New MiniMiner... hellooo there


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Hi all :)

have had really bad weight control probs for years-tried many a dieting group and have now been gathered into the bosoom of the new NHS specialist weight service who have referred me for bariatric surgery. Am due 2 see the psychologist to weigh up if I am sane enough to have the op and understand what the change will mean to me at 10am today & am a wee bit nervous.:(

At the mo am suffering physically and mentally to the degree that I am facing permanent confinement to wheelchair if i dont do something quick-im even2 big 2 fit our human mri scanners & the option of using a vetinary one was mooted by my consultant-we chose 2 w8 for 6 months 4 me 2b slimmer & with more options!

I want to be able to live again, run, dance, jump, clamber over rocks & play in rock pools, walk on the sand again!!

Your group gave the gr8st support to my daughter wen she was losing weight for her wedding earlier this year and she looked amazingly fantastic on the day.

I though it wud be good to come and join you as am sure the support u gave her helpd more than most things

So here I be dbuzzyb and its really gud 2 b here u xx
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Hey dbuzzyb
Welcome to the forum, You will love it here as there are lots and lots of friendly people here!
Good luck on your weightloss Journey!!!


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Hi dbuzzyb, I know just how you feel, welcome and I hope it works for you.


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S: 26st11lb G: 12st7lb
Awww thank u for the welcome-

got turned down re the surgery as I have rapid cycling bipolar depression and it hasnt been stable for long enough recently but the psychologist was wonderful and is referring me for 1on1 support to regulate me moodwise and address the issues of motivation etc - felt really uplifted by him -said I ticked all the boxes otherwise - I only realised as well through joining you that my goal was to be about the same size I was wen I got maried by my 30 years anniversary in 2011 (around 13-14 stone) and that with putting in the details of weight now and goal on joining i realised it means losing 2lb a week until then from now - It seems a really achievable goal and am really chuffed to see that I can do it, even without surgery - just need support which I know I will have from now
many thanks
xx Deb xx