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Attack New to Dikan


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Hi Rachel.
I am also here after trying so many different diets. I like the fact that you can only eat what's on the list rather than a little bit of anything, I get carried away and have a little bit more and then a little bit more.
I buy my oatbran from Tesco. It's withthe cereal. By the porridge oats I think, but don't get them confused. They were tesco own brand and When I bought mine they were 99p.
While you're on attack try to vary what you eat on a daily basis. I had seafood selection (prawns, mussels, squid and seafood sticks) 3 days in a row and now I'm sick of them and can't face eating another mussel.
Good Luck. Let us know how you're getting on.
Hi Neonic Thanks for your reply.

I brought some oat bran and I'm still slightly unsure about cooking it not really sure what it is to look like, also have I got this right that I eat nothing but protein for the first few days and then after that I just add veg? The book seems to confuse me a little.
after that you alternate. 1 PP (pure protein) 1 PV (protein veg)
there are lists in the book that you must follow telling you what you can and cant have,
you can't have just ANY protein.

you can have a bit of non fat dairy too. all limits are in the book

on Attack you MUST have 1.5 table spoons of oat bran.
on Cruise you MUST have 2 tablespoons of oat bran.
pop some in yogurt.
add flavourings to your yogurt to make a little more exciting!
good luck!
Thanks for ur reply I'm really looking forward to starting now I'm doing some shopping 2mra it sounds like people have lost some right weight


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Rachellou - I'd urge you to reread the beginning of the book if things aren't clear in your mind... and check your menus on here with someone before starting.

Attack is a critical stage to get a good kick off, so it'd be a shame to start with the wrong foods.

Please update your User CP (top of page, blue rectangle). Good luck!

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