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New here ! anyone else? I feel like i'm starting high school again! ha

Discussion in 'Slim And Save' started by sugar_face, 24 January 2013 Social URL.

  1. sugar_face

    sugar_face Full Member

    I started on Monday on the 3 a day and protein, so just finishing day 4!
    I have my own blog (mostly for myself to refer back to) but I'm very lonely haha :') need some friends to help me keep motivated :eek:
    I've just been reading everyone elses posts like a right stalker up til now.
    I've got a huge loss to do.
    Just basically wanted to introduce myself kinda and find some people that are on sort of the same track and time scale as me?
    even if they're not haha
    not sure what i'm saying anymore :')

    How has everyone found this diet, any tips? etc ? :)
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  3. noodles1609

    noodles1609 Having a very lovely life

    Hello and welcome

    Everyone is incredibly friendly and supportive on here, so feel free to join in whenever the mood takes you. I'm a right interfering old loony so I'm usually about! Top tip - take it a day at a time, an hour at a time on the days that you need to and pretty soon it'll become just what you do, and then start to prepare for a whole new you - it's amazing :)
  4. donjon

    donjon Full Member

    Welcome sugar face. I would gladly be your buddy. I am on day 9. We have the same goal weight. Feel free to vent your frustrations, moans, triumphs anytime.
  5. jollycoco

    jollycoco Full Member

    Hi sugarface, welcome and good luck :)
  6. Lulu1964

    Lulu1964 Full Member

    Welcome welcome. This forum is brilliant, you will find lots of buddies for your journey and we all know exactly how you are feeling :)
  7. sugar_face

    sugar_face Full Member

    haha yay I'm glad! I feel a bit out of my depth at the moment to be honest should all be worth it though :)
    thanks for the advice. haha I'm finding it hardest not to snack in the evening driving me mad hahaha .
    Just having a nosey at your blog now :)
  8. sugar_face

    sugar_face Full Member

    oooh yes, you're ahead of me though ha :p i'll catch up ! How have you found it so far?
  9. sugar_face

    sugar_face Full Member

    i'm trying to figure out where and how i'm posting back into reply to people haha doh. -_-
  10. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    Hey chick, welcome!

    How are you finding it? First few days are the worst, gets so much easier though. How long are planning to stay on S&S?
  11. sugar_face

    sugar_face Full Member

    I'm a bit all over the place, i feel fine then i feel really hungry haha :/
    I've not really thought about it but a minimum of 12 weeks at least. :)
  12. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    I'm the same doing the full 12weeks 100%
    That will pass though, it takes such will power, but I think it's not the challenge that's scary it's staying the same,will all be worth it afterwards!! :D
    I've got 10weeks left to go and I'm just starting to not be fazed by it.
  13. sugar_face

    sugar_face Full Member

    oooh :) so i'll get to see your progress just before mine (sort of thing ) haha
    hahahahahah will power, let's see if i can prove something to myself :D I've never had it before ... I've done a lot better than I thought i would even now. so fingers crossed i get to the point where i'm not fazed too.

    i can do this i can do this!
    ha I need to find something to distract myself with hahah i'm just concentrating on the fact i'm not stuffing my face right now.
    then I get an email of dominos with special offers :')
  14. Mo-Jo

    Mo-Jo Full Member

    hey sugar_face and welcome to slim and save :)
    your actualy over the worst part believe it or not ..the only thing I can compare a VLCD to is giving up smoking and wearing the patches...you know you dont have the need ( cos your bodys getting all it does actualy needs )you just have the want sometimes.

    Habits can be so easily broken and as Noodles said ( she always gives great advice) this way of eating will soon become just what you do and everyday you will feel so much better and more in control of your life for it x
  15. sugar_face

    sugar_face Full Member

    aha are you kidding? yay :eek:
    I've never give up smoking aha so that comparison is a little lost on me, but i get the gist of it :)
    I do hope so, i've said multiple times i want to lose weight in the past, and sort of give up and can't control myself ... i just hope i've got the will power to make the break this time.
    I do feel a million times more positive this time around though :) I never joined a site like this before ... so everyone will probably get the brunt of my whinging when i'm craving (if i crave...?) haha

    it's been a long day i'm babbling hahahah sorry
  16. noodles1609

    noodles1609 Having a very lovely life

    I just have to say it's so lovely to have another babbler! I fear I may have to give up my babbling crown ;) Babble away chick, I for one love to read it all. There are a few of us on here at the moment that are in the stage of being thrilled and amazed at what we are managing to achieve with S&S (see Caroline G's post "A little story" http://www.minimins.com/slim-save/305887-little-story.html for some fabulous stories). I for one have been overweight since I was a child. Of course I look back now and realise that I wasn't really big, but I felt big and over the years I just grew into the body I thought I already had. Over the years I've probably lost somewhere along the lines of 30 stone in total, but never more than 2 stone at a time. I managed 3 with Rosemary Conley but put half of that back on over a period of 5 weeks following an operation, and it took me another 9 months to get that loss back up to 2 stone. I just got progressively bigger and bigger and could only lose a little bit before I couldn't do it anymore, it was so very frustrating, I couldn't understand why.

    So, S&S - I've been doing this for 17 weeks now (S&S for 14 weeks, I did 3 weeks hard labour on LL first) and I'm not far off doubling what it took me 2 years to lose with Rosemary (God bless you Rosemary, but after your admission about botox I lost a little respect for you). I'm the lightest I've ever been in my adult life. I'm now 7 stone 2lb under my highest ever weight. I guess my morning babbling is to demonstrate that I had everything stacked against me in the failed diet stakes, I've done each and every one of them - apart from vlcd - and succeeded in gaining in the main. I'd got the point where I accepted I was "meant" to be big and that I was ok with that (I really wasn't!). And then I got my trigger and just decided no, I'm not having this, I'm going to succeed this time -and S&S has been the key to that. Short and long is, if I can do this, then honestly, anybody can :)
  17. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    Morning sugar face. Everyone else has given such great advice, there's not a lot for me to add other than make sure you drink the water they say you should! You'll feel better and it'll help your losses. Welcome and all the best of luck :) We look forward to sharing your whinging AND your good times.
  18. Laubride

    Laubride Full Member

    Hi sugar face, I started my journey on Sunday so I'm on day six now and due to weigh In on Sunday morning eek can't wait. Over the last 11 months I have tried so many diets and only last a few days but I feel completely different on this one, maybe it's because it takes the choice of which 'healthy food' to choose to eat and it sets a kind of routine which is good for me. Loving that I'm not hungry at all and I'm enjoying eating the food, yum.

    Use this forum as much as poss coz the girlies, Nd some men, are really great support. Good luck, ill be tuning in to see what your wl is like x
  19. sugar_face

    sugar_face Full Member

    argh sorry I've not had the net to reply for the past 2 days.
    I'm overly excited though haha, i've had more energy and i'm not even at the week mark yet (i will be monday) but i've dropped 9lbs.
    had to sit through a family meal with a glass of water
    then my dad took my kids to mcdonalds for a treat and watching them eat chips.
    argh i never thought i had this will power.
    I'M SUPER WOMAN!!!!!
  20. trisha

    trisha likes to post

  21. Mashworth87

    Mashworth87 Full Member

    That's amazing!!! Well done chick, I think it does feel really empowering when you can say no to something you would of caved for before (or at least I know I would)
    Awesome update hun, so glad to hear your feeling full of beans,happiness is key xx

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