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My Weightloss Diary (Part Two)


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HI everyone

My names David and restarting TFR after a 2 week break. My goal is to get my BMI under the elusive 25 mark and stay there!

I started my diet on Mar 7th and lost 3 stone, before re-feeding for 2 weeks. The re-feeding period covered a family break and a 9 mile walk in the Belfast Marathon. My plan was always to restart TFR the day after the Belfast Marathon which is today.

On the good side I have managed to maintain my weigh over the 2 week re-feed.

So here goes, (again :)), wish me luck...
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So far, so good! Apart from not drinking enough water yesterday, things have been OK. I’m sticking to my old routine of shake in the morning and flapjacks in the evening. It’s only been two weeks, so everything is still fresh and I think thats making it easier. I haven’t been craving food yet, but I know its coming!

Went for a 4 mile walk last night, I want to keep burning those calories!
Good luck David - your strength and reserve is inspirational. Well done for maintaining whilst on re-feed and for that marathon :0clapper:
David! you've done amazing so far! You'll do this next stage with no problem :) You know where all here if you need any support! Keep going! :)




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3 stone in 6 weeks? Amazing! You will be back on track in no time x


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Everyone thanks for the support, as you all know it really does make a difference. Things are still going well, felt a little tired on the way home last night and found it tough getting up this morning, but that part, things are good. Still finding it hard to drink enough water, I know it’s important so I’m really going to focus on drinking more.

So far it’s been easier that I remember, although I think that’s more to do with my mind set. The first time round I was blissfully ignorant of how hard it was going to be. This time I’m expecting the worst, which bizarrely is making it easier!


hey David... was just reading your post on squeeze's diary.... wow you did well stickin to salad and protein.... but my stomach lurched when you said you started the ol slippery slope down the easter egg road! Coz that's my biggest worry... how do i cope with the sweets and cakes etc... that's my biggest downfall, i have a very sweet tooth... and im thinkin when i do re-feed, hopefully my palate will be somewhat cleansed and the cravings wont be so bad for sweet stuff? But i know from reading on here that people are strugglin on re-feed and disappointly the old bad habits are still there.... i know its a lot to expect that we are 'cured' from the old bad ways, but i am hopin that after such hard work on tfr that this will be it for once and for all for me and that somehow i will find some sort of inner strength to resist the crap and not fall back into my old bad ways.... was tryin to use the time on lipotrim to 'reflect' on how i got this far and why and re-train myself about healthy eating in the future..... and i found when i was out and about with my family in fast food joints etc.... i was troubleshootin.... 'now what would i choose here in the future, what's the least damaging etc...' all of this stuff to try ensure i dont end up back on here in 6 months time.... when i see a re-offender back on the forum i worry and think aw no this is gonna be me???? But have to say im more determined than ever not to re-offend.... i have to get this weight off for once and for all and that's it... end of chat! On a lighter note... i went to center parcs in cumbria some years ago and it was just brill.... a real relaxin time! Well done on the marathon.... and good luck on your journey part 2! Lorraine


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Ok, day 4 of my second TFR and now the fun begins! Has a slight headache this morning, nothing too bad, but enough to spoil the start of the day. I’ve also been feeling cold in the evenings, again nothing too bad, but enough to make me uncomfortable. However overall it’s still been easier than I thought.

Tonight I’m going to a party at the house of a friend, load of finger food etc, so I’ll need to keep my focus. I’m also trying to get my mind set right for the weekend. My memories of my first weekend on TFR are not good; I remember having to leave the house while my wife cooked lunch on Sunday. But forewarned is forearmed!


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Had a great weigh-in another 8lbs off. The diet was ok this weekend, no really problems appear from a really bad tooth ache! Been to the dentist and I have to go back on Friday!

On the positive side and least the toothache is not putting me off my food!
Been away for a couple of days, not through choice, simply a dental abscess and I just wasn't in the form to update the blog.

On the positive side, I'm still on TFR and I'm still 100%. Had a great weigh-in another 8lbs off, which make 50, yes, 50 in total. I can't believe I've lost 50 pounds! It also pushes me under 100Kg which is great.

The diet was ok this weekend, no really problems appear from the tooth ache! I have to admit it was much easier second time round because I knew what to expect. I had been told it was harder second time around, but I think it's easier for me because I only refed for two weeks.


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you are doing fantastic, me and my fiance (puddinggeoff) have just started this diet and he is struggling a bit more than me, i think reading your diary is going to inspire him to keep going (and me!). x
Hi David,congratulations on an amazing 50lbs gone :happy096:
8lbs this week is fab,sorry to hear you haven't been feeling too good,dental abscess - ooow nasty!
Hope you are starting to feel a little better x
Have another great weigh-in yesterday, another 5 pounds off. It has been another good week, I’m still 100% and I’ve continued to exercise well, three 3 mile walks this week and 6 mile cycle. I’ve had the first part of my root canal treatment, which up to know has been relatively painless.

On the down side the cravings have returned today, I dreamt about food last night and Sunday lunch smells particularly good this week. I’ve been to a couple of parties over the last few days, which have all been buffet style events, so I think that’s causing the cravings! Hopefully they will go soon!

I also received some good advice from a friend; I’m starting to become a little bit vain. I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself lately, with good reason I will admit, I’m almost 4 stone lighter. However I think everyone I know is starting to get a little bit bored with my constant talk of dieting. It was a bit tough to hear, but sometimes the truth hurts and this was one of those times. So I’m going to tone things down a bit.
i dont think u should tone things down u have every right to go on about ur amazing loss good on u what an inspiration u really are keep up the good work and keep us posted :D
I know exactly what you mean, this diet is just all consuming and sometimes its difficult to think of anything else. Lucklily I have my bestest bud doing it too so we just bore each other with talk of diet and exercise. Could it be that your friend is a little jealous of your new bod? You have done so well and have every right to be proud of yourself x


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sometimes its difficult to think of anything else.
We have to consume so much water each day, we simply cannot put LT out of our minds. Sometimes the day seem so long, I can't even ring my friends up and "say let's meet for a coffee". It appears the freedom of socialising has gone out of the window. 10 weeks seems like life time but I know I am going to get through all this, I'm determined to make it work:D
Thanks for all the kind comments. I think I'm just enjoying the new me a little bit too much. I'm shocked by the amount I've changed over the last two months, but I'm not sure if other people get it.

I'm 55 lbs lighter, I've had to buy new clothes because my original clothes started to look stupied. I've removed one of the "X"s from my clothes size. I just don't think other people realize what that feels like and how hard it is to keep that inside!

You are all going through the same process, so you known what I'm mean.
“The Cold” and “The Cravin’s” are back with vengeance! Can’t believe it, things had been going so well up to the weekend. I’ve been sooooo cold for the last couple of days; my hands and nose feel the worst, I can’t get them warmed up at all. My hands are that bad that I’ve had to move my wedding ring “up” a finger as it come off too easy. The cravin’s are not helping either, in the last couple of days I’ve dreamt I was at a buffet, dreamt I was eating a full rack of baby back ribs and had an insatiable desire for cheese on toast! On the positive side the coldness means I’m burning fat and the cravings mean … ok apart from the fact I’m still 100% there is not positive to the cravings.
Well done on staying strong dude! Your doing really well. I know how you feel about cravings, but I try to sit back and think am i actually hungry, and with this diet the answer is always no :)
I know what you mean; I actually think it one of the pluses of this diet. Yes the hunger is there, but when you know your losing 4 to 6 pounds a week it’s easier to keep the daemons at bay. It’s just miserable while it’s happening! The good think is I know it gets easier as time goes on.

Well done on your weight loss, believe me the pounds will continue to fall off!

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