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New 100 days of 100%



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I'll join you - I have 5 stone ish to lose and want to do it by my birthday if possible - 6th of jan :D but like you I will be happy to see any of it gone for good!
Me too I've about 6 stone to loose , would love to make it by Xmas , my 1st target is to loose a bit for my wedding in 7 weeks

Michelle xx
Ooh I would love to try 100days!!!!! Want to shift 3 stone by 11/11/11 dunno how many days that is though but must be nearly 100 xxx
100% day1 woop woop ;)


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I think it works out to be the 19th of nov? Good luck all :)
Count me in too!!

I want to lose about 4/5st in total and would be amazing to do that in time for Xmas (& my bday!) x
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I will join you.....we have a similar amount to lose and whilst Christmas may be pushing it I am willing to try blooming hard!.....if I can shift a fair majority of it I would be so pleased.
OK all. Is this day 1 or day 2 for everyone?
It's day 5 for me i started on Monday , finding it ok so far just have to keep reminding myself why I'm doing it everytime i'm tempted xx
OK, so we can all have our start point on our respective first days. Let's keep updating to keep us focused. My first weigh-in will be next week so I'll post then on losses.
I am in to the challenge. I have three stones to lose.Lets keep motivating each other. Day three for me.


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Day 12 for me, although I was willing to start another countdown for here lol as I will probably still have weight to lose 100 days from now :D
oh can i join please day 6 but a blip out with friends so tomorrow it is

how about making a page.. like a chart to record how many days everyones done??

good luck
Good idea Kelly. Don't know how to do it though. Any tips?
Sure, the more the merrier.


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I have made a list with us all on and what day we are in - we can update it with weigh in results as we go along ;) as it is 2 am lol I have done the days from the 13th - If I got them wrong just edit them and repost the list ;) Good luck all, we can do it!!

Fitt Day 3
Katt Day 13
ShellBell Day 6
Kazz Day 3
Lauryn Day 10
Lelly Day 4

Magi Day 4
Kelly Day 7
LastDiet Day 2


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