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Neris and Indias idiot proof diet

This looks like a good diet;

Amazon.co.uk: Neris and India's Idiot-proof Diet: Books: India Knight,Neris Thomas

It's low carb, but with a few good carbs thrown in in the later stages, done in a fun way! I have a friend who is going to give it a try soon. I will too if i cant succeed at ss.

The book looks very entertaining, these ladies certainly have a sense of humour.

Here's the forum;


Has anyone tried it??

Here's whats on the website;

This is a book written from the heart. We both know exactly what it’s like to be fat. Not ‘ooh, tragedy, I’ve put on two pounds’ fat, but really fat. Fat-fat. Five stone overweight, size 22, crying on the inside fat. So we went on a diet and lost 10 stone between us. And you can do it too.
The truth of the matter is that loads of diets work. That’s not the problem: the problem is sticking to them. It’s all very well knowing you’ll lose weight if you drink meal replacements three times a day, or juice like crazy and snack on sprouted seeds, but how are you supposed to live a normal life at the same time? You can’t - or at least, we can’t. We needed something that would fit into our busy family lives, work lives, social lives - and something that, crucially, wouldn’t make us feel hungry all the time. Or deprived. So we fiddled around with existing diets, tweaked, cherry-picked, added some nice things and took away some gruesome ones, and we came up with our own diet plan. It absolutely 100% works - and it’s absolutely bearable.

Losing weight is a lonely business. Sometimes it’s just you and your fat demons, stuck in an ongoing kind of fatness nightmare. We had each other to bore to death and to encourage and support. This blog can fulfill that function and, hopefully, also make you feel part of something good. There are thousands of us on the forum. Come and see us. You have nothing to lose but the feeling you’ve turned into a Weeble. We lost 5 stone each, have kept the weight off nearly two years on from when we started, and feel really great. And like we keep saying, if we did it, then so can anyone.
Good luck, and see you on the forum.
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Can I just say that this book is absolutely fantastic!!! Extremely funny as well! Great for maintenance as well as I did a lot of my Christmas entertaining using this approach and only gained 4lbs - which I have already lost!! :D

Not 100% sure about the weight loss portion though as many of the people that I know that are doing it (about 5 or 6 in total) have all lost a stone or two but then plateaued!
Right, i have ordered the books. I am gonna ss when i can, and do the IPD at other times, like weekends. Even if it just gives me the kickstart i need to get into my weight loss journey.

I won't give up!!
First weigh in this morning- 9lb off! I am pleased with that, but well aware that most of it will be water, so the next weeks losses will be more accurate.

And my books havent even come yet! I did this using 2 cambridge a day and low carbing the rest of the time, ie from about 4pm!


Still Climbing That Hill!
9lbs that's fantastic well done you!!


Gone fishing
I see Neris and India were on Richard and Judy today. Seem a nice down too earth couple of ladies :)


Gone fishing
Thanks KD, got a lonnng way to go though!:sigh:
You'll get there though Bex. You will!!! Cos you keep trying. Just don't keep disappearing

What did you think of what they had to say??
Well..not having read the book, just going on what they said, I have to admit that the first thing I thought was "oh heck...we'll soon be asking pierce for yet another forum" :D

From what I've seen by googling and looking at the IPD forum, I get the impression that it's a milder form of Atkins? Probably easier, but just as effective? It seems more user friendly than atkins too.

How are you finding it? Are you enjoying it? Or is that the wrong word;)
Yep, thats exactly what it is; a milder, healthier form of Atkins. I am enjoying it so far! I think this could possibly work long term for me! Mind you, i am still having a cd shake for brekkie and sometimes lunch. So i am not doing the diet in its pure sense, but its still low carb.


Gone fishing
Mind you, i am still having a cd shake for brekkie and sometimes lunch. So i am not doing the diet in its pure sense, but its still low carb.
Excellent. So I assume you are in ketosis, or not yet?

Ahh, i never disappear, i just get lost for months at a time in the arcade!!:eek:
I thought that might be where you were :D I've managed to stay out for months now. Yet another addiction knocked on the head :D

I have just finished with my bf of over 2 years, so i am really hoping i can get stuck into dieting without the distractions!
Oh well...that's good (assuming you really wanted to finish with him?)


Gone fishing
Yes, i wanted to end it with him. We weren't compatible. Shame it took me 2 years to realise.:rolleyes:
Sometimes it's easier to stay with people that don't do us any good, because it's more hassle to stop it. We are comfortable in our 'uncomfortableness' I guess:confused:

I think i am in ketosis, but i havent tested. All the signs are there though!:D
That's all you need isn't it. Doesn't matter what sticks say, as long as you have the benefits :clap:
Right, i must dedicate some time today to reading the book, to make sure i am doing everything correctly. I have been guessing so far.:eek: I have weighed this morning, and the scales havent moved since Wednesday, so i may be having a few too many carbs. But at least i have consolidated my 9lb loss.:D
Sometimes it's easier to stay with people that don't do us any good, because it's more hassle to stop it. We are comfortable in our 'uncomfortableness' I guess

Yep, that's exactly it. Plus i have such self esteem problems that i thought no one else would love me. Still do really. (one for the NLP forum, i think) But he isnt right for me, and at the moment, i am happier on my own. At least i have the bed to myself again!:D

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