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New Wardrobe?

So as I was going through my day today and obviously working very hard I realized that while I have all of these lofty goals for reaching my ideal weight in 6 months, I didn’t really take into account the potential cost of a new wardrobe! I have the next 50 lbs or so covered in the clothing area but below that - not a thing! For those of you who have lost enough weight to warrant a completely new wardrobe, can you give me an idea of what you think that may have cost? I'm going to start my savings goal now while I'm saving so much money from not eating food .

Thanks in advance!
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Depends on your taste !

You a primark girl or a designer chick?

I won't tell you what Ive spent so far but we all seem to be turning into shopahollics on here LOL


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I noticed that you are in the US. I'll translate for you. Are you a Nordstroms or a Wal-mart kind of girl? When I lost about 60 pounds, I found that I could easliy find things on sale that fit me. Which almost never happened when I was bigger. My closet is packed with cute smaller clothes that cost a song. So, once you get where you want to be, you can start picking things up on sale, from friends, ebay, etc. and really expand your wardrobe quite inexpensively. Also, not eating out (the way we Americans do) -- will save you a lot of money. Good Luck.

I'm defiantly not a Wal-Mart girl but I can never justify spending more than $50 on a piece of clothing. So I don't do a lot of designer stuff. I'm hoping that $1,500 will be more than enough. We'll find out!

Thanks ladies!


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Hey Ase,

It should be. Most of the people on this site live in the UK (or used to do so), and compared to what you pay for something in the US thngs are very expensive here. So, shop the sales racks... is there a Filene's Basement near you... I used to love that shop. Where exactly are you?

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Hi ya,
Do you know that I can't wait to have to go out shopping!
And in shops where I don't even like entering because you feel like the Girls in the shop are asying to eachother...why's she in here we don't do big sizes!
I'm very lucky as my H2B has said once I'm happy with my weight he will take me out and buy me lots of new clothes!
CAN'T wait.
Good luck with everything x x


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i dread to think howmuch i have spent! I bought some designer jeans the other day because they fitted and looked fantastic, after christmas i wont want them to fit, even if i wear then everyday untill then, it feels like £10 a day to wear them ;)


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I got a load of clothes off ebay, its been great! some are new, some are not, but all were dead cheap! I also bought a belt!
Christmas is quite timely for me, so im hoping to get some clothes shop vouchers so I can get something that fits!
Hi Mel, I'm actually in South Dakota - so basically nothing here. But honestly if I build up the energy (I hate shopping typically) maybe I'll have to take a trip over to Minneapolis MN to spend a few days living it up! No shoes though, or I'll blow through my budget in no time!

And only, I always think of things like that as investments! If they look that good and they're going to last, then you're mearly renting to own haha.


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Mall of America here you come! Whooha!


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I am down to only one pair of trousers which fits but my aunt is giving me money for xmas to get some trousers this weekend when I hit the Metro Centre. I have enough jumpers to get me through til about March I think but after that not a single thing in my wardrobe will be wearable.
At the moment I am buying things from ebay just to keep me going and then in the summer when I come back for another visit to UK I shall get more stuff.
People who have been to the states tell me clothes are much cheaper there and one of my friends says she always goes with a totally empty suitcase and buys all new things when she gets there. I am planning on a trip to USA when I get to goal so perhaps that's what I shall do!
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OMG alex... i spent over $200 in the states last week and had to buy a suitcase in wallmart lmao to cart it back .. i FILLED the whole case for that in H&M and some other boutique place.. $200 bout £120 ish and i could NOT have bought anything near that in the uk *boo hoo*

LOVE my new clothes!


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I am the same i have bought a few size 12 things now and i am going to have to sort my wardrobes i have 5 i was a serial shopper when fatter because nothing ever felt right i had to buy something else. I am gonna sell some of mine on ebay and send some to charity. I am a rep and all my lovely suits are too big. I have some suits that have shift dresses and mum is going to alter those for me. I spend an hour every morning at the moment trying to find something to wear.

I am getting money off my hubby and my parents and bro this crimbo to buy clothes.

Its a great feeling i did the lunar jim thing today and went in the office and they were OMG :wow: OMG :wow: because they hadn't seen me. I am very comfortable in a 12 now at 11 stone i think at 10 i will be a size 10 i am gonna have to be supermarket and primark for a bit until i get my crimbo money.
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I can't wait to get to my target weight because at this point I don't know what size I am from one week to the next. It's quite confusing and a bit pointless to go shopping now or even buy sizes that you think you will fit into...but you gotta wear clothes. Lol. So I am making do with what I have. I bought a couple of new tops and have some clothes left from my slimmer days so that should do...hopefully.

I love wearing leggings and thankfully they are inexpensive so I'll probably keep buying those...although the ones I bought a couple of weeks ago have now gone baggy and look like very thin trousers.Ha ha.

No complaints here though :)