My Weight loss isnt showing :(


Wasnt sure what catagory to put this under so forgive me if im in the wrong area but....

As of tomarro i will hopefully have my stone and a half award and i dont feel like anything has really changed. I have seen pictures of what a pound of fat looks like and honestly if i have shed 21 of those blobs i really feel i should be less blobby :p

I have told everyone that im on slimming world and they have told me that my face looks thinner. At the same time people that i havnt told havnt said anything so who am i to believe :p

Anyone remember when they first seen a big change in there body ? Or do you just not see it go ?

Also i discovered milky ways today deeeelish :)

Cheers JP
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S: 21st9lb C: 14st4lb G: 10st2lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 7st5lb(33.99%)
I've lost 5st 6, and I didn't get any comments until I'd lost between 3 - 3.5 stone , it is disheartening coz u want ppl to notice , I still maybe 4 - 4 .5 stone to lose

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Well, to some degree, it depends where you started off. If you were very big at the start, then it will take longer before people start to notice a difference. You have to remember also that while 1.5 stone is a lot of lbs, its been spread all over your body, so you may have lost a couple from around your ankles, and some from your arms, and so it wont be immediately as noticeable as you might like. You also will have lost some internal fat, perhaps lying around your internal organs, and losing that wouldnt automatically have much of an effect on your body shape.

However, remember that while your shape may be slow to become obvious to others, the loss is not slow to become obvious to your heart, and your health. You WILL start to see a difference very soon, just hang in there, and also remember that sometimes, people dont like to ask or mention that you have lost some weight, in case you get offended that they might have thought you were fat in the first place.


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I've lost 13lbs & it's only really been the last couple of days that I've noticed a difference in the fit of my jeans / work trousers etc; as for people noticing, I've tried not to tell too many people I was doing it, partly out of curiosity at wondering at what point people will actually start to notice that I'm losing weight!

If I take into consideration the fact that no-one who doesn't know has commented yet, I'd say pretty much the same as you so far, but I'm feeling good in myself & that's what's keeping me motivated so far!

I bet it won't be long! x