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Nats Weight Loss Ramblings


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Hi Guys,

I just joined the forum today and think its the most fantastic place to be helped and to help others with their weight loss.

So I started this current diet in January I weighed 15 stone 13 pounds (I have been heavier) but decided that I wanted to feel healther and do this for myself. I also have holiday in June I want to feel slimmer for. My first goal was to see the scales hit into the 14 stone catogory which happened last weekend my next goal is to see the scales hit under the 200 pounds catogory (another 9 pounds to go). I most certainly feel better in myself I have far more energy etc!!!

So brace youselves for more of my weight loss ramblings....
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Congrats on your weight loss already! What diet and exercise are you doing?

Keep it up - it's definitely working!


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Thanks Guys - I am doing calorie counting and plently of excercise diet i'm sticking to 1200 a day.

So today I have done good and bad I let my self have white toast for breakfast but I did do 13.1 miles on my excercise bike which was a 600 cals burned plus my normal everyday walking around work and to the bus stop etc I burned around 130 cals (sadly I did not get a chance to go on normal lunch time walk) apart from that all good. I weighed myself last night to find I had dropped another pound so all is good really.
I decided last week to let myself have a day or night where I could treat myself a week which is helping in a huge way. So its not all boring!!!


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That looks like a nice healthy amount of calories.
Hope you don't overdo your treats as it would be a shame to undo anything you have been able to achieve.

All the best...:)
Thanks hun - no I won't over the treats, I find if I allow myself something it makes it easier and I do try and burn off the calories I have :D. Its never to much a couple of glasses of wine and some crisps something like that.


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Well I have been doing really well - I have been really keeping up doing 600 or more calories being burned through excercise a day - I did my weigh in this morning (well the one I take as my weekly loss count) and I have lost 2 pounds this week really happy with that and it pushes me to 206 pounds just 7 more until I hit the ones (a number I have not seen since I was a teenanger) I am quite happy with 2 pounds off but somethings you wish for more but i'm on a steady road and the slower I Take it the more my eating habits will change. I am actaully finding they are already I automatically look for low in fat and low calorie stuff. I also enjoy the excercise and when I finish I want to do more. Its 10pm and I would love to jump on my excercise bike once more but will stop myself as I plan on going for a swim tomorrow and plently of walking.

Nats x
So just over 11 weeks until I go on holiday I am already 5 pounds lighter then I was last year when I went on holiday.

I nearlly fit into a red dress someone is lending me to take the zip does not quite do up. But I love the fact that I have time to sort this.

So today I have eaten

Special K Clusters with semi smimmed Milk
Chicken noodle and Vegetable Soup Homemde
Supper I am planning on sw syn free chips (although I am not on sw) with beans and something not sure what else yet
Snacks so far Handful of special kay clusters and half a new potato chopped finely with floralight spray on and microwaved for 4 mins

Excercise today 15 miles on my excercise bike some house work and I need to do some stomach excercises later.
Still doing fairly well I have lost another 2 pounds this week. Bringing me down to 204 Pounds so only 5 more pounds until I reach the ones. Yay! I have really started to see the difference in my body and my waistline.


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Well I'm totally crap at keeping this up to date regularly!

Anyway today I did 26 miles on the exercise bike never done hat before and feeling fab because of it! This week I had 2.5 pounds weight loss so only 3 pounds away from the ones. I did have a big blow out last night and had a chinese take away some dorittos dips and wine but I have done good with my calorie burn this week so didn't feel to guilty! I have also burned 1261 cals so far today and yesterday I had a 1200 burn and around 400 to 1000 per day in the week!

I've started getting more comments on how different I look - my lumpy and bumpy back is begininng to smooth over. I may even try that red dress back on later and see if there is a difference with that zip! I must start shedding the tummy fat as in some things I wear I look like i'm in the early stages of pregnancy!

Hope your all doing well

Nats x


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Right no more messing around I am back to this 100% not just 70% - I am now at 200 pounds I would love to loose atleast 7 pounds before I go away in just over months time!

So here goes.......


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So chuffed with myself this morning I am finally below 200 pounds and now am 199 yay :) its been a long time coming. 3 more pounds until I loose 2 stone on this diet. But the thought struck me this morning that about 2 and half years ago when I was at my heaviest! so all in all I reckon since then its well over 2 and half stone I have lost. *smug face*

Well done on reaching this milestone.

I'm sure you'll lose more before your hols as well and get the red dress on x x

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