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New Consultant - not good


Cute, but psycho!
OK, what do you do when you get a new consultant and she turns out to be a nightmare?
She's bossy, acts like (and speaks to us) like we're at school. She's told us that if we don't buy a raffle ticket then teas and coffees will no longer be free. She mentioned that as food diary pads cost her £1 then we can't just take one if we feel we need one, she will give them out in image therapy...
She doesn't give out certificates when you win an award, apparently that's up to the consultants...
She talks over you after she's asked you a question during image therapy...
I don't feel supported or motivated by her *at all*
It's been two weeks, I thought I'd give her more time as week one it could have been nerves, but no, this week she's even worse and gave me a lecture on staying to plan, even though I had a loss this week!
It's already getting to the point where I don't want to go to class - but I *need* a class!
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is there no other classes near you with a different consultant? Or is there a way of contacting SW and asking them to come and watch the class, maybe pretending to be a new member.


Im just me!
I would try another class. I have started at a new leaders group last monday as she is very nice. and helpful.
I would ring head office re her myself.


Cute, but psycho!
There are other classes, but I don't feel that I should have to move - she should be a better consultant!
However, if things don't improve, and fast, then I'm moving - and I'm not the only one who feels like this either.
She also finishes the classes early *grrr*
I would definately complain to head office about her. Certifiactes should in my opinion be given out because they are such great milestones that you can put up on your fridge etc. My consukltant doesn't do slimeer of the week as you would expect (ie if you have lost the most and lost the previous week you qualify.) Sometiems she does it like that but other times she will a slimmer of the week as say someone who has been struggling for a few weeks with a staid the same or gain and then loses for a few weeks, she rewards them with that. She has that decretion so maybe they do for the certificates but iw ould doubt it.

I would complain about her and then move class. If she's a bad leader you won;t lose weight and thats not good. x
apart from slimmer of the week, the other certs they have to pay for. this may be her reason, profit over motivation will cost her more long term!


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Have you thought about emailing her and letting her know your concerns? I know sometimes that isn't the easiest option but just has to be done.

By not offering support, demanding people buy raffle tickets and not take the food diary sheets she is alienating people and her 'cost saving' is going to drive people away and thus she won't make as much money!

How much do tea bags and a couple of pots of options cost?! Lidl do them very cheap! A bit spent here and there will ensure a happy class!


Loves Norman Reedus
i love the fact that you can have a hot drink and i must admit, i did like my consultant at WW, she was fun but my consultant at SW is just as good but with all the other little bonses it makes the whole experience more like a family than a club. does that make sense.


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i think shes got a total cheek and would maybe change class but would deff complain about her my consultant is quiet nice but doesent give out certificates she did give me a sticker for 1/2 stone but i had to ask her for it and no certificate she doesnt give certificates for slimmer of the week either you just get the fruit everybody in my class is moaning but she is only temp and maybe it will get beter so im sticking it out the last one i had was great raffels prizes competitions stickers gave you total incentive she doesnt do it anymore was on here moaning myself couple of weeks ago coz was well fed up lol good luck with whatever you decide


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Any new consultant should be visited by a team leader after a few weeks. I imagine that it is worth either speaking to head office, or sending your first thread starting message to them, and they might get team leader to have a quiet word and offer your consultant more support.

The last thing SW want is to alienate their members - we are very valuable to them, and I imagine that they would do everything they could to help your new consultant hold on to the group of members.


Cute, but psycho!
Thanks girls...have just been speaking to a difference consultant whose group I'm thinking of changing to and she's *lovely*. So, I suspect she'll have me in her class very soon!
God she sounds awful *images of Little Britain coming to mind* Defintely worth talking to head office as you are probably not the only one feeling this way. Really this is the type of job that someone should go into to motivate and make a difference in other peoples lives first and foremost and the profit second - seems she has this the wrong way round. I think this is one of the reasons why me and WW failed my last two leaders just didn't cut it for me, the first was all "profit profit profit" and the second was just a bit ditzy and would forget things like BNS is a free vegetable (just an example) it definintely made a negative difference to me. Changing classes seems like the way forward for you!


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I think I've got a great consultant running our group, but we've never had certificates! We get the stickers, but that's it - I didn't even know they exist!

Oh well... something new learnt today!

Hope you get on ok with speaking to head office - let us know how you get on?


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My consultant is amazing! She makes us recipe's she's tried that week and lets us try them before we can get the recipe; she made this gorgeous turkey meatloaf last week. Plus she's been so nice to me after i STS this week..rang me twice this week to see how i've been as i had a bit of a cry on tuesday! :eek:

I cannot praise her more! What is pissing me off the people in my class are so common and rude! I'm not a snob but one woman has a conversation with another, very loud during image therepy, and they're all a bit..well rude! lol On the other hand some are very good and supportive, really nice to me when i sts- had loads of support and suggestions on offer

ahh i love slimming world, on a red day today, and it's 2pm and i've only just started feeling hungry!!

OP- definately report her- other people shouldn't have to put up with it if you're deciding to leave!


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Hi, It's a shame you are not getting on with your consultant but I do think you should air your views with her before complaining to head office - perhaps she is completely unaware??

As for the tea and coffee, tbh, why should she provide it? We have all the hot drinks available and a pot at the side into which we drop ten, twenty or even fifty pence (depending on what change we have) and this pays for it. The raffle tickets pay for the raffle prize.

Certificates.... I've only ever received them for SOTW and for getting to Target. You get your awards on your book after all!

And as for food diaries, I always wondered why these were only handed out periodically!

The thing to remember is this, that the classes are ultimately run as a business and if things like food diaries, certificates, coffee etc come out of your consultants pocket then she needs to watch the pennies or it won't be beneficial for her to run the class.

This is just my opinion and I do agree that she seems to be a bit harsh but I do think you should see her side of things and maybe talk to her before taking it higher.


Cute, but psycho!
I think part of the problem is that my previous consultant was so lovely that this new one is worse in comparison!
I'm scared of ringing head office but I do think they need to know that in an already small group, member are planning to leave because of her.

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