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my wee cat :(

has been missing from last night :( she usually comes in to the house in the morning to get fed but she hasnt been home since last night :(

im really gutted cause the last time this happened she had been attacked by a neighbour who had cut her open and the time before that she had been hit by a car
she is only 2 ....... my poor we sharkey :(

i really want to comfort eat as this cat is like a child to me ... i had her from she was 3 days old and i hand reared her and bottle fed her. (insert tears here ):cry:
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im really gutted cause the last time this happened she had been attacked by a neighbour who had cut her open
Good Lord !!!!!! was your neighbour prosecuted. That is barbaric in the extreme. No wonder you are so worried.

Cats are pretty unpredictable creatures, though we all know our own babes habits.
One of mine disappears for a day or so every now and again and every time I worry myself silly until she comes home so I do understand to some extent what you are going through.

I do hope she comes home soon.

Higs xxxx
i couldnt prove that she done it but i know she did. her husband has tried to run over my cat before. they dont understand that without my 2 cats their house would be infested with mice or maybe worse rats... there is a river that runs along the very bottom of our gardens and there are mice etc down there my cats hunt them at night and keep them out of the houses.

ive tried to tell them that if my cat is in their garden is prob because they are chasing a mouse. they are horrible neighbours not long moved in to this street from a dodgy area :S
hope wee sharkey turns up, might be out doing mousey things enjoying himself and lost track of time!

keep us informed
my other cat dora keeps going in and out as if she is looking for her ... she seems really distressed too :(

this is driving me mental now!
now that its quiet go out and start calling, rattle dry food if she likes that, anything that she normally comes to. When my cat went missing I got my sister to drive me round slowly in the dead of night calling and whistling him. Got back home and he turned up 20 minutes later...he had been missing a week at that point. I think he sort of forgot about us or something!

Hope Sharkey comes home soon
ive been out last night and this morning banging on her tin of food and my other cat keeps running off as if she is looking for her.

I feel really stupid that im crying bout this cat going missing but i saved her life when she was 3 days old she was attacked by a fox and bitten badly and i kept her and cared for her and fed her through the nights

I dont think she is coming back ... in 2 and a half years she has never missed a single meal.

I will be really devestated if she doesnt come back. I feel like the neighbours have done something to her. I seen 1 this morning when i was out looking for her and he jus laughed at me


I will be a yummy mummy!
Aw hun so sorry to hear one of your babes is missing. I'm exactly the same and get very worried when he's gone for too long as they truly are creatures of habit.
The only time mine went missing was about 4 years ago - my hubby went around shouting him and it ended up he had managed to get stuck down the old (dry) canal which runs behind our street. It was very overgrown at the time and very difficult to see the drop. Ended up hubby had to call the fire brigade (yes they really did come to save our cat) and he had to put on one of the uniforms to get him out of the canal himself - but that's another story ;)

Is there anywhere like this near you which he could have fallen down and not get back up - possibly chasing mice down there? I'm sure you've already checked but wanted to mention just in case.

Good luck in finding your furry babe xxx
I'm sorry to hear your fur-baby is missing, I have 2 of my own and it must be awful for you. I can't believe your neighbours can be so barbaric and small minded, how immature and childish. Keep an eye out in their garden and windows of their house incase you see your cat but I really hope they haven't done anything to her.

You could try making up some posters or flyers and post them through people's doors (not your neighbours) in case she's accidentally got shut in someones shed or garage.

There's a website called Animal Search UK - you can register your pet missing on there, they will give you tips and advice on looking (and maybe dealing with your neighbours), they will also make up and help distribute flyers for you, google them and their website should come up.

Really hope you find her (( hugs))
Why would you feel stupid crying about it. Pets are a part of your family, I'd think far worse of someone that didnt get upset about it. I raised one of my cats from an hour or so old and he is my baby. I love all my cats but having raised him its that little bit more.
Any news ??
no ... ive been everywhere ive been down to the river at the back of the house and up the other streets facing mine and when i was out looking this morn i seen the evil neighbour and he jus laughed at me.

this is torure. i know my cat and i know she wouldnt go without eating for more than a few hours.


I will be a yummy mummy!
I think doing some flyers would be a good idea - in case she's got herself trapped in someone's garden and means people can keep an eye out for her. Plus god forbid your neighbours have done anything, perhaps someone might have seen x
Hope she comes home soon, my cat went missing for 2 weeks a while back and he isn't an outdoorsy kind of cat (he's a persian and a bit of a snob). But he found his way back and I hope that Sharkey does too.

And you're not at all stupid for crying about it...I cried myself to sleep every night until Smudge came home.

And if I ever meet your neighbours, I will actually punch them in the face. Both of them. Twice. B******s.

:vibes:positive vibes coming your way.Hope Sharkey returns safely soon xx

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