New diary-Losing lbs to raise £s!

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  1. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member


    I have a diary further down the page but I feel like this new start calls for a new diary :)

    At my last attempt I managed to lose 24.5lb but in the last year I've managed to put on all but 4.5 back on :eek:. I've also struggled with depression which hasn't helped and the tablets I'm on don't seem to be conducive to weightless either-great!

    BUT-here's my new inspiration, my reason for starting again and sticking at it this time. In recent weeks my gorgeous little nephew has been fighting leukaemia. Thankfully his treatment is going well and there's no reason why he shouldn't make a full recovery, he came home yesterday and has a lot of treatment ahead of him.

    The hospital and all the staff have been absolutely amazing and all the family in our own ways want to do something to fundraise and give something back. So I decided to give a pound for every lb I lose. I've not asked for sponsors, just doing it myself. DH is on board too so we are spurring each other on.

    So that's where I am basically. This is my first week on it and I've done pretty well. Been to the gym a few times (I love the gym!), cut out the wine, crisps, sweets and cola. My weigh in day is Tuesday so I'll see if it's paid off then.

    Food today is 2 scrambled eggs, 1 crumpet and some mushrooms for breakfast. Lunch is ham salad with a pitta and hummus. Got roast beef for dinner but I'm only having a couple of potatoes and piling my plate with veg.

    drinking lots of water today too, as last night was our night off so we had a takeaway curry and wine!
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  3. Mini

    Mini Administrator Staff Member

    It is great news that your nephews treatment is going well and I would like to wish him a speedy recovery and I am sure he appreciates your support.

    You did well losing 24.5lbs last year and I think it is fantastic that you only regained 4.5lbs.

    If you would like to join the May Challenge you are more than welcome:)

    Good luck with weigh in on Tuesday!
  4. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    Mini, I gained 20lb, only managed to keep 4 off, lol.

    ill take a look at the May challenge, thanks.
  5. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    Ok, May challenge joined and I think I'm going to do the squat challenge too.

    Today could be a struggle as we're going out for lunch. And it's DHs birthday too and he requested a picnic for tea-pork pies, pate, French stick, cheese etc. so my plan is salad or jacket potato for lunch and then he can have the naughty picnic stuff all to himself while I'll have a big salad, meat, pitta and hummus.

    back to the gym tomorrow after the weekend off, looking forward to it!
  6. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    Well, that went well-not!

    ended up at a pub that only did carvery, so I did my best with only 1 roast potato on my plate. Everyone else had ice creams later that afternoon but I was still full so didn't indulge. And last night I had my pitta and hummous but also a few crackers with Stilton.

    ah well, today's a new day, just having my porridge and green tea and I'm ready to hit the gym.
  7. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    Ah flip, half off!

    i was hoping for more, but being realistic 2 roast dinners and a curry I've not done bad. So that's a whole 50p in the jar but I will not be disheartened, if anything I'm even more focussed to have a great week, which starts tomorrow.
  8. loulou129

    loulou129 Full Member

    1/2 a lb is still amazing!
  9. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    Thanks, loulou :wave_cry:

    So it's a shiny new week and I'm determined as a determined thing. Been to the gym this morning and I'll be going tomorrow and Friday as well. I'm going to do my damnedest not to let the weekend get out of control, if I can keep a grip on that then I'll be sure to lose.

    food today is porridge and berries for breakfast, banana and 2 satsuma after the gym. Lunch is turkey salad and a wholemeal pitta bread followed by a sugars free jelly and some fruit. Got a ww choc bar and some fruitier for if I get the munchies mid afternoon. Dinner is chicken in the ww sweet and sticky marinade jacket potato and salad. And a vodka with sparkling lemon and lime water as a treat when the kids are in bed. I've got a little pub measure glass so I can make sure I'm not too heavy handed with the vodka!
  10. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    Another gym sesh this morning, good stuff. Food was bang on yesterday and it's going well today too. I just hope this motivation of mine lasts!

    food today is porridge and berries for breakfast, banana for snack. Lunch was turkey salad, toasted pitta and hummous, followed by 2 satsumas and a sugar free jelly. Going to have a ww bar too. Dinner is salmon fillet, jacket pot and salad.
  11. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    Good morning!

    No gym this morning, had a bit of a late night and my hearts not in it to be honest after 3 days on the trot. But I actually got us all out the door in time to walk to school this morning, so that's something.

    bit of a busy day today, got to do some housework this morning and shopping. Then I've got to get ds1 sorted out for cub camp, take him up there and help set up camp, so that's a bit of physical activity there too.

    foodwise it's porridge and berries for breakfast, fruit as a snack. Ham salad, pitta and hummous for lunch, plus fruit and sf jelly. I'm going to be quite late back from cub camp tonight so dinner is going to be a ww quiche and salad coz I know I won't feel like cooking later!
  12. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member


    well, not a bad weekend, had my usual sat night off plan but apart from that it's been ok. DS1 came back from camp yesterday utterly exhausted, 3 hours sleep the first night and6 the second night! Bless him he was trying to tell us what he'd been up to and kept forgetting words and losing his thread, he was so tired!

    Not got off to the best start today, DS2 said he wasn't feeling well so I changed out of my gym stuff, and instead of breakfast I got on with some jobs, thinking I'd eat after the school run. Then 10 mins before we have to leave he decides he feels fine and wants to go-Grrr! So no gym today, not got time now, but it's not the end of the world.

    its weigh in tomorrow, I really hope I've lost something this week....
  13. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    Woohoo 2lb off this week!

    Definitely in the zone at the moment. I've been to the gym 3 times, plus walking everywhere. I walk the kids to school, carry on walking down to the gym, do an hour or so there, then walk home and walk to school and back again in the afternoon.

    We've been away this weekend and we walked loads. Hotel breakfast but I stuck to bacon, scrambled eggs and mushrooms. One lunchtime we had fish and chips but I just ate the fish and a handful of chips. Evening meals were mushroom risotto which according to the menu was under 600 cals, and the following night I had steak which only came with chips but I ordered a side salad so only had a few chips, left most of them. Liquid refreshment was a different story, I did enjoy a vino or 2 (;-) but it all balanced out in the end.

    another half lb and I've hit goal number one of being back in the 15s!
  14. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    Soooo gutted, half on!

    im really surprised at this, I've worked so hard and really tried and yet....

    but it I will not let this beat me. I'll keep on keeping on, gym, good food, etc and it's got to pay off...
  15. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Keep Going :) Today is the start of a new week :) x
  16. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    Thanks Serena. I just find it so weird that last week I was away for the weekend, cooked breakfasts, fish and chips, meals out etc (did my best to keep it under control tho) and I lost 2, yet this week I've had no distractions or temptations and gained half! Makes no sense! That said, my body shape has changed in just the last 2 weeks. I go in at the waist, my arms are looking fab due to weights at the gym I can see some real definition. My clothes are fitting better too.

    but like you say, new week starts today, so got to knuckle down and keep going. Break ice was 2 scrambled eggs and a crumpet, lunch was ham salad with a pitta bread and I've been nibbling on some yummy cherries for my sweet kick. Dinner is pork tenderloin with a jacket and salad. No gym today as I was in need of a rest day but I'll be back there tomorrow.
  17. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Your food sounds scrummy, I love Cherries but unfortunately they don't love me :-( I'm a great believer that if you lose inches, the pounds will follow soon, you just have to be patient! And definitely give yourself a rest from the gym, all the best athletes deserve a day off! X
  18. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    Well in spite of it being half term and the kids driving me nuts I've managed to stay on track! And thanks to my lovely mum I've been able to get to the gym 4 times this week too.

    foodwise I've stuck to my plan, although after a really hectic day yesterday I did indulge in some wine last night. I'm really trying to not let the weekend throw me off, it's my weakness to 'treat myself' because it's the weekend, which is silly coz I just end up regretting it when I don't lose or put on.
  19. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Well Done on your fantastic Half Term Effort! You go girl, Super Mum! Do the kids go back on Monday? X
  20. Splodgergill

    Splodgergill Full Member

    A pound off! Very pleased with that. I would have liked more, obviously, but I think I need to bear in mind that I'm doing a lot of weight training, so I'm gaining muscle as well as losing fat.

    rest day from the gym today and I have gym guilt! I really want to go but i know I need to give my aching legs a rest, lol. It's pouring with rain here so I drove the kids to school. Need to nip to the shop in a bit so I'll get me coat on and walk, I need to get some activity in.

    food today is scrambled eggs and a crumpet, turkey salad for lunch and chicken in ww sweet and sticky marinade for dinner.

    One good thing about a rest day is I've just had breakfast in peace! I'm now about to tackle the ironing pile, oh the glamour!
  21. UKSerena

    UKSerena (Will)PowerPuff Girl! X

    Well Done on you Loss, you're doing fab! I need to tackle my ironing pile after Brekkie too! X

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