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New Bras :( GUTTED

Hey all :) well I am very happy having lost all this weight and being a normal weight for the first time in my life .. BUT I never realised I had small boobs :( I was a 42 DD ... and been shopping today and am a 36 B :cry::sigh: so bye bye :wave_cry: boobs ..... they really are pathetically small now and I really do feel crap about it .. would seriously consider having small impants if we ever have enough money .... :(
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Ive gone from 42 h to 34 D its crazy isn't it - mine are just sag ! I think if I lost another stone they would be non existent !


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I'm sorry you are sad about it but I'm kind of hopping mine will shrink too, i was a tight 42g 4 weeks ago and am going bra shopping tomoz as my bras are so loose let's just hope I can find some cheapy ones lol xxx
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i've only ever got to be a b cup - even at my biggest - and no where did bras in big sizes but small cups - have had the same ones for last 6 years!! Now the inches round are coming down hopefully i'll be able to get some - mind you hoping the b cups don't get any smaller!!
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I've gone from a 32E to a 30DD/E but they look like stones in a sock! M&S hardly do any bras from 30, have bought some in Debenhams, highly recommend their fitting service :) did buy some from figleaves but none of them fitted!
S: 18st1lb C: 13st9lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 29.9 Loss: 4st6lb(24.51%)
Give it time ladies, your girls may perk up a little. I've breast fed 4 children (3 of them until they were gone 2 years old) and upon stopping breast feeding they were like stones in socks but then perked back up without weight going on. When you've first lost or losing weight everything takes time to settle a little...your face, belly and boobs being the main things, followed by upper arm and thigh wobbles. With a bit of luck yours will regain some fullness


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Determinator, don't feel sad about it. You've obviously done so so well to lose all the weight, focus on that!!
Us women are never happy are we?!
I lost 3 stone on weight watchers and my cup size actually went up. I was wearing a 34H, after the weight loss I was measured and now wear a 30J. I was hoping for them to get a lot smaller but it's not happened yet. And of course now I'm slimmer they look even bigger. I've recently started slimming world and hoping to lose another 2 stone so we'll see after that. I shop at Bravissimo, only place I can get bras in my size but sadly they are expensive. I recommend them to anyone though.
S: 9st9lb C: 8st4lb G: 8st3lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 1st5lb(14.07%)
Unfortunately its 15 yrs since I breastfed so not much chance of them perking up LOL! at least in a bra they don't look bad :)

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