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New to forum, some advice needed

Hello, started diet two weeks ago, went from 16s7lbs, and today im 15s4lbs, so happy with that.

Now i'v started going to the gym, and hope to stick it out until i get to about 10-11 stone, which apparently is my healthy weight, im 5:7, male, 24 years of age, but over the past few years have put on and struggled with weight.

I was hoping some of you could share some of your experience, I'v started a diet of 3 meals a day, cereals in the morning, a sandwich n apple around 1:00, and main meal in the afternoon, which usually consists of boiled potatoes (man im trying to get used to them, so bland and tasteless) with a portion of meat, or bachelors super noodles with small portion of meat.

If I were to guess my rough calorie intake, probably between 900-1300 a day, so would it be ok like once every two weeks, to have a takeout? like pizza, cheeseburger, etc without putting on weight?

I know nothing about this whole calorie fat counting stuff, whats more important? watching calories of fat content?

Thanks for taking the time to read this, any advice would be gladly appreciated.
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Im sure a takeout once every 2 weeks is going to be fine, as long as its no more often than that!

If you like kebabs though, try having a kebab with the grilled chicken they put on skewers. With all the salad and cabbage, some chilli sauce and even a bit of yoghurt if they do it, its absolutely heavenly and i think comes in a less than 300 cals, and feels like you are eating something very very bad!
Hi there and welcome to the board; you've done really well so far, well done :)

I won't bore you too much with my story (which is long), but basically I put on weight during an unhappy relationship which I am now out of and have been for 2 years, since then my weight has been up and down - I lost a lot soon after I left my ex then met my current partner and am so happy that it went up again. I decided that I needed to take control otherwise it would just keep going up and up so that's what I did.

I have 3 meals a day too - cereal with semi skimmed milk for breakfast, salad/couscous/sandwich/chick peas etc for lunch and then evening meal which is meat and veg usually or sometimes potato or salad.

We use a lot of spices in our cooking - boiled potato we add garlic paste or powder, paprika, corriander etc for flavor, meat we add garlic, lemon juice, herbs, curry powder etc to add flavor. The best things we found are in the supermarkets by the spice jars they do Scwartz shake-it's I think their called and there's one for steak, chicken, lamb, vegetables and you just shake it on and cook away. You could also use the Scwartz sachets and use the ones for wedges because as long as you use a minimal amount of oil and oven bake them, wedges are healthy too.

Hope that helps.

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