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I havent had any negative comments....but thats because I havent told anyone!!! The reason I didnt tell anyone was cos I didnt want to deal with the negative comments I knew people would have!!

In saying that, I would LIKE to think that if I was in receipt of negative comments I could smile sweetly and say 'this is my body and my decision, I dont tell you wat to do, so please dont tell me wat to do'....In an ideal world that is!


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I work in a hospital and am getting lots of negative remarks about the diet, the way it can affect my health and long term keeping the weight off:(

Just wondered how you all cope with such remarks


Hiya - I'm with Kazz on this one - haven't told anybody either !! coward's way out...??? Only my OH and kids know that I'm on CD...and that's the way it'll stay til I get to goal !

TBH I just don't need the added stress of other peeps view on what I choose to do to MY body....but everyone's different and I'm sure those who HAVE been brave enuff to confess will be along soon to give you some advice...

Stay strong hun and don't let then put ya off.....tell then CD is used in Obesity clinics by the MEDICAL profession - quote the COMA report at them.....was written a while ago in support of VLCDs.....




I've been lucky, everyone I've told has been very supportive, even my GP! If anyone did have a dig I would point out that there are far more health risks associated with being overweight than doing this diet (and if they were smokers I would have a field day!). Also I have been giving a lot of consideration to how I will eat in the future to minimise my chances of putting weight back on. I think a lot of carping comments stem from jealousy, and I believe this diet is a lot safer than something like Atkins which not only overloads your kidneys but doesn't allow them sufficient carbs to repair themselves.


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Hi Sarah

I too have had negative comments from two friends. But so far I have brushed their comments aside and have put their comments down to ignorance. I am not dented by their thoughts, my counsellors are very positive and knowledgeable, I have a colleague at work who is on LL and we discuss our progress and oddities like growling bellies.

I would be more inclined to agree with them if my health was declining. In fact it's quite the contrary -
  • I don't take vitamin tablets to boost my energy
  • I haven't suffered a migraine attack or even a headache.
  • No acid reflux or indigestion
  • No hives.
I know that this is the best diet for me. End of story.


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To start with I only told a couple of mates, both who are overweight and wish they had the willpower to stick to this diet now that they see the weight coming off me! They never gave me any negative comments - well one said she'd doubt i'd stick to it - proved her wrong lol!

I told my parents after a couple of weeks on the diet, mainly because they couldn't understand why I kept refusing to go out for meals when they invited me! I knew mum would be against it.. so i told a little white lie .. based on the fact that the doctor had to sign a form to say you could do the diet.. I told her the doctor was all for it and that he approved the diet!!! I told my sister ... little miss negativity herself - her glass isn't even half empty, it has a drop in the bottom... a few days later.. she did make a couple of negative comments about how I would be sure to put the weight back on.. and then she got a tub of pringles from the kitchen and ate them in front of me... can't choose ur family can ya lol! My sisters negativity does tend to come from jealousy in the past.. so i'm guessing she's imagining me as a size 10-12... she'll be the larger sister then! Since she's so supportive i'm sure she will try to tempt me to stray many times over the next 2-3 months that I have left until i'm at target!


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I got lots of negative comments at first, and do you knw what, it made me stronger, when they could see the weight falling off many have back tracked, and some have asked for info on it too!!!

It is tough, and even now, 4 and a half stones lighter I still am wary about telling certain people, but to me, I am now a hell of a lot healthier and happier, tons of energy and a fab out look on life, and that is worth more than any negative comments!

Its just lack of understanding, people don't realise that this diet is the safest and quickest way to lose weight.

Go to work and hold your head up high, be proud of your acheivments, it takes so much to do a VLCD x


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Aren't people odd?:confused: If you did nothing to help yourself with your weight you would get negative comments and now you are doing something both tough and very good for you you get negative comments! :mad:

As you work in a hospital you might like to use the good old.."well, you know what, I prefer to lose my weight in a balanced nutritional way than all those stupid fad diets that are so popular"... or.... " you know what, it's my life, my choice, I'm not asking for your permission you know!"... or " really? you think it an unhealthy diet? hmmm... not according to .. etc etc (see earlier post about COMA and Obesity clinics).. :rolleyes:

At the end of the day, no-one else has the right to make you feel bad about your choices in life and this is your choice not theirs... sod 'em all hun! Head up, chest out, stomach in and ar**holes to them!

They'll sing a different song when your weight has gone I betcha!:D ;) :D


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I did use to get annoyed but now I just pity them, they are uneducated about diets and do NOT understand the concept of the diet.

I just say look right get lost yeah cos im hot you are not so go and eat your stupid fattening food fatty!!!!!!!!! ALRIGHT!!!

No, im only joking, all jokes aside, you have to realise that they are just uneducated and you have to patronise them and say look its a long process i wont bore you with it now but I am happy with my decision and only time will tell the success of my decision.

Alright? And then bang your fists together like Ross on Friends.



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Also I must say this - how funny

Someone at work said "all you need to do is healthy eating and exercise" really p'd me off, but then 2 weeks later she checked me out, and said she wanted to do it.

Culprit no2

My negative negative negative righteous know it all OVER WEIGHT flat mate told me it was a load of rubbish, no-one would do that diet, its unhealthy blah blah........

2 weeks later, she checked me out, and said she'd do it if i got to a size 10

I am waiting for her to come home to show her my size 10 trousers.......

Doesn't it make you laugh??!?!!?!

Har har har har har.