDC) So we don't have any shopping or cooking going on in our household:D and he has lost 1 stone!!! Why do men lose quicker than us?

On a wedding note..we ordered the wedding rings yesterday and we actually sat down to discuss the vows/ceremony words etc to send back to the registrar.

I will post 2moro with the weigh in results:rolleyes:
2nd Official weigh in - 4lbs

I have done the stone so I am so chuffed...all the weight seemed to come off on the last day???

I felt really bloated all day yesterday, and without being too crude, very windy?!?:eek:

I resorted to taking 1 dulcolax perle and hopefully that has solved that problem for a while.

I feel much better today:p

I have a question...I am supposed to go to an Italian restaurant with my twin, niece and H2B after the wedding show on 17/2 but I'm not sure if I should. Will this one meal throw me off course????? I have asked my twin because she is doing CD too but she doesn't know either.
Hi there!

Well done on your weight loss and reaching the stone mark!
Great start hon!:)

As regard to the meal out..could you possibly tie this in with your AAM week....I know it would be hard in an italian restaurant but if you can stick to a plain salad and protien then you could eat and stay in ketosis. Have a chat to your cdc and see what they suggest.

Keep up the good work and thanks for the msg on my thread!will update you about the wi later....its at 1pm today.

hugs Lou X
Third weigh-in


I have lost another 3lbs this week:D and I have lost a total of 7.1/2 inches.

This week has seemed quite tough, craving food etc and I did resort to having a small meal of chicken and green veg last nite after aerobics (45mins of cardio:eek:) This is the first time that I have had a meal and I was very surprised that such a small amount filled me up:p

I'm going to be very good this week...I'm shopping for a wedding dress on saturday now. I am getting so excited:D :D

Hope everyone is doing well
My wedding dress

Hi guys,

I went shopping with my twin on sat to try and find a dress for me to wear in May. I wanted something very simple, not too pricey as we are on a budget.

I found a skirt and bodice in BHS for £65.00 total (bargain). I was so chuffed because it is exactly what I was looking. I tried on the usual size 16's - top fitted but the skirt was too big, so I tried the 14 skirt and that was slightly too big:D . I actually bought the size 12:eek: which I am determined to get into. I plan to lose another 37lbs before the wedding. I also went down a size on the bodice. The best bit it that because it is an A line skirt it doesn't need taking up:)

I don't think I have lost much this week, official weigh in is tomorrow, but TOTM on sat so maybe that's why??!! I am drinking plenty of water (4 - 5 ltrs per day)
Week 4 weigh in

Hi Everyone,

I lost another 4lbs this week, bringing my total to 1.1/2 stone:D

Starting AAM this week - I did my shopping on the internet cos I couldn't face actually going to Tescos:p

This last week has been a bit of a struggle, I have felt quite hungry again but I haven't given in and plodded on with the soups, shakes and water. I hope this week is easier (but i'm also having food again so maybe that will help)

I've got so much more to do with the wedding plans:eek: I looked at wedding cakes last week and I cannot believe the prices:eek: :eek: In the end my mother in law to be agreed to make the cake, we just have to buy the decoration for the top.

Wedding rings have now arrived and are safely stored away. We are now planning the honeymoon - we think we may go to the west coast of Ireland. Any ideas???

Hope everyone is doing well on their diet journey

Take care
How exciting...... Well done on your weight loss. I personally have not been to Ireland....yet!
My MIL went and travelled from the north to the south in over a week, she loved it.

Good luck x
I haven't posted on here for some time as I ended up in hospital with suspected appendix problems - after tests and three days eating hospital food they couldn't find what was causing the pain and sent me home:mad:

The pain has now completely gone so I may never find out what caused it.

Anyway back to CD - I have found it so hard to go back to SS after AAM and I have "cheated" a couple of times. Only ever with salad and cottage cheese but cheating still the same. I cannot believe I actually crave salad leaves:eek:

So after 3 weeks I have gone back to my CDC and I have lost 6lbs. I am still quite pleased with this as my scales didn't show that much. I am 1lb away from 2 stone and half way to my goal:p SSing with a vengeance now!

Wedding plans are nearly all sorted. I bought a gorgeous tiara from the wedding show:D . I still need to organise flowers and his suit. We will need to buy the food for the BBQ nearer the time. So now I just need to get into my skirt:eek:

My next weigh in is 6/3 as CDC is now on hols.

Good luck with your diets everyone
I'd just like to say well done on your weight loss so far, its amazing!:D

I get married on 25th May! I started LL 9 days ago and at last weigh in had lost 5 1/2lbs in 5 days, next weight in tomorrow.

Im fortunate that I own a bridal shop so I didn't have the prob of trying dresses on, I can do it in the comfort of my own shop. My seamstress isn't going to be very happy when she has to alter my dress dramatically!

Well done! :D
Thanks Lana,

Well done on your loss so far and good luck for the weigh in tomorrow. I will keep an eye out for your results.

How lucky are you...a bridal shop:D I love all the stuff to do with weddings - all dresses are gorgeous and I am sure your seamstress is used to brides losing weight before their big day, so why should you be any different?

Keep up the hard work, the results are well worth the hassle.

Take care
I was so shocked!!!

Hi guys,

My sister convinced me that I had to try on my wedding outfit again on saturday. So I trudged up to my mum's bedroom and got all the stuff out of her wardrobe.

and to my amazement the skirt fitted:eek: :eek: I haven't got into a size 12 for at least 3 years:eek: the size 14 bodice also fitted nicely now - no lumpy overhangs.

So we packed up the size 16 bodice and went into Oxford to return it. We did debate on whether I should look at the smaller sizes in top and skirt as I am half way through the weight loss that I want and they already fit. We decided to leave it until April and take another look then.

This diet is fantastic.....if anyone would have told me I could fit into a size 12 this soon I would have laughed:) Although I still can't fit into my size 14 jeans:(

Oh well!!! This has given me the incentive to keep going...I have decided not to do my next AAM as I have really struggled since eating in my last one to just stick to the 3 shakes/soups.

I hope everyone else is getting great results too:D

Take care
Well done Lenny:D :clap:

Size 12 is awesome!!!

Your doing fabulously:D

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini,

All the support on this site is invaluable.:D