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New Beginnings


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ok well at the end (almost) of day 2 the dukandiet and starting a diary seems like a good idea...

ok well yesterday i did well, i had coffee for breakfast..salmon for lunch..snacked on 2 crabsticks had prawn/crab on garlic for tea and a boiled egg.. with some natural yogurt and oatbran for snack with i.5 litre of water

I dont normally eat this much (unless its a bread binge in one sitting) or drink so much water... i ahd to get up in the night to pee!!!!!

Today was a bit of a messy day,,,breakfast was a taste of cottage cheese - yuck! snack and lunch was by-passed til 3 o'c causae i was on yard duty then i had a muller vanilla lowfat yogart - are these seriously allowed cause it was LUVVERRLY! and then i had a cup of coffee (and said to no to the biccies at my friends) b4 an hours training of polercise! then i came home had 2 crap sticks and 2 hard boiled eggs (one white only) while i decided about dinner...which ended up being an omlette...followed by cod on onions with chk stock cube crushed on it.
ANd i just had my natural yogurt with oatbran...mmmmm so good. water intake hasnt been so good...hoping to get another litre in b4 bed to make it 1.5 for the day (its been so busy but know must make more effort with water)

Really enjoying this which is surprising me. was 1lb down today but waiting til sat before i change my ticker)

onwards and upwards....well downwards hopefully xxxxx
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well done hun
yes mullers are allowed , some people stall on them .....
keep an eye and make sure you are eating enough protien
sounds like you have made a good start


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Welcome smurfette, sounds like you've made a good start on dukan, keep it up and keep us up to date on how you're getting on.


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"yard duty"... tell us more?!

Your food intake looks pretty low... particularly at the beginning of the day...


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Good luck! You can't overeat on Dukan (as long as you stick to the list) so you can eat both egg whites from your hardboiled eggs next time:). The more protein you eat, the more weight (in theory) you will lose. Also keep your water intake up (I don't personally think 1 1/2 litres is enough because your kidneys are doing overtime with the extra protein, so give them plenty liquid to work with too).


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Welcome smurfette! A great start to Dukan. I look forward to read more of your diary. Oh and u must be a teacher - yard duty



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As a horse rider, I immediately had her in a paddock surrounded by lovely velvet noses...


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haha i definitely would love to spend time with the horses Maintainer but Bren has it right - i am a teacher :D... a pretty good day today so far... I akshully had A BOILED EGG for breakfast - i was so impressed with myself - I generally dont do breakfast and was feeling a little Nigella-esque with my soft boiled egg. i didnt even miss soldiers as it was quite tasty indeed! And it only took all of 5 mins to get water ready pop it in, pop it out crack it open and eat it all up! ha! i am hoping this is a habit i can get into. in saying that tho, my snack/lunch was pretty poor as i hadnt planned it properly - some smoked salmon adn 2 crab sticks and some water..maybe a litre so far tho am hoping to drink another one b4 bed. I had 2 mullers when i got home (see I forgot my lunch one) and like the idea of having sthg that tasty when i get in the door so i ate the 2 daily allocated ones. And munched on some more smoked salmon...

Am i still ok??? i mean I feel like now I shouldnt eat til tomorrow but at the same time I am looking forward to having a bit of something...i just took chicken out of the freezer so whatever i have will double up as my lunch tomorrow - any ideas on what would be good (still on attack phase so no veg yet except onion and garlic ) is there some nice sauce i could make ?? i couldnt find the normandy fromage frais when i was shopping the last day but if i get time i might pop into tesco to see if i can locate it.
Anyway will keep ye posted. thanx for yer lovely words of encouragement xxxxx

Oh and robinhood - i did eat the two eggwhiles - just one yolk...i was a bit wary as it said u shouldnt eat too many of them...its a little confusing and thats me doing it WITH the help of the online coaching - tho i still havent figured out yet how to work their website....


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breakfast - boiled egg
lunch - smoked salmon (quantity?) and 2 crabsticks
snack - 2 x Muller lites + more smoked salmon
dinner -

Some chicken would be great. If you don't have fromage frais or natural yoghurt to fashion up a sauce, why not use some herbs and spices and simply marinate in the meat's juice (perhaps a blob of something you have?).

The smoked salmon is salty, so I'd stop there where that sort of thing is concerned. But a steak. Some chicken. Would finish off your day nicely.

Ref soldiers - where is your galette? You could have had that as soldiers! Make them up in advance, and simply eat on the hop with your egg... lovely!


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ah yes thats more tidy that me rabbiting on
b - boiled egg
l-smokedsalmon (maybe 100g) 2 crabsticks
s-2 muller fatfree yogs 50g smokedsalmon

smoked salmon is finished now for the week... i am trying to get into the habit of doing a good shop too - as in once a week - i was a divil for not doing one and then constantly on the run every day to the shop and guess what i would pick up whilse there..yip french baguettes and tayto... Avoid the shop - avoid that particular temptation!

i have some natural yogurt left (akshully LOVING it esp with the oatbran!) so what sauce can i make for my chicken - i have curry/cinnamon(which i dont like) and paprika spicy/herb jars... i am very unculinary as u can see from being impressed with an egg..so simple instructions please!

As for the gelatte thingy well i havent made one yet - i am not sure exactly how to.... and also when u are making stuff like cod etc on ur frying pan i have used the fry light spray 1 cal stuff is this ok to use??


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frylight is fine , be even more good by spraying it and wipe it out
your daily oatbran allowence
1tbs fromage frais or quark or yogurt
i egg or egg white i use just the white
herbs spice if you want
mix together , cook on a low heat non stick frying pan best cook both side
add sweetener if you want a sweet one


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Thanks scrumper... Might try n make it 2m... Wellfie my dinner I made chinken curry - egg yolk/nat yog/curry powder.... It was ok... Fish def tastes better. I don't eat red meat so that cuts it down a bit on variety. Still feeling motivated tho. Super tired this eve so in bed now- here's hoping I sleep... Maybe if I could just stop thinking I would drop off. Anyways onwards and downwards! Nite nite xx


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We've a vegetarian on the board so your options are still more varied than hers!

Check out our recipe thread... I love smoked salmon too, so don't mean to put you off that - it's fine (just not every meal!). You could stock up on fresh salmon, cod, any other fish you like, seafood, prawns, scallops (frozen!). I check out the online offers before doing my shop and then buy the offers! Chicken/turkey... plenty of low fat natural yoghurt and/or fromage frais... the sky is the limit.



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I am really surprising myself on this 'diet' its akshully not that bad at all... i do miss certain things (well bread and chocolate) but it helps to know u can snack on certain things as much as u like
especially prawns/crab sticks and so on.
so today...

b- a boiled egg
l- some chicken slices and some prawns
s- 2 mullers, natural yog with oatbran
d- cod with onions and 1/4chkstock crumled on it - this is so tasty i shock myself!!

i do need to up the water as usual but i am trying... i've stayed away from the diet coke as yet and am enjoying my odd coffee with the candestal pills... technically i am done for the day bar water and maybe another coffee.. i weighed myself this am and i was 11st10 so thats good progress - it definitely helps to keep me right... i am definitely finding out that i need my evening meal - i am hungry by 7 despite the wee snacks and i feel satisfied now i ate my cod. I can only hope this continues.

On the other hand - did fall asleep early last nite -by 11 - but slept in this am - oops. and the headache! ouch! will it ever go away??????????? I havent ventured into the vegetables yet as tbh i dont like them..tho i did buy frozen ones today so the intention is good - i might have a piece or two with sthg one day - how do u make veg soup on this diet? can u just bung it into a pot and add the stock before whizzing??? i havent made it yet but again it is on the to do list. maybe over weekend.... xx

ps had to update ticker as had calculated poundage incorrectly at start..was 12st1 on sunday and that is 169 not 164...ugh... anyway still progress in right direction so thats the main thing.. just a longer trek to make....:/
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How many days have you been on attack now? Did you use the calculator of the official website to see how many days it recommends? Normally between three and five are advised, then onto veg every other day.

"Don't like veg?" - I hear you... neither did I much "in my previous life". Now I love them! Your body needs them and they'll help pad things out, and give you a healthier base for the new you once you're at target!



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We tend to eat very little red meat (preferring chicken/rabbit even after all these months). We did increase the steak consumption but it's dropped back down again, but there's loads of variety to be had even if you don't like it.

Use yogurt/fromage frais to liven things up (and that goes for the veg too). As for soup, get some low-fat stock cubes (Maggi or Knorr if you can get them?) and cook your veg in the made up stock, then blitz. You can add some milk or fromage frais in at the end too instead of cream.

You carb cravings will go (I'm no longer in ketosis but don't 'need' them any more) so hang in there and snack on prawns as you've been doing.


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hi everyone - was computerless for last few days but I am still here :D have been good the last few days -
b on both days -boiled eggs
l - chicken slices & muller yogurt
s - crab sticks, nat yog& oatbran, coffee
d - cod with onions, omlette with some ham (not much but just for a different flavour and it was lovely!)

I am attack for the full week now and I ahve lost 7lb!!! I am 11st8 this morning whoop whooop! I am pleased! I know u are right about the veg... i am hoping to slowly introduce some of them over the next week.. i like the idea of having a sauce on top of them so more info on the fromage frais (which i still havent found) and nat yog receipes for vegetables! also i bought the cottage cheese - what can u do with this - its horrible on its own!

having everyone here to chat to as made this easier so thank you for your support - i think the coming week will be tough but heres hoping not. I have a bday party this afternoon and i know staying away from all the goodies is going to be a challenge but one i know i can do! i dont need sweets yet i am getting sick of eggs.... so might have a few days without them. ps my breath i think is starting to smell of eggs haha


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Well done, Smurfette. Good to see that you're including the oatbran now. Hopefully, you'll see that it makes a difference to making you feel fuller for longer and to help with "transit" issues.

As for cottage cheese, I don't mind the flavour so just tend to eat it with meat, as a kind of sauce/accompaniment. Hopefully, some more imaginative Dukaners will be able to give you tips on what else you can do with it.

Just about all big supermarkets should sell fat-free fromage frais. Mind you, it's finding where it is on the shelves that can be a problem. Some put it with the yoghurts and some put it with the cheese. If you ask one of the staff, they should be able to point you in the right direction. Otherwise, you can try using plain fat-free yoghurt as a substitute in many things.

I like to mix fromage frais (or plain yoghurt) with fresh chives. It tastes rather like sour cream and chive dip and is nice on either veggies or meat.

Some people mix it with mustard to make a kind of mayonnaise, too.


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why are weekends soooo difficult!!!!
i was soo good at the party i had to go to on saturday - NOT even one sweet did i have...but ended up going out saturday nite and had 2 bottles of lite beer :break_diet:same weight this morning but dreading what it will be 2m morning...
i started off today well enough and with best intentions...

l - was involved in a project today and has i had gotten up late my breakfast was more a brunch
s - muller yogurt
d - DISASTER. got a chinese :( (i ask myself why i did that now)prawns and veg... in schezuan sauce.. only ate small bit of rice :(

disappointed in myself but determined to start over tomorrow.:break_diet: