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New and need advice!

I am considering ordering the diet chef on saturday and wondered if it really works? I have an underactive thyroid and am on tablets for it which is enabling me to lose 1-2 lbs a week but i need to lose more, i have had 5 kids and put on more weight with all of them and am now really unhappy with how i look and my level of fitness but i do not want to waste time and money on something that doesnt work, can anyone advise?:)
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Stubborn and doing it
Hi :)

Best thing to do, imho is take a glance at jrabbit81 and bryal99 - they have a record of their success in their signatures. It is amazing how well they are doing.

Of course, some of us are struggling and as with any diet, willpower is required :)

Good luck :)


maintaining since June'09
I second what Caroline has said. The 2 people she's mentioned are shining examples of what can be achieved if you stick to it fairly rigidly.

Like anything else though - you do have to stick to it! The food is lovely and it gets you used to the portion sizes that you 'should' be having. You can add in some veg and some fruit in limited amounts.

In case you're wondering why I'm not doing it if it's so good ... I made the mistake of starting to make substitutions, of having the odd drink or 4 (wine or vodka) and initially getting away with it until I really wasn't sticking very closely to it at all.
I needed to take myself in hand but I fully intend to return to DC when I'm under control properly!!!

Good luck whatever you decide. x

TY for your replies, i will defo be ordering DC tomorrow, the buy 4 weeks get 1 free offer is on again so i will have 5 weeks to see how i get on, i will definately stick to it as my weight gain has made me really miserable and only i can do something about it, i need to stop moaning about how fat i am and how i cant wear nice clothes and get my butt into gear!! lol I am glad i have found this forum as the support on here is overwhelming! I will let you all know when i get my food and how i get on with it!


maintaining since June'09
Look forward to it Louise x
ordered my dc yesterday, it is due to arrive on tuesday b4 5.30pm, so i wont be able to start it until wednesday. Am excited to get started!


maintaining since June'09
Best of Luck!! x
TY i think that it will be relatively easy as the meals are all ready made and i put on most of my weight due to a thyroid problem, now i am on tablets i am hoping that the weight will drop off although i am well aware that it wont be massive amounts but i would prefer slowly but surely with a diet that i can stick to rather than lose masses of weight on i diet i cant stick to, only to put the weight back on!!, i dont have as much will power as most people on here!!
Best of luck with it, it is a really good diet. I've been loosely following it but mostly just calorie counting, but it's proved invaluable for teaching myself about proper portion size.

And always remember, Willpower is a skill to be practiced - therefore practice makes perfect!
TY i will be doing my best, just getting impatient now that i have to wait until wednesday, seems ages away!! lol

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