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Need More Fashion Advise


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I have a plus size hour glass figure.

In the past i have covered up with tents and floaty tops. However, I thought I would order some pretty cami tops for the summer...and they look awful!

The fit round the bust, but are really big below that, not flattering at all!! They just make me look the same size all the way from my big boobs to my massive hips!

I am sending them all back, and decided to go cheap and cheerful as I plan on losing loads more weight.

My problem is, I have NO clothes that look remotely summery.

What sort of stuff will suit my size 16 hour glass figure?? Any Fashionistas out there that can help??
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I got the new Bravissimo catalogue today. Thay have loads of lovely dresses to cling to all the right places. If you have a look on their website at the clothes section you could find something that fits really well. I've got a couple of dresses from them and they're a brilliant fit. Fit my bust, and waist!
Crossover tops are good with a vest top underneath I find. They cling to your waist and all the right places!
Let me know how you get on with Bravissimo. I've got a couple of work blouses from them too and they're really flattering.


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I have ordered the purple spotty dress from that catalogue for a wedding I am going to in June. I may bite the bullet and buy some from eBay. I'm not buying from bravissimo new for everyday stuff while I'm still shrinking, it's too expensive!!

Love the wrap around top idea!! Thanks x
You need to do a thought record. Saying you have no clothes is catastrophising or all or nothing you must have some clothes! You would prefer if you had a better choice of clothes but then again you won't fit into other clothes soon if you buy new. Check out charity shops. Wrap tops and dresses are good because you can tighten them as you get smaller. Jeans will shrink by one size if you wash them in 60 degree wash.


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Go to M&S and by some of their 2 for £8 T's. Try a size smaller too. There are several different cuts. They are good washers, keep thier shape and a nice weight and length. (No I don't have about 20 of these, honest :eek: )
Love the purple spotty one!
I agree with Sandrat too. I spent months not buying any clothes because I might lose more weight etc and ended up wearing the same worn old things for almost two years even though I was maintaining.
There are ways to do it on a budget but I found that having well fitting clothes made me feel so much more confident than losing another couple of lbs.
And when the weather is getting warmer you'll need new clothes anyway!
I'm a curvy hourglass size 18, big boobs, big hips and I go in at the waist.

I find tighter fitting clothes the way to go. Fitted t-shirts are great - They will strech a bit over your boobs but get them to fit reasonably tightly around your middle. Go for lower scoop or v necks.

because we need tops/dresses that go out at the bust or in at the waist strechy fabrics work well. Also tops that wrap around the middle or have sort of belt/pully in bit around the middle.

Trousers wise I always think boot cut suits our shape, the bootcut at the bottom balances out our hips. I don't know about you, but I hardly ever find any cropped trousers that don't make my hips/bum look big.

Hope my experiences help a bit x


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Try pencil skirts and fitted tops/blouses with a wide belt, it really cinches you in the middle, gives you a waist and there are none of those issues with tops hanging off your boobs and hiding your waist. Add a pair of killer heels and a nice handbag and you will get admiring glances from both men and women. You can use the shoes, belt and bag all through your weight loss journey.

A-line skirts are good as they balance out bigger boobs and shoulders and give you that hour glass shape if you tuck your top in, wear a fitted top or use the belt trick above.

There are certain necklines that you must avoid at all costs, polo necks, anything high. Create a V at the top or wear something with a wide neckline to balance out those boobs.

Most of all, you need to wear fitted/tailored clothes. There are women out there that would kill to have an hourglass figure - show it off!

I have the same shape as you and I'm thinking about ordering that spotted dress from Bravissimo for a wedding this summer. Good choice!
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Wow, some great advice!! Thanks guys!

I need to go shopping now lol


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I agree with Belle Bee. Always go with figure hugging otherwise you look like you are in a sack. I think some of the t-shirts with asymmetric hems look good on our type of figure as they accentuate the bust and hips and go in at the waist. You can find some cheap ones in non-brand stores and market stalls.

And there's always Primark if you can stand it.
Lucky you, hour glass figures are gorgeous and look fantastic in wrap dresses. x


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Mel darling, get hold of any of the gok wan books, the how to look good naked ones, follow his advice on dressing for the hour glass figure, it works brilliantly whatever size you are...

Mel, I've always been curvy too, although my boobs seem to have disappeared now.
But my Mum's fashion advice to me was always, "don't hide behind your clothes- accentuate the positive!!
So I agree with Rae and Belle. Can't go wrong with Gok either as Jez says.
My advice would be not to spend much on clothes until you have reached the size you want to be. You'll change so quickly.
I've had some fabulous bargains in charity shops and Tshirts etc from Primark, T.K.Maxx and other cheapie shops.

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