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Started cambridge today for the first time, but I needed to start on step 3 as my bmi is over 40. So here goes.

Are there any good recipes for the 1000kcal plan, because I hadn't thought about preparing food as I was planning on starting with soul source, thanks.


Date: 13/11/11
Weight: 24.11
Waist: 56.5
Chest: 52
BMI: 44.5
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i'm pretty sure cambridge has just introduced a step 2 and 3 equivalent which is just packs and lioads of milk, for people phasing in to SS. will see if i can dig out mama's thread on the subject...
here you go.

mama22 said:
Red 1 is 4 sachets plus 1 pint of skimmed milk and can be used at BMI 40-49.9 and female

Red2 is 4 sachets plus 2 pints of skimmed milk and can be used female BMI 50-59.9 or male BMI 40-49.9

Green 2 is 4 plus 2 pints of semi skimmed for female BMI over 60 or male BMI 50-59.9

Green 2 plus for males BMI 60 or above 4 sachets 2 pints of semi skimmed milk and one commercially available ready meal around 400 cal
edit - thread here: http://www.minimins.com/cambridge-diet-forum/242186-cd-update.html
Oh that is great thank you. I'm on day 2 of step 3 atm so i may aswell finish this and this will be a great alternative to normal step 2 next week, and then i can get on with SS on week 3.

The vanilla shake and choc mint are ok and alot better tasting than the last time I tried lipotrim but the cranberry crunch bar tasted really nice.

Step 3 feels a bit too easy, but I hope I see some loss this coming sunday.

p.s. Congrats on your losses, they look great :)
Just got back from my first weigh in..... 15lbs gone :) down to step 2 this week, I hope I can achieve a similar loss.
OMG dave 15lb in a week!!!! You must be sooo please with yourself congratulations! How did you find week 1? i am on day 2 at the moment and i get WI on Wenesday. i know i wont have anywhere as near as 15lb but i hope to at least have a 3lb loss. :)
Ty both, I was quite suprised but I guess when you have alot to loose you tend to loose more :p

I found the first week wasn't too bad as I was on step 3 and was kept very busy with work. I just made chicken, brocolli and cauliflower each day, sometimes with some peppers and sometimes with chicken stock cube. Being on step 2 now feels kinda like the same thing. I guess it's gunna be alot harder on sole source :)

I'm sure your losses will be great, it's definately good motivation when you see the results.
well done you thats amazing :)
Well done Dave that's brilliant :)
Thank you all for encouragement :)

I have just got back from weigh in number two and have lost another 7lbs

Now for the scary business of soul source, I hope I don't break now.

p.s. Does using a small amount of skimmed milk in tea make it take longer to go into ketosis or stop it? I can't function without tea!! :)
Everything still going great, just visited my sisters house and she was cooking burgers, they smelt soo good lol but I resisted.

Also visited my doc for some smoking patches the other day and have begun that today, not had a craving for a cig yet and have a nasal spray for when i do, even though it makes me sneeze for about 3 minutes after taking it.

Looking forward to weigh in on sunday and being fit and healthy in the near future :D
Well done, fab losses. I stopped smoking at the same time I started CD. I think it was actually easier as I was just saying no to everything at the same time. It can be done. Good luck, let us know how you get on.
Thank you :) Just back from weigh in number three and have lost 6lbs giving me a total of 2stone loss in 3 weeks which I am happy with, also knocking me under 40 bmi, i'm no longer official morbidly obese, just plain old obese :D

The cigarettes however are more of a problem, I have smoked 20 over the past 4 days, which isn't too bad as I am usually 20-30 a day but I am disappointed with myself for smoking them, but will carry on until I don't smoke.

This week I have decided to go back to the 800kcal step as I got quite bored on ss+ and having a nice healthy chicken salad for when i get back from work will give me something to look forward to. Also my consultant said I should still be looking at 5-7lb losses on that because of my current weight.

All in all, good day and feeling positive :D
Well done Davee that's a fantastic amount to lose in 3 weeks. Are you already starting to feel better about yourself?

I gave up smoking a few years ago, and had to go cold turkey. If I'd have had one a day I'd have had 20..........guess that's why SS works for me too. I can't tell you how quickly I started to feel better, I always had a night time cough, and that went within a month or so, and as for the money, well I don't need to tell you how much I saved! Xx
Think I got the stones to pounds in the statistics wrong so im not quite under 40bmi yet (even though on my consultants card it says 39.8) but very close. I have corrected it now.

Anyway back from weigh in and I have lost another 6lbs, not the best but still good :)

22.5stone now, will be good to see 20st and below :D
Just got back from weigh in, unfortunately it was only 4 lbs :S

It still in the right direction, but am a little disappointed as 2 more lbs would of taken me into the 21 stones area.

I don't have a councellor meeting for 2 weeks now, so am hoping to see a nice loss during that time even though i will be indulging in some turkey and maybe a beer or two :)

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