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New to Weight Watchers completley!

Hi everyone.

I am completley new to weight watchers and dieting properly all together.
I have bought a propoints pack with the info in as the idea of meeting doesn't real appeal to me at the moment.

Just a feel general questions that I would appreaciate some help and advice for.

Is this a good way to do the diet or are meetings important and essential?

How much weight should I expect to see drop each week?

Any other advice or tips would be much appreaciated.

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i need my meetings,,but there's tons of people who don't:) depends on yourself really. depends on how much you have to lose,,since Christmas i've lost 10lbs,,so it's no quick fix diet but slow and steady wins the race:D..double check the points on everything,,use the nutrtional info on packaging and remember 2 lots of anything does'nt always mean double the points sometimes they jump up,,hth:)
Thank you! I understand it's not a quick fix but was just wondering if there was a loss i could kind of expect but anything would be good. Yeah I have seen a lot about points problems on the forums...not good. I've got the wheel to check points with but is it best to buy the calculator?
def get a calc,,there's some online,,i'll try find the link for you
if you know someone doing ww and going to meetings they could pick you up one,,ebay are charging a fortune!!!
I don't know anyone that attends meetings so might just buy one off Ebay. I guess I'd rather spend a bit of money and stay on track.
If you could find a local meeting couldnt you pop along and explain your doing WW online and get a calculator from there?
And welcome to WW, i started 5 weeks ago and have lost 19lb, i know the weight loss isnt always going to be as great as it has the last few weeks and i have had 2 weeks where i stayed the same but as long i stick to my points and exercise i know that i am not only going to feel better about myself, i will also end up looking better (i hope :p ).
I'm considering doing weight watchers, i hope if i do that i'm as successful as you guys :) xx
i'm feeling better about myself already, eating a lot more fruit which even without any weight loss will have a positive impact. just hoping to loose a few pounds every week and be happy with myself by the time summer comes. i might do pop along to a meeting but it's hard finding the time as i work a lot of evenings and am at uni during the day so buying one offline may just be easier. thanks


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Hi - I didn't want to go to meetings and I do it online. I find the online tracker really helps. It's £30 odd to join for three months and if you go through Quidco you can get some cash back.

I believe normal weight loss is considered to be 1lb-2lb per week. My average has been 1.3lb per week.
Good luck aabbii. I'd say 1-2 lbs a week is average but you should never be hungry.

I joined online 3 weeks ago with 17 lbs to lose. Meeting are not for me either. I've lost 5 so far and I'm loving it.
hey aabbii....im quite new to w/w too, hope u are finding the propoints plan ok, im getting on great, when i did s/w before i always seemed to be thinking about food and what i couldnt have, but i feel really positive on the propoints plan cause i can still have my little treats and feel i arent being deprived!! i think the meetings are a good idea if you do decide to go to them, i feel i get a lot of inspiration and motivation when i stay for the class, also good for recipe ideas etc... hope ur doing well :)


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Defo try and get a wee calculator :) they're really handy to have in ur handbag. and theres loads of ppl at my class who just come in and get weighed then leave but i always stay for the meeting :) i find them useful and they help me stay on track because ther part of my routine now :)


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I don't do meetings but I so subscribe online now.
I didn't for the first few weeks, my best friend managed to get a pack for me in class and posted it up to me. There are resources out there in phone apps and online but to be honest, the official ww stuff is much better and easier to use.
ive joined online and finding that a lot more useful than just using the books. finding i was over pointing and under pointing on a lot so keeping me in line a lot better. will invest in a calculator soon but had an expensive week so will wait a bit.

overall, finding ww very good. eating more or less the same amount i usually do on 29pp a day, so not going hungry or feeling like i'm on a diet. eating a lot more fruit which is all good and exercising more also. tummy is looking flatter already and hoping to see a few pounds off on thursday

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