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New Beginnings

Well hello all, the wanderer has returned.

Sorry that I have been AWOL, but due to a bereavement of a very good friend/work colleague, my head was just NOT in the right place to even think about healthy eating / dieting, or to come on and talk about what I had eaten, or what anyone else had eaten. (No disrespect).

I do feel that I am now in a better place and I have come to terms with what has happened and feel its time to take control of my life again.

I cant blame what happened to my friend for my weight gain, that has happened gradually over the last 2 and a half years since I got to goal, what with over indulgence, trying to stop smoking, and just life in general, the weight crept up little by little.

I have taken off my maintainers badge and updated my profile. I will replace the maintainers badge once I get to goal and stay around the same place for a few months.

My goal this time is going to be slightly lower than when I last got to goal, as I was never really completely happy with the finish weight, but the LT counsellor I went to wouldnt allow anyone to go lower than a bmi of 25.

This time I have purchased Exante as I couldn't hack the thought of a few months on LT Strawberry and Choc shakes, and they were the only two I liked. I bought the bumper pack of Exante and started yesterday.

So far, I have had the orange/chocolate bar (scrumptuous) choc shake (not as nice as LT :( ) and Thai Chicken Soup (liked it ), that was yesterday.

Today is my second day on Exante and me being a serial weigher peeked this morning and lost 4lbs since yesterday :D:D taking me back into the 11's (just) ;)

I decided to start a new thread as its a whole new chapter that I am just taking one day at a time. I have also set a date to give up smoking again, (I re-started the night before I went on holiday due to over indulgence in Mr Smirnoff ) which is next Thursday and I know some people might think it will be too much to do the two things at once, but I think its the only way I can do it, as I need to keep the snacking in control, so at least if I am on a strict programme, I feel I can achieve this. Plus with being on exante, there will be no alcohol, so further less temptations with the no smoking.

Good to be home ;):D
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Hi Mary,

It was really sad 2 hear about Mel and I'm sure that you'll miss him dearly. He was a lovely man.

Good luck with exante and giving up smoking - I've seen you do both before I'm sure you'll be fine!!!

Well done on the 4lb loss :) what day will u officially weigh?
Thank you Sarah, yes it was such a shock with Mel. I found out while I was on holiday, and then it took nearly 5 weeks for his funeral, as they were in Tunisia at the time that he died. So sad and I really miss him, he was a great friend.

I will weigh next Monday, but I just wanted an incentive this morning as I felt quite hungry yesterday morning, so seeing the loss will give me the incentive to keep going until the Ketosis Fairy arrives.
That's awful it took so long for funeral must have been horrible for his family. I bet u miss him - he was so entertaining and would always cheer me up when I worked there..


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
:welcome2: back Mary! Great to have you back around :)

Good luck with exante and stopping smoking - only you know what you can do so if you know you can do exante and giving up smoking then don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise!

Thanks Tanya - good to be back.

I just had the vegetable soup for supper, I found it a little bland, so I added a tiny sprinkling of dried parsley and some black pepper and I actually quite enjoyed it. Its SOOOO nice to have the variety that was lacking with LT.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Good luck Mary with your TFR journey. I hope you get to goal in double quick time.
Condolences on the loss of your dear pal. These events can hit us very hard.
Well done on 4lbs down already!


maintaining since June'09
Hello me old mucker!!! ;) Lovely to have you around again, you've been missed :)

Sorry again about your friend - it's no wonder it knocked you for 6. You needed that time out to get your head back in the right place. Indeed it takes some time after something like that for us to start to think daft things, like our weight and a few fags, actually matter again

I enjoy the exante products - some I enjoy more than others but on the whole they're good. Best of luck with it - not that you'll need it. xx
Thanks Molly and Jan.

Day 3 on Exante and feeling good, allbeit a little hungry. I POAS today, but I am still not in ketosis. :fingerscrossed: for tomorrow though :D

I am still preferring the flavours much better than LT. I had the tomato and basil soup today, which up to now is probably my least favourite, one of the bars and I have brought a strawberry shake to work for supper.

Feeling focused, but treating it one day at a time.


maintaining since June'09
One day at a time is what it's all about :D xx


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blurgh! I didnt like the tom & basil one either - tastes nothing like it! Glad you are feeling great :D xxx


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Do you like the exante bars? I loved the choc orange one! Thought it was like the terrys choc orange segments with the crispy bits in! x
Yes I love both the bars. The only two I am not fussed on completely are the tomato and basil soup and the choc shake. By tomorrow evening I will have tried all of them.

Here is to day 4.
Hi Mary,

It was really sad 2 hear about Mel and I'm sure that you'll miss him dearly. He was a lovely man.

Good luck with exante and giving up smoking - I've seen you do both before I'm sure you'll be fine!!!

Well done on the 4lb loss :) what day will u officially weigh?
I dont know where my head was yesterday Sarah, but my WI day will be Wednesday, as thats the day I started :D
Day 4 and I am feeling hungry tonight, even though the ketosis fairy has arrived:sigh:

To top if all, my work colleague is sitting here eating a Paella that he has just bought in Asda's and it smells DELICIOUS :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

I tried the mushroom soup today, but I had to add lots of pepper to get it to taste edible. Banana one to try later and I will have tried them all then.

I think my favourite is the 2 bars, vegetable soup, strawberry shake, and I have a feeling I will like the banana one, but too early to have it yet.

Overall, feeling good, allbeit a bit hungry.


maintaining since June'09
You can ride that hunger out Mary ... I KNOW how hard it is but i also know that you can do it!!!! Paella?? YUCK!!!! (;)) xx
The hunger has gone now, over dosed on strawberry water :D

Banana shake is okay, they all seem to have a funny sort of aftertaste though. Not to worry though, at least there are a few I like, and some I will just have to hold my nose and down :rolleyes::rolleyes:


maintaining since June'09
So glad the hunger's gone ... that's the worst bit :) xx

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