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Need motivation food diary!!!

Right I have decided to do this coz I am fed up of having one little blip and then going completely off the rails! I started sw about 4weeks ago and have lost 4.5lbs so far! My aim is to loose just over another stone and from all your inspirational stories I can see that it is more that possible - so here goes!
Yesterdays diary - breakfast 2 wheatabix (Hex b) milk (hex a) and a banana
Lunch - savoury rice (0) mushrooms and Cajun pork (0)
Snacks - banana and 2 Jaffa cakes (went for a 3mile run so had the Jaffa cakes to keep my sugars up after)
Dinner - pasta n sauce (0) with mushrooms.
I am going to stick to this now and hope fo the best. Any tips or advice gratefully received :) xxxx
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Day 2 off keeping a food diary - so far so good :
Breakfast = strawberries and grapes with mullerlight vanilla

Lunch = 2 x wm bread (hex b), tuna, 1/2 tbsp lf Mayo (1.5), 1tsp lf margarine (1), walkers French fries (4), banana

Dinner = pasta bolognese made with extra lean mince, passata, onions, mushrooms, courgettes, herbs and pasta, mozzarella (hex a)

Total syns - 6.5 :)
Doing today's diary early coz I have gotta work tonight :(

Breakfast = mushrooms omelette made with 2eggs, loads of mushrooms, frylight, herbs and mozzarella cheese (hex a)

Snack= banana

Lunch = 2x wm bread (hex b), tuna, 1tsp lf spread (1), 1/2 tbsp lf Mayo (1.5), walkers french fries (4), strawberries, grapes and mullerlight vanilla

Dinner (what I plan to have before work) = left sw pasta bolognese from last night


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Hi Han great that you're doing a diary. I find it works for me.... What plan are you following - red/green/ee? In the early days I made a mistake with ee by not including 1/3 superfree with each meal. I know ou went for a run too but should also syn you Jaffa cakes :)
Hi there didn't know the syns at the time for jaffas but know now that they are 2.5 each!! Thanks for the tips I am tryin to make a conscious effort to have a 1/3 veg doing ee plan at the mo x
Oh dear me - went completely off the rails from Friday :( gotta reign it back it this week!!!
Breakfast = 2x wheetabix (hex b), milk (hex a), banana

Lunch = chicken and mushroom pasta n sauce with mushrooms

Dinner = peppered beef steak (0 from joes sausages), sw chips, peas and mushrooms - mmm was delicious!

Snacks = rocky crispy bar (4.5)
Right I am still on track :
Breakfast = 2x wm bread (hex b), scrambled eggs, 2tsp lf margarine (2) and a banana

Lunch = missed lunch as I had a really busy day :(

Dinner = 4x joes pork and apple sausages (0), mashed potato and mushy peas

Hex a used milk in cups of tea today!
Also went for a 3.5mile run today - only 4weeks til the great north run :s x

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