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Discussion in 'JUDDD / Intermittent Fasting' started by Emma-x, 23 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. Emma-x

    Emma-x Well-Known Member

    So after a weekend of reading ive decided ths is the diet plan for me...
    It seems very quiet in here, but ive enjoyed the diaries, ill start one later i think...
    I plan to have x2 down days this week, ill be using slim fast shakes at frst to save any confusion.
    Catch up later
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  3. solo12

    solo12 Guest

    Hi & good luck on JUDDD! I'm a newbie too, starting tomorrow :eek: excited & nervous but definitely looking forward to it! I'm hoping to do up / down / up / down... What days are your down days this week? Mine are mon / wed / fri / sun... Look forward to seeing your diary & your journey X
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  4. Emma-x

    Emma-x Well-Known Member

    Hello you two' thanks for dropping by,
    My history includes doing lighterlife and cambridge so im well prepared for my down days..
    This way of eating could well be my breakthrough... best of both worlds..
    I intend to hv my dd mon/wed/fri however im starting wed this week as ive got my shakes coming tom night
    With my tesco delivery.. also fruit and healthier food..
    Good luck to both of u...
  5. solo12

    solo12 Guest

    Oh Good luck too! Yeah I know what you mean about best of both worlds... I have tried exante & been fine until the 'need' for real food sets in! This way real food is tomorrow :) is cambridge & lighter life lower cal than exante? I was thinking of using up shakes but from what I can see each exante shake is just over 200 calories so 3 per day would be too high? I'm trying food in down days but if I struggle - fluids are def next plan :) X
  6. Emma-x

    Emma-x Well-Known Member

    Hello I'm not too sure how many calories they are..I've ordered slim fast shakes..
    Think im going to do x2 shakes and fruit..
    Im looking forward to doing my down days now as i just want to get started..
    Weighed in this morning.. not happy also not suprised...:cry:

  7. KittyBling

    KittyBling Well-Known Member

    Subscribing :) I use Tesco Ultra shakes on a DD, 215 calories each. I have 2 a day and a small snack.
  8. Emma-x

    Emma-x Well-Known Member

    Thanks kittybling, that was my pplan too, got my shakes now and first did on wed, looking forward to starting x
  9. KittyBling

    KittyBling Well-Known Member

    Good luck with starting, I find the DDs easier than the UDs, bizarre but you might find the same.

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  10. Twinrix

    Twinrix Well-Known Member

    Hi Emma
    Big welcome, I think you will succeed well with this diet. It kinda fun. :)

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