New bars. Can a CDC clarify something


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Mike mentioning about the reduced carbs in the new bars got me wondering.

Since the Peanut and Cranberry bars have got a carb content much more inline with the shakes, is there any reason why you can't have more than one a day now?

With the extra fibre and with extra water, I reckon that would be a godsend for many.

Not that I'm planning to have 3 myself...just got me wondering at 4:00am this morning :D
Not sure, hun - I think the official line would be to just have the one, but it might be a case of sucking it and see-ing - sort of! lol
I can't try it out (strict orders not to lose weight:eek:), but I think the 'one bar a day' rule was because of the added carbs.

Now they aren't there, so to speak......?

I think these bars are a huge improvement for Cambridge. As we are supposed to have at least 18g of fibre a day...which couldn't be done on 3 of the older meals, these bars would do it easily (not forgetting the extra water).
CD Counsellor said:
however they do have a lot of fibre in them:eek: so maybe not a good idea:D


Well yes :D But we are supposed to have over 18g. I usually aim for about 25-30g as do many people on WLR. This I often exceed with no ill effect.

Perhaps though, on SS, going more regularly (we're not talking the runs here), just it passing through a bit more quickly might not give time for all the vitamins or minerals to be absorbed and with the lack of other food to compensate:confused:

Hardly think so though. Any other thoughts?
Sorry for delay in coming back on this one.

Have spoken to CD head office, although the carbs are lower the fibre is much higher so it is still recommended only one a day or this could cause bloating or upset stomach whilst on VLCD part of CD.

Once you move up the programmes and start to introduce GI, i.e. 1000 cals+ you could try more than one a day but it really would be a matter of seeing what suits the individual and whether they start to feel bloated.
I love the new bars - and a higher fibre content would certainly be a blessing for me if I was able to have more than one a day :rolleyes: :eek: .

I'll stick to the rules and have just the one though - I'm such a good girl! *Where's me halo? lol*
I had someone return 7 peanut bars last night and say they were too peanutty!! I mean is there such a thing ?
so it is still recommended only one a day or this could cause bloating or upset stomach whilst on VLCD part of CD.
Thanks for getting back on that. So there's nothing in them that could cause a problem other that bloating or tummy troubles?

Perhaps if you didn't have a problem with that when eating bars, then you could try it. Maybe progressing onto 1 1/2 first to see how it feels?