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New plans, pro points etc


I can haz cake?
well you can do what you want really, just don't expect any help from your leader if you get stuck. They'll just tell you to go propoints.

You can do something kinda similar to core, its on the last page of the red book (i think) and its called simply filling. Maybe you should try it? x

The Simply Filling Technique

you have to go to the class to get the books and all the stuff.... the "filling" food is highlighted in green. :)


Overweight or undertall?!
i did the old weight watchers early last year and lost about half a stone and gave up because i kept running out of points!

i started doing propoints only 6 weeks ago and am loving it, in my opinion it is far better and apart from a new batch of daily points every day i get the 49 weeklies to use as i please

i really can't sing its praises enough :D


Overweight or undertall?!
yes, i have 29 daily points (these of course depend upon height, weight, age etc) and then 49 weekly points to use whenever you want

some people don't use their weeklies, some people use a few weeklies every day to top up their daily amount but i tend to only use my weeklies at the weekend so i can have alcohol without using any of my daily points on it and all 29 of the dailies then go on food each day so i'm not hungry :D
If I know I'm going out, I eat fruit for breakfast, homemade veg soup for lunch- all of which are 0 points which gives me 78 points for a great night out!!!! It does mean I use all weeklies in one night but it works for me. I've done this before & still lost weight!!!!
Hi Lynella,

welcome to miniminis!

Yes, the WW plan changed before Christmas and now there are propoints rather than normal points. The points are calculated completely differently, with Discover you were looking at the calories and sat fat intake, with propoints you look only at proteins, carbs, fat and fibre. Not any more to the calories (in fact, the calories are made by the proteins, carbs and fat of the food, so in a way you're still looking at calories!) and sat fat (it's the WHOLE fat that you need to consider.

This new diet gives you all fruit at 0 points, which is handy to fill yourself up. yes, even bananas are 0pp.

You have two different sets of points you can use:

- dailies: they are a number that depends on your age, height, sex and weight and you must eat them on the day or lose them. You CANNOT carry them forward to another day.
- weeklies: they are 49 propoints that you can have during the week or not have, it's entirely up to you. You can have all of them on the same day, 7 of them every day, or whatever you prefer. They give you some flexibility and allow for things like meals out and booze ;). However, they are not just to be had for boozes, sweets or meals out: if at the end of a day you're still hungry even after having had your daily allowance in full and you want an extra sandwich with cheese and ham, you would be taking the points of that off your weekly allowance :) as easy as that.

As others have told you, there's also the simply filling technique that works very similarly to the old core plan, only you have 49 propoints to use for non-core food and not 21 old points. You will see that it's basically the same ;)

let us know which option you will go for and how are you doing every week! You CAN still do the old plan you know, but 1) you won't receive any help at meetings 2) in my personal opinion propoints is a much better, more liveable plan... and if you gave up last time maybe trying with propoints could help you stick to the diet?

A big kiss and good luck!
Giulia, thanks for taking the time to post all that. I have been faffing around since coming off LL nearly 5 years ago! I am thinking of joining a slimming club once again, can't decide between ww and sw.
Thanks for spelling my name correctly :)

the choice of the slimming club to follow is entirely personal. I have never followed SW so I'm not the best person to talk about comparisons, I don't like talking about something I haven't tried and I'm at the point they would never take me on at SW because I'm too skinny LOL. However, what I can say is that WW has been the only diet I have kept on following even after reaching goal weight and it's also the only one that has made me reach goal weight on the first place! That's because it's so flexible... I have read of people who didn't like SW because it was a bit more restrictive than WW, I don't know if that's true... but I have a feeling nothing can really beat WW as for flexibility, and the pp system is even MORE flexible than the old discover plan :)
You give me inspiration cause my weight now is about your starting weight and I need to be at about 114 for goal! I am only 4'11" and my weight gain was due to an undiagnosed underactive thyroid. I know that I will have a constant battle with my weight - I lost 2 stone on discovery then switched to pro points and gained 3 weeks running.
I fiddled for a couple of months on discovery again and have now moved over to pro points and am pointing meticulously. But if you can do it - then I hope I can!
I am limited in my ability to exercise at the moment as I have a damaged ligament and a tear in a tendon so gentle walking is about al lI can do and a bit on my exercise bike at a low level to keep the pressure off ankle. Wish me luck ! I have not gained any of my lost 2 stone back so that is a plus!
I can't really add much more than has already been said. I have tried SW and WW and for me, WW is by far the best, offers more flexibility and allows me to eat out every week. Infact, I find that if I don't eat out/takeaway once a week, it's difficult to make a dent in my weeklies! I am loving ProPoints and wish you all the luck whatever you decide xx

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