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NEW JOB! Day one!

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.


I Can Do This!
I am soooo pleased for you BL. Congratulations! You truly deserve some good positive stuff going on in your life. xx


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Well done!!! :D

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
Well, I am home now, and fully impressed with my new job, co-workers and management. What a fantastic place! hAVING SPENT THE LAST 8 YEAR (oops) in a call centre, i was a bit nervous about an office with only 10 people - no anonymity, etc., But what a beautiful peacfull environment!! It was SO quiet - not the constant drone of 100s of people on constant calls. ANd a desk - not a cubicle. It's like the good old days back home.

I opened my desk drawer and it was like Christmas! Fully stocked with all new stationary supplies - you name it, it was there.

The general manager took me for a chat, and told me she was so happy with me in the interview, and she was relly glad I was there, and she is going to groom me to be her number 2. She is the only one in the office that deals with the liabililty claims, and I have 12 years legal background from back home, so she is making me her second, which means on occassion, I will go to court for her and be a friendly face and source of support for the members who are being sued. She said she sensed I was a good people-person, and I would be a friendly face and good support for the streesed members. HOw exciting - I am chuffed at that!

They are completely laid back - fag breaks as and when you want or need - no time clocks, or punch cards...just "make yourself at home" attitude.

I knew within about an hour that I had made the right decision.

I am a very happy bunny. I have hated every job I've had since moving here, and because of my weight never was motivated or had confidence to pursue anything better. God - why would I subject myself to further interviews and rejections when not necisary, ay? So always settled on the first job offered.

And now - I am being paid what I am worth - my potential is recognised - and I am going to love what I am doing!!

How freakin cool is that!!!!

THANK YOU LIGHTER LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

:bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss:
That's fantastic. It's great when you wake up feeling excited about going to work and the fact that you have had the confidence to change your life because of your weight loss means that you have another great achievment!


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fantastic! really pleased for you
daisy x
That's brill, and all thanks to Lighter Life, .....

and sheer determination, enthusiasm, get up and go, bubbly, friendly personality

Well done, I'm glad it's going great - not very jealous, honest


Is back in the saddle!
Have you told them of your foible for loo mirrors and standing in baths yet??
That's brill, and all thanks to Lighter Life, .....

and sheer determination, enthusiasm, get up and go, bubbly, friendly personality

Well done, I'm glad it's going great - not very jealous, honest
<<hugs>> ah blessy ou hon - thanks so much! :D You're on your way too!! :)

Have you told them of your foible for loo mirrors and standing in baths yet??
Ach! That is the one draw back - NO LOO MIRRORS!!!! :eek: Save one you can see only your face in!! :cry::D

So looks like I will be standing in my bathtub more frequently!! :p



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Glad you feel you have made the right choice.Just shows all the weighing up (if you pardon the pun) was so worth it xx
I am so pleased for you

Isn't it great that you know so soon that you've made the right decision and they recognise your worth and are not afraid to tell you on the first day.
The same determination that got you through LL and the issues you faced to succeed are what got you the right job.
LL has helped, but you've made it happen.
Congratulations C must be sooo proud of you too xx


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Congratulations BL...Im soo glad you are happy in your new job. I hope you will be continually happy there for a long time.
How's day 2 going? - hope it's still fab, it's nice when you first start, learning all new stuff - the time flies 5 o'clock before you know it.
(I should be more p.c. I mean -new skills not new stuff)

Do you still have to run for the bus/train,? hope you got fab new undies - especially tights...
Thanks guys!!

Icy - day two reaffirms my decision was the best one. I am SO happy.

Honestly, 8 years in a call centre is soooo soul destroying. It did not take long to know I had "come home". I love it. Absolutely love it.

And I am getting stuck right in. ANd they are all so nice. Its amazing. This is what a job should be - like all my previous - pre-call centre jobs were.

I know I will be there, untill I move back to California, unless I get made redunanta athird time, but The Scouts have been around for years - I think I am safe. So at last, I have MY job. I just feel so lucky and blessed. I really do.

I no longer take the train, but I now walk. It's up to 5 miles round trip a day, depending on which route I take. Minimum of 3 miles if I take the short cut I took tonight cause its cold and miserable and windy and I didn;t fancy the long one.

No new TIGHTS :)D) yet, but now wear my knickers on the outside! To hold them up!! hehehe

We do get personal here don;t we!! :giggle:

One thing that is so nice about this job is I am no longer a number - lost in a sea of despondant employees.

TOday 2 IT guys came down from London and the Managing Directer immediately brought them over and introduced me as new staff! They weren;t there for me - they were there for main system issues, but she felt I am important enough to make sure they met me - well I was astounded. That woudl NEVER EVER EVER in a million years happen in the call centres, etc.!

Its wonderful. :)

Thanks everyone!!!!!



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Really pleased for you BL, but don't tar ALL call centres with the same brush, some are great places to work, with excellent career development opportunities, fabulous benefits, great management teams and wonderful atmospheres, promise ;) :D

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