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New to Slim&Save

Hello everyone! Just thought i'd Say hi as i've been a lurker for a while but finally took the plunge and registered today. I'm currently on day 3 of my S&S diet and so far so good. Was dreading starting as when I have done VLCD in the past i have ended up with banging headaches till in ketosis. Anyway, I've decided that this is definately my time. Been looking at the threads and your losses are all great and feeling really motivated by it. I have lots of weight to lose and so want to get slim for me and my little girl.
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Hello Chloesmom. Like you i have also been a lurker and i am on day 1 of VLCD. So far ok, but will need motivation to stick with it. Maybe we can buddy up and help each out when the other one is on her way to the fridge or chippy! x
Hello Kellym2602. Yes please would love a buddy especially as we're starting together give or take a day or 2 lol. Think tomorrow will be my test as fridays have always been fat fridays where we have a takeaway and whatever else we fancy.
Fab! Fridays are like that for me too. It's all about change of habit ......well that's what I gather from here. So how old is ur daughter?
Yeah defo need to change my relationship with food. My daughter is 11 months old and want to lose the weight before she starts school, hate to think of her getting picked on for having a fat mommy. What made you decide to start? I notice you're from Birmingham...me too!
Ohh bless. They are so cute at that age. Bet she is in to all sorts! Well I'm off on holiday in 42 days and thought it wud be an idea to shift a few pounds. Plus I'm nearly 30 and want to be able to look nice and feel great turning 30. Plus a whole bunch of other reasons like my health plus feeling better about myself. Been in Ww for ages and only dropping a pound here and there. Chloe is lucky to gave a mommy that cares so much. X


Feeling great in 2012!
Welcome to the S&S forum chloesmom and kellym, and good luck to you both
Of to Tenerife for Christmas. Can't wait. I have set a goal of two stone to start with. I am better with smaller targets keeps my motivation better.

So far so good although only my 1st day. Chloesmom is a little further into it and is doing really well. I think the 1st week is always the hardest.
Thank you Bordersgirl! Squidgybum, i love your name lol. I started on tuesday and so far feel fine, no headaches or anything. I do feel hungry at times and its difficult when preparing food for the family but i really need to do this now. I think drinking lots of water helps with the hunger and avoiding headaches. Good luck for monday, let us know how you get on.
Good luck guys. Today is my first day and so far so good but I just had a dose and was dreaming about curly wurly's which is odd as I never eat them!
Thank you Cherry-blossom and good luck to you too. Ha ha the dreams are mad, when i did Cambridge diet I was constantly dreaming about and craving donner kebab lol, I don't even like them!
What's even odder is that I so very rarely dream. Coincidence that I started dreaming about chocolate today? I think not!
I've just had my spag bol which was really scrummy. Pretty spicy though. Got chocolate shake on the menu for tomorrow.
I ordered some spag bol last night, can't wait to try it! Did you add veg? Hoping it comes tomorrow so can have that instead of my usual fri night takeaway lol. Have you tried the bars yet?
Nope I didn't add veg to mine. I want to see how I go without the added extras at first.
Not tried the bars yet. That's on tomorrows menu.


Feeling great in 2012!
I'd try to get into the routine of the foodpacks before you add the veg to be honest and to ensure you get into ketosis as soon as you can as once you're there it's much easier. No use sabotaging yourself for the sake of a celery stick :). On Lighterlife I don't think they can have the bars for the first week for the same reason, ie to ensure they don't impede getting into ketosis.
Yeah was wondering about the bars as when i was on Cd I couldn't have bars for the first 2 weeks. When i ordered the shakes they came with a leaflet saying you could have 3 pieces of fruit but can't seem to see anything about fruit now on S&S website, has it changed?

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