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  1. Sniperi

    Sniperi New Member

    Hello everyone, let me give you a bit of a look into me.

    I am a 23 year old male who weighs approx 125 Kilos (275 Pounds), I have no health issues, no pain issues or any food alergys (However I will not touch Mushrooms or Olives) or anything wrong with me at all aside from the weight.

    I just recently moved to Sweden and I now have an in house Gym with the following equipment.

    Tunturi T80 Treadmill
    Vision Fitness R1500 Bike
    Vision Fitness X6200 elliptical Machine
    A range of Dumbells and mats for floor exercises.

    What I am wondering is that I am a complete and utter newbie in the exercise game, I play a LOT of the dance machine so my fitness is decent enough so I am not too bad with speed and whatnot.

    I am looking for someone who has some experiance with what I should be doing, some of the stuff I am able to Do, what stuff I should aim for (time wise, speeds etc)

    Any other tips for me aswell would be wonderful as I am not up to date on exercise at all :)
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  3. Konvictz

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    No diet just running and weight training.
    you want to work out with weights to build muscle, this will speed up your metabolism and burn more calories.

    and you want to run on the treadmill quite fast, the higher your heartbeat the more fat you burn. but be warned fast running may take it out on your legs so warm up and stretch before running.
  4. simler74

    simler74 New Member

    Really depends on what your ultimate goals are. Say you want to eventually want to become a runner start walking then slowly add in jogging for 30 sec every 5mins and build from there. Tons of websites on the subject try searching for " From couch to 5k". My husband is a runner now, just four years ago he was almost 500 lbs. Good luck!
  5. Sniperi

    Sniperi New Member

    My main aim for me is to lose about 100 pounds in total ideally, I am not trying to become a runner, not trying to become a runner (However I would like to complete a marathon at least once in my life) the main thing I want however is just too lose the world of warcraft gut, get healthy and also get to the stage where I am able to just buy normal clothes.

    I am finding I am comfortably able to do about speed 8 for around 2 mins however I can always in the gym alone so I find I am unable to do any weights due to worries over any mishaps as I never used weights before.
  6. Legomom

    Legomom Gold Member

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    Have a look on YouTube for some simple weights stuff get you started? Theres lots you can do with hand weights that are perfectly safe to do alone. And there's lots you can do for your lower body that don't even need weights!
    But if you've never exercised before and are looking to lose weight mostly then make sure you get plenty of cardio in. The treadmills great and you'd be well advised to look into couch to 5 k as a 5k run is an excellent fat burn! But the cross trainers also a really good fat burning tool. It's well worth splitting your cardio time between the treadmill and the cross trainer!

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  7. Sniperi

    Sniperi New Member

    I had a look around online and found a couple of small tips such as burst training (30 second mid speed, 30 seconds sprint, repeat for a while) while other stuff saying just do a constant fast walk/jog.

    The main issue I have is I am a complete novice to the machines, I know how to turn them on, change speeds etc but I have no idea what I should do on them, the speeds, difficulty, how long etc.
  8. renn23

    renn23 Member

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    I found what really helped me through exercise was listening to music, it really made me stick at it, especially jogging, I couldn't hear myself thinking 'argh I need to stop' stick in them ear phones and get going :) and good luck!
  9. PatchworkPuss

    PatchworkPuss Gold Member

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    Seriously the best thing you can do is to go along and have an induction at whichever gym you will be using. Any gym worth its salt will put together a programme for you based on whatever goals you want to achieve and show you how to use the machines properly. You risk injuring yourself otherwise.
  10. M and M

    M and M Full Member

    Also don't forget a DVD can be useful. My favourite is Davina McCalls Super Body workout, as they use free weights and there are high and low impact options. And one of the trainers is a big burly fireman, so real men do dvds too!
  11. Wickedwitch74

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    hi there...i think that the speed and duration you use n the treadmill etc will vary from person to person..depending on fitness levels and stamina etc..

    it might be an idea for you to google what your maximum heart rate should be during a work out, then use the heart rate monitor on the tread mill to test this and to make sure that you arent doing too much or too little.

    you obviously need to maintain an elevated heart rate, but you dont want to over do it either.

    i find that my weight is still too high to allow me to actually run on the treadmill, so right now i am walking at a very fast pace and also using the incline settings as steep as i can handle for bursts of a minute or two, then back down to a flat level.

    just experiment with this at the same time as you moniter your heart rate and hopefully you will find a routine that is right for you.

    hope this helps!
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