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  1. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    Hi again! New year, new diary time!!
    Last year was a weight roller coaster - started it at 19st 11lbs, got down to 15st 12lbs, regained alot due to changes in situation and allowing bad habits back in! Have started 2014 at 18st 1lb, so at least im nearly 2 stone less than i started 2013!

    My plan for starting off again is -

    Start healthier eating immediately!
    Start running again on tuesday 7th january (when kids are back at school!)
    Swim once a week and kinect dance etc once every day.
    Generally make better choices and regain the good habits i adapted and then lost last year!

    See how this pans out!!
    Starting 2014 single, motivated and trying to sort myself out, finally for me though, and cut my reliance on men for my self esteem, learn to like who i am etc etc!

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  3. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Silver Member

    Hiya Claire, I'm starting again for 2014 as well. As you said, you're doing well to be that two stone lighter! I'm doing a lot of work on the emotional/self esteem side of things as well as getting rid of the excess weight. We will do this!
  4. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    Food today (pretty haphazard as im doing the big shop tomorrow!)

    Breakfast - slice 50/50 toast with philli light

    Lunch - Jacket potato with cottage cheese and wholegrain

    Dinner - pasta with roasted peppers, red onion and garlic , with a little olive oil and philli light.

    snacks - fruit tea, sweet peppers

    As of tomorrow my aim is more of a varied diet, getting more protein and less starch and to add in more healthy snacks.

    Has been a housework and arts day with the kids so ill do about 45 of just dance on the kinect tonight - gets me meeeega sweating lol!!

    Feeling pretty positive today, done my start of 2014 pics to compare at the end, eek!!! have also started a jar where every day i write something that made me happy or thankful, or something i acheieved and put it in to read this time next year, this year is all about grasping a more positive outlook and letting go of the negativity :)

  5. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    i think this is the only way im going to sort out my weight is of i sort out the other stuff too! good luck luv :) how much you aiming to lose?

  6. Mrs CC

    Mrs CC Silver Member

    Not 100% sure how much I want to lose just yet, it all depends on how I look in the mirror. At least a stone I think right now.

    I'm the same, I need to sort all the other stuff going on to solve the weight problems.
  7. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Hi - loved your post - good on you! As you say you've started 2014 lighter than previous year - go girl!
  8. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    Hi - liked your post - inspired me - you sound v positive - I started this year's diet 3 days ago - 2 bad days but ok today - congrats on your loss so far and good luck on your weight loss journey
  9. upndown

    upndown Gold Member

    You're saying what a lot of us must feel - go girl - let's do it in 2014!
  10. Renson

    Renson Member

    Learning to love yourself is a massive step in the right direction lovely! This is a step I'm trying to get my head around also. Apparently if you learn to love yourself you automatically start treating your body in a healthy manner and in turn lose weight. It's hard to change 33 years of negative hate filled thoughts about myself, but this year I'm going to try. All the best to you xxxx
  11. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    thanks so much <3 ive had a few very difficult years where theres been no option but to feel sad, angry, tired, resentful etc, so i feel its up to me now that those circumstances have changed, to try and be the change in myself.
    good luck with your weight loss too :)

    soooooo plan for today...

    Breakfast - porrige made with 1/2 semi skimmed milk, 1/2 water and honey

    snack - unsalted nuts and yogurt ginger (like a homemade graze box!)

    Lunch - soup with a small handful of pasta

    Snack - sweet peppers and cottage cheese

    Dinner - chicken, rocket salad, peppers, onions, garlic, nandos sauce and 30g halloumi, mmmmmmm :)

    dessert - mullerlight, meringue nest and berries :heartpump:

    actually drooling thinking of dinner lmao!!!

    aiming for a good walk and some kinect dance later lol!!

  12. catherine1957

    catherine1957 New Member

    Well done claire. I've started my diet this year too after managing to put a stone and a half after quitting smoking after 33 years. What I have learned through that is that will power can be your biggest friend, without it I would have failed so I am applying the same principles to my dieting.
  13. MrsGinger

    MrsGinger Silver Member


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  14. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    hey all, been internetless for a couple of days!!!
    had a rought couple of days been ill :-( on the up though and back to it, eating fine but not been writing it down :)
    am thinking of starting a vlcd again as a starting boost to get m moving, always found the speed of losses very exciting lol, shall see how i go though!
    didnt get out for a run today or yesterday cos of being unwell but did a bit of just dance kinect both evenings and been sooo sweaty and bleurgh - all good!!

    at the doctor she took my blood pressure and was perfect as well as a quite slow heart rate, which doc said indicates good physical fitness and actually gave me praise for being big but keeping myself relatively healthy :)

  15. liquoricet

    liquoricet Silver Member

    I'm subscribing too. I'm also aware of the importance of uncovering the why's as well as changing what I'm eating.
  16. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    God, have had a major slip up, was at hospital with my son on Monday for a small operation but that place always triggers me. I spent 4 years in and Out with my older son for leukaemia and all I did in there was eat, back to it tomorrow, but angry with myself for letting it continue for days :-( New start tomorrow, clean slate.

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  17. liquoricet

    liquoricet Silver Member

    That sounds very understandable. I'm sure you'll get back on it tomorrow and it needn't necessarily make much difference.

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  18. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    Thanks luv, it's a defo trigger. Doing the vlcd as of tomorrow so I don't have actual food at all, I'm so screwed up about it lol! Grrrrr!

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  19. leedsforever

    leedsforever Silver Member

    Please don't be too hard on yourself! We are only human after all!
    Good luck with VLCD it worked wonders for me x
  20. clairem87

    clairem87 cos i need this xxx

    Decided Not to do the vlcd as its not really a lifestyle change and that's what I need really, think I just jumped too that idea cos I was feeling [email protected]! Back to the healthier eating/lower cals, had omelette for breakfast, soup and bread for lunch and am marinating chicken in yogurt and tandoori spices for homemade Indian chicken and savoury rice tonight :) and a wagon wheel for a treat tonight!

    X c X

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  21. liquoricet

    liquoricet Silver Member

    I think that's far more sensible (though I know vlcd work for some). I've lost 1st 4 since 1st Dec so sw can be really effective.

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